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The worst natural disaster in terms of destruction and loss of life was the 1931 Central China floods that occurred in July and August 1931 when The Yangtze and Huai River flooded resulting in an estimated death toll of 1,000,000–4,000,000 people.  Poor China has also been the location for several other historical natural disasters including the 1556 Shaanxi earthquake on January 23, 1556 during the Ming Dynasty. Experts say that being prepared for a natural disaster is the best way to survive one.  Although some natural disasters give little warning and come in all shapes and sizes, if you live in an area that’s at risk, it’s best to have a survival plan and kit in place and to listen and follow all warnings. Scientists have always been making predictions of when a catastrophic disaster will happen.
Environmental scientists from the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) predict that by 2050, wildfire seasons in the US will be three weeks longer. According to SEAS, this is because of gradual climate change, creating conditions that spawn bigger and fiercer wildfires. In August 2014, the Icelandic Meteorological Office increased the risk level for a possible eruption of Baroarbunga, a volcano located in Iceland. The Baroarbunga eruption of 2014 was the largest Icelandic eruption since the eruption of Baroarbunga’s Laki fissure in 1783. On April 1, 2014, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred 97 kilometers (60 mi) off the northwest coast of Chile near the city of Iquique. This earthquake created the possibility for an even larger earthquake for Chile in the near future due to the location of the earthquake. The Iquique earthquake originated from a subduction zone where one tectonic plate, the Nazca Plate, is plunging underneath another, the South American Plate.
When a tectonic plate moves under another, the faults can come under severe amounts of stress, and any release of tension causes seismic activity, namely earthquakes. Occurring on March 11, 2011, the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake struck off the coast northeast of Tokyo and created a tsunami that hit Japan.
His hypotheses have been based upon his concept of “earthquake eyes,” regions that have many small earthquakes that are commonly ignored. Kimura believes that the new earthquake will begin in the Izu Islands and will be a magnitude 9.0. When the Tohoku earthquake shifted the landmass of Japan, 20 of the 110 active volcanoes in Japan showed increased seismic activity. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) monitors seismic activity and active volcanoes in Japan and believe that an eruption will occur soon.
The possible source of this catastrophic earthquake-tsunami split is the Cascadia subduction zone, 97 kilometers (60 mi) offshore from Oregon. This occurrence has been predicted since 2010; the Commission now states that it will inevitably occur. This predicted earthquake and tsunami will potentially kill over 10,000 people, possibly splitting apart portions of the West Coast. Professor John Boon of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science claimed that significant changes in sea level along the East coast started around 1987.
This is why ex–New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a $20 billion flood system in 2013 for NYC before he left office, but this plan was not put into action. They state that a rupture in the volcano’s structure occurred during its last eruption, causing the left side to have become particularly unstable. If Cumbre Vieja were ever to erupt again, its left side would turn into a landslide that would cause the biggest tsunami in the history of man.
They say the monstrous wave will travel at 800 kilometers per hour (500 mph), be 100 meters (330 ft) tall upon first impact with land. It will reach Florida within nine hours of being created and they also predict that tsunamis will hit faraway places such as England, Florida, and the Caribbean. The US Geological Survey has increased the probability of the likelihood of a magnitude 8.0 or larger earthquake hitting California within the next few decades.
The magnitude 8.0 earthquake or larger quake has a 7 percent chance of occurring in the next 30 years.
If it were to hit, it would most likely come from the breaking of the San Andreas Fault, spanning the distance in southern California inland from Los Angeles.
Though no matter where the earthquake comes from, it is predicted to devastate all of California and other parts of the West Coast. The Sun has an “activity cycle,” which means that it has either decreased or increased activity, such as solar flares and sunspots, depending on its time in a particular cycle.

After analyzing solar storm records from the past 50 years, calculations concluded that there is a 12 percent chance of a major solar storm hitting Earth in the next 10 years. If this were to happen, it would potentially interfere with radio, GPS, and satellite communications, affecting the use of millions of electronics around the world. Power grids would also be affected due to power surges caused by the energetic particles, possibly causing major worldwide blackouts. The economic costs are estimated to be $1–2 trillion in the first year of impact, with a full recovery taking 4–10 years according to the National Research Council.
We read in the Holy Books how God sent Prophets to mankind to teach them about God and the importance of following God’s way.
But mankind generally dismisses these punishments as stories of old, so as the question asks, are we now facing natural disasters or Divine punishment? Over the last hundred years we have seen mighty World Wars, famines, pestilences like Aids and earthquakes all over the world.
So if this is the latter days and we are experiencing Divine punishments then where is the Warner?
So we believe that it is now up to mankind to stop their evil ways and turn to following God’s way, if they do that then the Divine Punishment can be prevented.
Natural disasters are simply some of the things in this world that no one can ever stop from happening or even avoid.
The policies of the typical homeowners normally offer security against harm creating occasions like flame, lightning, falling objects, blast, wind and robbery.
For business experts who give guidance to their clients it is of crucial essence for one to benefits from a professional indemnity insurance, as a spread for cases brought against them because of their expert carelessness. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes are just some of the deadly hazards we are exposed to on Earth. The earthquake created a devastating 23 foot tsunami near the Tohoku region located about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo.  The wave swept through the port cities of Iwate, Miyako and the surrounding areas. However, within the 21st century, many have made predictions of major natural disasters occurring in the near future.Here are 10 catastrophic natural disasters that, according to scientific evidence, may occur at any minute. The fissure emitted, on average, enough lava to fill an American football stadium every five minutes. It only relieved 33 percent of the tension on the fault, leaving the rest to be relieved in the near future.
Kimura has stated that he predicted the Tohoku earthquake four years before it happened, but his prediction and evidence were ignored by the Pacific Science Congress. Kimura believes that these earthquake eyes are the best predictors of where and when a major earthquake will occur.
Fuji is among the volcanoes most likely to erupt, causing concern for many Japanese citizens. Fuji erupted, the team predicts that it would necessitate the emergency evacuation of 750,000 people from Tokyo.
He also states that the sea level of the East Coast is rising three or four times faster than anywhere else in the world. But all Prophets are also Warners and they explain to mankind that if they do not turn to God then they may be punished. It is interesting to note that in the past 1,100 years there have been eleven massive earthquakes (death toll exceeding 50,000 people), yet since 1905 thirteen such earthquakes have occurred!
We believe that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, came for the whole of mankind.
But if they continue in their ways, then these natural disasters will continue and man will most probably destroy itself in the next world war.
It is simply amazing how Mother Nature could show its anger to mankind and this could be merciless, it could kill, make a person homeless and the like.
Else, you may have the unsavory astonishment to uncover that, after your property has been harmed, the insurance organization will essentially not pay, because the disaster that had hit you was on the list of exclusion.
That is the reason, keeping in mind the end goal to reinforce our inclination of security, it respects give our assets a natural disasters approach. We have in perspective specialists from the fields of Accounting and Finance Service, Building, Transport Industries, Architecture and so forth who are liable to careless act, blunder or exclusion.

So, it would always be a good idea if you give yourself the chance to take the best natural disaster insurance. As well as being dangerous to humans, these events shape our planet and affect where and how we live. This disaster definitely schooled everybody that tsunamis are real and something not to be ignored. Steven Ward from the UOC Santa Cruz predict that the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Islands will erupt and create the largest tsunami in recorded history. The majority of suffering is due to the reaction to some action, but God can intervene and prevent the effect, the reaction. Sometimes they lead to adversity, scarcity, hardship and loss and sometimes a life of ease and abundance.
Thereupon, We opened the gates of heaven (the skies) with water pouring down; and We caused the earth to burst forth with springs, so the two waters met for a purpose, which had been pre-determined”.
Furthermore in the last hundred years wars have spread across 35 countries where ninety five million people have lost their lives!
He informed mankind of God’s message which is found in the Holy Qur’an and he also warned us about God’s punishment if we did not follow that message. However, though natural disasters are inevitable, there are still some measures you can count on to save yourself from casualties. Essentially, for properties arranged in areas inclined to natural dangers it is to the same degree of capital vitality to depend on a place of refuge, the natural disasters insurance. But as suffering is also a sort of trial for testing mankind on how they react; therefore, if we remain steadfast and put our full trust in God then we will get closer to God. God will choose to protect us from the effects of these natural disasters or allow them to continue as part of His law of cause and effect.
The most important feature of a Divine punishment is that it has been foretold by a Prophet beforehand. In this new millennium we have has so far major disasters like the Iran earthquake, the Tsunami, the Pakistan earthquake and of course the havoc that was created by Hurricane Katrina in the USA.
He also informed us that in the latter days the Promised Messiah will come (also found in the Holy Bible). Different times, for an extra yearly charge, back up plans will add cataclysms scope to the current understanding. On the other hand, if we curse and blame God for our loss, then we have lost this trial and moved further away from God. The Prophet has given his message to the people; they have rejected it and him and have continued to carry on in their ways, distancing themselves from God until God finally warns them with His punishment or even destroys them. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, claimed to be the Promised Messiah and he came and started his movement in 1889 and sadly passed away in 1908. It is for sure the broadest sort of property strategy that might be obtained, yet this doesn’t imply that it indemnifies all misfortunes. His message was to re-emphasis the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, and the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. It is only when mankind starts to move far away from God that God will consider intervening.
Sadly, mankind has not paid heed to this message and have moved further and further away from God, therefore we understand that these natural disasters are in fact Divine punishments warning mankind that if they do not change their present course then God will bring about their destruction and allow His believers to develop and prosper. At that time when a particular people has moved far away from God, God will send His Prophet to them to guide them back to the right path. As this should also be noted that when there is a Divine Punishment then God will not allow it to destroy His believers, as we see in the examples above, that the Prophets and their followers sent to the people of Noah, Ad and Lot were saved whilst the disbelievers were destroyed.
If those people choose to reject the message of their prophet and continue in their evil ways, then God may choose to warn them through His punishment or destroy them all together and allow the good people to develop.

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