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This site provides information to help you prepare for and recover from a hurricane with or without excess water (flooding).
August 24, 2011 — The probability of Georgia being directly hit by a hurricane in any given year is low.
August 24, 2011 — When severe weather threatens, preparing before the storm hits can help you keep your food and water safe.
Hurricane Ivan is listed as the fifth costliest Natural Disaster in the recorded history of the United States. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which just recently hit the east coast of the United States, many residents found themselves unprepared and unaware of the magnitude of damage a hurricane can bring. Hurricanes are severe storms that form over the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico. A hurricane can arguably be the most deadly natural disaster as they can bring masses of destruction and other natural disasters. Before a hurricane comes near your area, there are steps that are recommended you take to reduce the amount of damage to your home or business and to keep yourself safe as possible.
During a hurricane, it is crucial to be in constant communication with the people you are with and to maintain knowledge of what is going on. Always stay indoors during a hurricane and stay away from windows and doors as they can easily break and put you in harm’s way. The most important thing to do during a hurricane is to listen to the officials and do what they tell you.
Just because the hurricane has passed your area does not mean you are out of the woods yet. Avoid driving through water you cannot see the bottom of and if possible, avoid driving at all. Check your home for structural damage and don’t return home if the home poses a threat to you or your family.
For the complete list of recommended things you should and shouldn’t do after a hurricane click here.
After a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, victims are understandably desperate to receive relief funds, but they're often ill-informed about the best way to get them. But there are a number of alternative tools homeowners can add to their disaster recovery arsenals. After you've received the maximum amount you are eligible for in FEMA grants, you may be able to apply for a loan from the Small Business Association. This FHA program insures mortgages from qualified lenders to natural disaster victims who have suffered home damage or loss. The borrower must pay closing costs and prepaid expenses, or the seller can do so, subject to a 6 % limitation on seller concessions. In this case, the victim can get a mortgage loan, at a long-term fixed (or adjustable) rate, to finance the repairs with the mortgage amount based on the projected value of the property once the restorations and improvements have been completed (with consideration of the contracting work). In the wake of disasters, government-sponsored mortgage backers Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the FHA will cut borrowers some slack if their homes were damaged.
In the aftermath of Sandy we are extremely disappointed in the failure of the President, Vice President and democratic leadership to assist citizens of the first state in recovering from Sandy. YEA IT'S A SHAME ONE OUR LINE MEN WENT TO HELP RESTORE ELECTRIC FOR THESE PEOPLE AND ENDS UP IN THE HOSPITAL, SOMEBODY THERE SUCKER PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE, NOW HE HAS TO HAVE 2 PLATES PUT IN HIS FACE AND HAS TO HAVE HIS JAW WIRED FOR SEVERAL WEEKS AND THAT INCLUDES THE HOLIDAYS.

Other than photo ops, and making Chris Mathews happy,BIG government did virtually NOTHING to help those in need.
If most of these storm victims were Black, they would have had electric, free housing, free everything and within a week.
Are You Shelling Out Too Much for Renters Insurance?Mortgage Rate Update for March 1, 2016Have a Massive Mortgage?
This scale rates the storm system from a tropical depression to a Category 5 by measuring its wind speeds. When a hurricane approaches, the affects of it are felt not only along the shore line, but also a couple hundred miles inland. It is quite scary to begin with, and the aftermath and effects of the storm are more troublesome to deal with.
So if you've suffered from Sandy and need to offset the costs of clean-up and repairs, your strategy should begin with getting knowledgeable about which grant and loan programs will work for you.
Be prepared to provide all of your contact information, appropriate financial and insurance policy numbers, and a description of the state of your property after the disaster. Its low-interest disaster loans provide homeowners, renters and businesses with a way to offset repair costs.
The program centers on providing mortgage insurance so that victims don't default on their current mortgages. Borrowers will also have to pay an up-front insurance premium for the FHA mortgage insurance and monthly premiums. In the case of necessary renovations, the lender would normally stipulate that the improvements be made before green-lighting the long-term mortgage. Lenders that service mortgages backed by the agencies are allowed to give 90 days forbearance to borrowers, removing any penalty for letting a few mortgage payments go by the wayside.
We are asking for help for one business that will be returned many times over in the form of jumpstarting the economy of Kent County Delaware. Please tune your radio or television to local weather or National Weather Service information for the most up-to-date weather information in your area. A FEMA contractor should visit your property within a few days of your initial request for inspection; try to be present for that visit. The loans aren't available to repair second homes -- those aren't necessities, so they aren't covered by disaster assistance grant programs.
Victims can then use these insured mortgages to help finance the rehabilitation of their home or the purchase of a new one.
But loans for hefty repairs, especially those after a hurricane, are costly and come coupled with high interest rates and short amortization periods. To ensure additional protection for victims, the three mortgage backers may also suspend foreclosure and eviction proceedings and waive late fees.
We started a small business sept first in woodland beach delaware with the goal of restoring tourism to kent county and create badly needed jobs. It is all a nerve-wracking and sometimes difficult process, so hopefully this article will settle your worries just a bit. The dangerous wind speeds that occur during a hurricane make debris all over the area fly around, making it very unsafe.
If you live in a flood prone area, you will more than likely need to evacuate and move to higher and safer ground.

If you are eligible for assistance, FEMA will send a housing assistance check within a week to 10 days. With this type of insurance, no down payment on the mortgage is required: the borrower is eligible for 100% financing. This is when a tropical depression storm may build up all the way to a Category 5 hurricane. If you have used the second home as a rental property and can verify rent charged on previous income tax returns, you may be eligible for a low-interest, extended schedule payment loan from the SBA.
Many people locally have not worked in years and it's not uncommon to have over a hundred apply for one cashier job.
This government has become a joke, we do not have a leader who cares about people suffering, he enjoys seeing them suffer more. Once, and if, the hurricane has touched down on land, the magnitude of the storm begins to die down as it goes further inland. Tornadoes are nature's most wild and violent storms as they have the power to rip of roofs off houses, pick up cars off the road, damage roads and bridges, and so on.
Our goal is to act as responsible stewards if a unique unspoiled area and preserve history while conserving wetlands for the future. Paragraph 2Give 2 significant examples in history of your natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina, Mt. We partnered with a group to restore oyster beds and spent time and money attracting larger fish with great results.
This is a place an hour from wilmington where bald eagles nest, muskrats swim and you can explore sunken ships at low tide. The thousands if acres of protected wetlands minimized surges but loss of roof and walls allowed a foot and a half of rain in. We established a small general store to serve them and tourists and planned a diner, wedding chapel, b&b, and classroom space.
We have permission to add a dock which will allow boat rentals, facilitate use of the ramp already there and create tour boat opportunities. We believe in accessible outdoor experience and wanted to offer adaptive fishing and hunting gear on loan to our wounded heroes. Now the seller refuses to honor the contract to pay for damages and no federal aid is available.
A century if sand was lost from the public beach but delaware law prohibits replenishment spending north of the tourist traps.
We desperately need help which will allow us to continue building a model public access area in harmony with the environment. A single investment of 250,000 will allow rebuilding and generate up to a million dollars a month in a region with high unemployment.
Please help us continue the momentum to restore hope to a beautiful town of small year round residences.

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