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Recent floods in the Midwest and hurricanes as well as tropical storms in Texas and Florida have cost people millions of dollars in damage. Appoint a contact person who can communicate with fellow employees, vendors, customers, clients, etc.
Conduct training and education programs, including evacuation drills and educate office members on prevention and protection measures to be taken during a disaster. Put a procedure in place for notifying and activating emergency response personnel in the event of a disaster.
Establish the required emergency powers to keep the business from paralyzing during such untimely events. Check your insurance coverage to make sure you know what is and what isn't included in your policy. Make sure you have plenty of canned foods and imperishable items stored within easy access. Below are some useful reference and informational material that will assist you in preparing for a natural or man made threat, the unexpected and the unimaginable. An important facet to Family safety is having a plan and being prepared in case an emergency strikes. It is important so you can increase your personal sense of security and peace of mind and to know you will be ready in case of an emergency. Below are some useful reference and informational material that will assist you in preparing an Emergency Plan.

In the wake of some very serious industrial accidents around the world, many countries recognized the need for hazard-specific emergency preparedness and response. Emergency response plans aim to provide responders with critical information about products and operational processes. We are just about a week into National Preparedness Month and already a number of informative articles, social media posts, and even contests have been published providing many great ideas and resources for building, or updating, your preparedness plan. HealthVault helps you gather, store, and share important health information for you and your family by creating an emergency profile. The SBA recommends using "business interruption insurance," which helps cover operating costs during the post- disaster shutdown period.
When an emergency strikes, knowing what to do can save time, property and most of all, lives. Processes and procedures were quickly mandated and implemented, gradually morphing into a standardized emergency response plan (ERP). Essentially, every plan should provide emergency personnel with enough information to facilitate a timely and effective response. For example, emergency response personnel will want to know how much product is stored within a vessel or pipeline and the physical properties of the product.
Here you can manage and track your family’s medical contacts, allergies, medication, immunizations, and health conditions. The three main priorities to emergency preparedness are getting an emergency preparedness kit, making a plan, and being informed.

Nuclear plants, oil and natural gas refineries, and chemical and fertilizer processing facilities, are examples of activities that require emergency response plans for unique hazards. Detailed information is vital and ultimately can determine whether the response is a success or failure.
Through the site your medical providers can securely log in and see a full picture of your history and medical needs.
Copies of critical documents should be stored on a computer at a far-away off-site location. Over the past 30 years, national standards,  have been developed to provide consistent guidelines for emergency management that are applicable to most industries. Although no two plans will be exactly the same, they should meet strategic objectives in terms of protecting people, property and the environment.
Many government regulators also have strict rules for emergency preparedness and response, including minimum requirements for emergency response plans.

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