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National Geographic Ng751gksk‘s list of marking traits is farther adorned by a stainless steel bezel.
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Wrap the paper or string snugly around the base of your finger making sure it slides comfortably over your knuckle.
Using a ruler, measure the length of paper or string from its starting point to the marked point. To ensure a more accurate fit, Diamonds International will send you a free ring sizer — our way of saying "thanks" for using our site.
Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period. Covering the timepiece face is National Geographic Ng702gksk‘s stainless steel bezel.

Please fill out the form below and your free ring sizer will be mailed to you within 4-7 days. Making only minimum payments will not pay off the balance in time and larger payments will be necessary. For additional practicality the National Geographic Ng702gksk display is equipped with a day date and month calendar.
Solar Cell converts both Natural and Artificial Light into Electric Power and stores it for up to 4 months (120 Days). The polyurethane band beautifully garnishes the National Geographic Ng771c together with setting aside any corrosion concerns.
The polyurethane band appealingly equips the Ng702gksk apart from disregarding any oxidation issues.
A well constructed japanese quartz movement safeguards that the timepiece consistently keeps precise time. The wristwatch features a stainless steel case 49 millimeters across and 17 millimeters high.

Engineered from tough stainless steel and spanning 46 millimeters in diameter and 11 millimeters in thickness, the case secures years of faithful service. Sturdy stainless steel case build stretching 46 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters in thickness delivers the timepiece the strong feel of a high grade watch. Wear your timepiece in water with no fear of damage as its 330 feet water resistance is appropriate for swimming as well as shallow water diving. Even if not as scratch resistant as some other dial window substances, mineral dial window is cheaper to replace and much less likely to crack.

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