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American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack ' told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. Experience an American Blackout in this immersive interactive site that leads you through a catastrophic blackout over ten days. See the trailer for American Blackout, the story of a national power outage, told by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. American Blackout tells the story of a catastrophic ten-day power outage that wipes out the U.S. With dwindling resources and increasing hysteria, would you make it through a ten-day blackout?

Wow, our nation is prepare for any blackout, because in my country peoples face daily 8 to16 hours power load shedding :), So thanks to our corrupt leaders and bureaucracy. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.
Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science. Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world. Foundation68 : Getting pulled over by police three times, and the season isn't even over yet.

From testing your personalized preparedness skills to tracking the rising death toll, follow the blackout in real time as it unfolds and wreaks havoc on your world.
We grow and raise or own heirloom veggies fruits and have fast small reproducing farm animals. We live out in the country on the top of a hill, we would see any problems coming from 1 mile away.

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