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Disasters like Hurricanes (Katrina for example), Tornadoes (the recent one in Missouri) and Tsunami (in Japan) and Earthquake (today in Indonesia) have shown that healthcare facilities are at risk and the patients often depend on them for their records like medical records, multiple diagnostic imaging PACS and financial processing. The good news is that recent progress in technology is making this recovery process far simpler than it was.
Check out the disaster recovery strategy infographic by Dell today and start gearing up for the next disaster! Open Reality’s disaster recovery teams protect your business or organisation from failure. We provide around the clock protection from system breakdown, cyber-crime, human error, natural disaster  and any other internal and external impacts that threaten to cripple your business if you’re not able to recover quickly.
OPEN REALITY DISASTER RECOVERY OBJECTIVES The data recovery services we design for you protect your users ‘workloads’ meaning your user’s will have exactly what they need to continue working effectively in the event of a disaster. Working with you, we establish what each users (or user type) workload is and to what level they need to be protected. PAY-AS-YOU-GO DISASTER-RECOVERY-AS-A-SERVICE FOR ALL BUDGETS The Open Reality Disaster Recovery service from BrightCloud is priced to fit into today’s diminishing budgets. If you would like to discuss your disaster recovery objectives or potential holes in your DR policy, feel free to contact our disaster recovery experts for a commitment free conversation.

A tender has been floated for a contractor to undertake the construction, implementation and operation of a national disaster recovery centre in Oman. The Nizwa-based project is being overseen by the Sultanate's Information Technology Authority.
Scope of work includes carrying out all civil, structural, architectural, MEP, fire protection, IT systems and extra low voltage systems tasks for the various buildings on site. The contractor will also have to undertake the final detailed design and install in the data centre all of the MEP, fire protection systems and IT systems.
The entire project consists of data centre server rooms, operations centre, network rooms, telecom rooms, electrical rooms, gas rooms, and associated buildings such as meeting rooms, offices, short-term accommodation, F&B and indoor recreation facilities, all site improvements and landscaping. An article on Health IT Exchange states that only 26% of healthcare facilities have a robust, tested disaster recovery plan. The ability to combine data from numerous sources into an intelligent storage platform equipped with Cloud technology. A complete movie buff, TV lover and social butterfly, she loves partying, shopping and eating out!
Against this intelligence, we help you to set your recovery objectives and against these, we will tailor the disaster recovery service to the exact needs of your business.

Disaster recovery is no longer a luxury and Open Reality scopes and prices its DR services to ensure that it is an affordable operational expense for all businesses. We are confident that this option of DR as a Service will cost less than your existing DR service and is future proofed against all future events and incidents. Through this technology you also can create constant backup of your archives in a geographically remote location. She has done TV blogging for some well known websites and is currently trying her hands on novel. She wants to launch her own lifestyle store, that will help the less fortunate people of the society to earn a living.

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