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Investment is secured by real estate using a conservative LTV (loan to value) rate ensuring reasonable protection. We place up to 35% of total funding needed into buy, fix, and retail projects with your funds demonstrating our level of commitment. We help people grow their retirement savings through the utilization of self-directed IRA accounts partnering in our real estate projects! Our simple money lenders club is a select group of investors who have self-directed IRA’s with our preferred custodian. Simple sale funds are added, roughly 35% of the total project – We are in it to win it with you! Whether you're looking to get quick cash or interested in investment opportunities - we look forward to hearing from you! This is the third in a series of quick lessons in the 6 required documented procedures of ISO 9001 – 1) Document Control, 2) Record Control, 3) Internal Audit, 4) Control of Non-conforming Product, 5) Corrective Action, and 6) Preventive Action. ISO is pretty straight forward about fixing problems – including both corrective and preventive actions – “…The organization shall take action to eliminate the causes of [potential] nonconformities [defects, failures and problems] in order to prevent their [occurrence] recurrence.
1) Examine the non-conformance – what went wrong, and was the risk properly evaluated in the original procedures – was it a high risk procedure?
3) Does the process re-design consider risk, and is risk clearly mitigated as part of the corrective action? 4) Does the process redesign consider and utilize countermeasures to risk of severity and re-occurrence? 5) Does the test for effectiveness of the CAPA include any consideration of risk mitigation? Any prior risk scoring of the procedures covered by the CAPA, as well as any prior risk mitigation efforts such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA). Circuit breakers to prevent cascading failures – true catastrophes usually start small and then snowball into disaster.
Specific documented updates and changes to procedures and processes together with a data monitoring plan. WelcomeFor folks visiting on business, welcome, and I hope that you find this blog helpful. In today’s online marketplace, large-scale data breaches are all too common (Home Depot and Target are two the come to mind – from the past year alone!). Fortunately, there are proactive steps call centers can take to protect and safely secure customer data. In previous resource guides, we’ve discussed the importance and benefits of speech analytics, multichannel customer support, and more.
Call center agents working in collections face a unique set of challenges with potentially serious ramifications.
To ensure the safe handling of information and protect customers against identify theft, PCI compliance is a must. With consumer information, such as credit card and banking information, mailing and email addresses, user names and passwords, etc., routinely provided over the phone or during online transactions, the safety and security of sensitive cardholder information can be compromised if companies fail to provide proper security and compliance.

To ensure the safe handling of information and protect customers against identify theft, the five major credit card companies developed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in 2006. In a time when lawsuits, complaints, and CFPB audits are increasing, collections contact centers need to take steps to improve their processes and prove their compliance.
According to a new report from the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), the majority of organizations are not taking the proper precautions to protect consumers from email security breaches. New research from Syntec Telecom reveals that more than half (60%) of consumers are hesitant to pay over the phone when purchasing a product or service. Collections contact centers and Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) firms face a constant challenge: being able to maximize payments while staying compliant and up to date with new rules and regulations. If your collections center is making thousands of calls an hour or a day, how do you know what is happening on collector-debtor interactions? With large-scale data breaches becoming increasingly commonplace, it’s up to call centers to ensure the safety and security of sensitive customer information.
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MotorcyclesI haven’t publicly or completely told the story of my particular flavor of urban nomadism (the first definition). Remember that feeling you had when you first realized that no one was holding the back of your bike? Like anything, this is gauging the risks, assessing risk tolerance, mitigating risk to a level within these tolerances, and accepting or declining the result.
At the end of the day, I love the feeling of riding a motorcycle and my risk tolerance is such that I accept a calculated risk to my life and limb. This specific to-me example can also serve, albeit an abstraction, of a simplistic approach to risk management in other matters. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Members of this group tell us what their specific real estate investment interests are and we ensure that they receive Investment Summaries on projects we are working on that fit their investment criteria. These lessons are for hospitals’ adopting ISO 9001 – and this one is focused on risk reduction using the corrective and preventive action procedures required by ISO. Corrective actions [preventive actions] shall be appropriate to the effects of the [potential problems] nonconformities encountered.
In layman’s terms – identify the problem, determine the root cause, plan the fix, fix it, and prove that it was actually fixed with real world data.
I have a passion regarding patient centered care – with a focus on outcome improvement and patient engagement.
By adhering to PCI compliance, monitoring the interactions between agents and customers, and providing quality customer service, companies can put themselves in a position to best avoid becoming the victim of a cyberattack.
Fortunately, speech analytics solutions can help by analyzing thousands of hours of recorded calls, resulting in improved compliance, increased recovery rates, better agent performance, and more. For contact centers, this means implementing advanced data security wherever and however sensitive data is being shared or stored. So what are some of the steps companies can take to protect against fraud and instill customer confidence in the business?

For contact centers, this means certain portions of sensitive cardholder information cannot be stored, even in the most secured fashion. Collections contact centers and Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) firms have to maximize payments while still staying compliant and up to date with new rules and regulations, which often proves to be more challenging than expected. The OTA’s Email Trust Scorecard shows that, of the 800 organizations evaluated, 92% failed, revealing that organizations are leaving consumers susceptible to phishing scams and other deceptive emails. Seventy-five percent of respondents who participated in Syntec Telecom’s 3rd annual tracker survey also indicate that companies should be doing more to prevent credit and debit card fraud.
This case study highlights how one ARM firm was able to leverage speech analytics to proactively reduce complaints and prepare for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) audits. CallMiner’s market leading cloud-based voice of the customer analytics solution automatically analyzes contacts across all communication channels: calls, chat, email, and social. I’ll get around to it eventually, but motorcycles are a decent run-up for the later main event.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. These are designed to be 10 minute reads – introducing some concepts that I’ve found valuable. This is a highly structured analytical process used to address high risk processes – stay tuned for more about this in the next blog in this series. So how can call centers remain PCI compliant and instill customer confidence that data is being protected? Speech analytics helps by analyzing every single agent contact, either during or after the call.
CallMiner offers both real-time monitoring and post-call analytics, delivering actionable insights to contact center staff, business analysts, and executives.
I feel comfortable riding at nearly all times in Seattle because of the nature of Seattle drivers and the temperate climate (compared to that of my native Minnesota and other weather extremes that I have experienced). From a clinical perspective, I focus on oncology and how the practice of medical oncology is evolving to better serve patients.
The results include improved agent performance, sales, operational efficiency, customer experience, and regulatory compliance. For folks visiting to read about mountains, bikes and economic policy – I hope you have as much fun reading as I do writing. With CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics you can listen to every collector-debtor interaction without listening to every call or reviewing every chat session. With over 10 years of industry leadership and over 2 billion hours of conversations analyzed, CallMiner serves some of the world’s largest call centers, delivering highly effective, usable, and scalable speech analytics solutions.
In my opinion, a sense of paranoia and belief that all of the other cars on the road are actively attempting to kill you is the correct mindset when driving a motorcycle.

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