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Even if I had money to waste, I am not sure I would want to give the seller money just to open the thing up to see how rediculous the inside looks. Years ago I was told of a scheme where you could put a dental mirror up the payout slot and it would confuse the slot machine.
Maintain your old electronics!  If you don't preserve it, it could be lost forever! I'm basically still a rookie and because of this, even though the best of intentions, I often say bullshit, so never mind. It is illegal to use this for destruction of property or disruption of services (UK and some other countries). Meet Steve, a wikiHowian of over 4 years who loves patrolling tips and making quick edits through Recent Changes patrol.
The coins would break an optical sensor registering the payout and if the sensor was blocked in a certain way it would payout the entire contents!  They no longer use that sort of system.
An EMP (or electromagnetic pulse) has the power to knock out all electronic devices within its range. You are not going to be able to create the type of EMP you saw in the Matrix or Ocean’s 11.

For this EMP you are going to take the circuit board and capacitor out of a disposable camera.
It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a cheap point and shoot you can pick up at any convenient store.
You'll be dealing with the potential of getting a painful shock if you accidentally touch the flash capacitor, which carries about 300 volts. As you remove the board, continue checking the soldered sealants on the circuit board by the capacitor.
Take the wire you just soldered to the capacitor and attach it to the “off” side of the switch. Wrap a strip of tape around your circular object with the adhesive side facing outward until it overlaps. De-solder the trigger transformer and xenon flash tube from the PCB, and store or discard them as you wish. One of the other feedback call it:EMP GENERATOR MULTIFEQUENCY JAMMER SLOT MACHINE NEW MODEL 2014 (#181398751837)You get caught with that at a casino in the US and who know what could happen! You might need to solder the wire onto the switch, but most switches you buy have screwable ports for wires.

True to his username, CoffeeLover, the first article he worked on was How to Make Coffee Soda, while his favorite article he’s edited here was How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet. I doubt it works anymore since these have been around for so long, might get lucky and find some old machine somewhere tho.
Slide your screwdriver’s tip against one of the sealants by the flash to discharge the capacitor. He loves helping people in any way he can, and he appreciates how anyone can help improve wikiHow articles. Perfectly legal when using your own machines, it's not illegal to own your own slot machine. Don't get caught, one might reasonably assume modern machines are immune to this and might even trigger alarm so cheaters are caught before they do anything.
Nothing special, they are using the high internal resistance of 9V batteries to limit the current.

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