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We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. From what Sunshine told me, I stiffened up like a board…like I was going through some kind of seizure or something. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I was a ghostly shade of white and green, and the reality of the situation really hit me…I got even more scared.
The United representative wanted to confirm if I was feeling well enough to make the next flight, so the medical team took my blood pressure. I’m heading out this morning to the hospital to sit in the emergency room for who knows how long. I not only scared myself, but scared my wife to the point that she was in tears on the second plane for a solid hour. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
We all know how important it is to exercise and eat properly, but there is one area of our lives that we tend to ignore. Getting a good night’s rest can mean the difference between a poor tomorrow and an excellent tomorrow. There have been some studies that show that lack of sleep can ruin your body’s dieting regimen. A heart attack, or myocardial infarction, essentially means death of heart muscle tissue due to lack of oxygen.
This type of chest pain can vary but usually feels like pressure on the chest, your heart being squeezed, a tight ache or fullness of the heart. On top of having chest pain, the pain can also radiate to the arms, neck, shoulders, and back.
If you feel extreme lightheadedness or feel like you’re going to pass out, call the nearest emergency medical center immediately.
There have been so many moments as a parent that I have felt completely unprepared for – moments of overwhelming joy, heart wrenching fear, immense pride, intense love, and even complete panic. It was early on a weekday morning and I was home alone with the girls, making breakfast in the kitchen. It took me a few seconds to determine that it was Immy who was bleeding from the chin (remember this whole time both girls are screaming and it is not letting up, in fact the following all happened in minutes though it felt more like hours). When Dad 101 rang me back a few moments later to tell me that he hadn’t managed to talk to our other neighbour but had left a message,  I thought to try a friend who lives about five minutes away.
As it would happen both of my neighbours arrived at the same time, and my friend two minutes later. Six stitches and a probable partial dislocation of the elbow later and I was never so grateful for the help of friends and family. As a teacher I completed and updated the senior first aid course many times but haven’t kept it up to date since I have been away from the classroom. To be honest, I am not sure that you can ever be completely prepared for a medical emergency involving your own child but having a better sense of preparedness may just help you to switch into auto-drive should you ever have to deal with such a situation. Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101. I have been a follower of Childhood101 for a while now but this is the first time I have commented. Hi Melissa, thanks for reading and for commenting I am sorry to hear that both your girls ended up in the ED, I hope they are fully recovered now, it certainly is easier when both parents are there to help manage the situation. I’d like to think that I have quick reflexes when it comes to handling emergency situations.
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Yesterday morning, Sunshine and I were on the L Train in downtown Chicago…enjoying our final hours in an amazing city. At this point, it seemed as though the plane was just bouncing all over the place as it taxi’d itself to its gate. I looked around and realized that they were talking about me and that everybody on the plane was looking in my general direction. I was alert, I knew where I was and who I was, so his immediate conclusion was that I didn’t have a seizure, but something else. I sat down and spoke with the medics awhile longer and they could see the colour coming back to my face. I thought I might get sick again on decent into Halifax, but I think it was more mental than anything else as once we landed I felt totally fine. If you don’t give yourself enough rest, your body will be unable to heal as efficiently as it could up with adequate sleep. Relaxing by reading a book, or other light activity, works best for sleep as it naturally prepares the body to calm down for sleep. If you oversleep, (10+ hours) then you’re very likely to have it more difficult time falling asleep the following night. Try not to flood your room with electronics such as computers, TVs, and portable devices such as phones and tablets. You should only be having sex and sleep in your bedroom. If you’re getting any of these symptoms for an extended period of time, then you need to go to the nearest emergency room. If you feel a sense of doom, especially if you are not an anxiety suffer, then this could be your body telling you that a heart attack is imminent.
The last no more than a recent incident that saw us on our way to the local hospital’s emergency department for the first time.
Although Immy obviously required urgent medical attention I did not feel that the situation warranted an ambulance. Despite years of first aid training as a teacher, that pretty much sent me from somewhat controlled anxiety into complete panic mode. However the lesson learned for me from all of this was the importance of being prepared for that which you hope will never happen. Up until the time I actually needed it, I hadn’t thought in detail about what I would do in an emergency involving myself or my family.
A tea towel, no matter how clean, is no match for sterile gauze to help apply pressure to a bleeding wound. Look into the availability of ambulance cover in your area as it is better to feel that you can use the service when you need it without having to be overly worried about the expense. This is something I need to rectify as first aid response and management techniques do change over time. More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family. If you are new here, you might like to subscribe to the RSS feed or receive updates direct to your email.
Many colleges use Lyn’s services including Brighton University, Plumpton Countryside College in addition to specialist schools, nursing homes and private hospitals. She had a decent breakfast and I had a Honeycrisp apple…not much in terms of substance, but certainly not out of the realm of what I normally eat in the morning.
I felt good and my only concern was Sunshine, who simply wanted to get home and was frustrated by the wait. He gave me a bottle of water and explained that the NYPD and Homeland Security were going to want to talk to me.
The NYPD even asked my wife if I was normally this shade of pale, which we all got a bit of a chuckle from. We just want to make sure we find out if this was a one-off situation or something more serious. Explained in more detail below, not getting enough sleep can cause yourself to get hungrier as well as store more fat. After a workout, you have beaten up your body pretty badly! Your body will need time to repair these micro-injuries to make yourself stronger.
Cortisol will also activate reward centers in your brain to make you crave food. So being sleep deprived really is a three hormonal punch to your system.
Some of these deaths could’ve been prevented if there was more education on when a heart attack is a medical emergency. The coronary arteries provide the heart with this critical blood, but due to our high-fat diets, we end up producing plaque in these arteries. This pain can happen without chest pain so be aware that this can still be a heart attack symptom. I had turned my back to the sink for a moment when I heard that sort of cry out that every mother know means that this is no ordinary fall. By now I was holding AJ, who would not let up from crying though I could not see any visible injury to her.
When you make your plan, think of contingencies too so if the first person you call for help can’t assist you have some back up available.

If you are not in the situation to call on your neighbours for help, be sure to have the contact numbers of friends or family closest to your home easily available. As well as teaching Immy to call ooo for emergency services (Australia), I have also shown her how to call Dad 101 on my mobile, with his number saved as a favourite. Your post and the events have made me think though, and I will most definitely work at improving our emergency response systems. Lyn provides training for NHS dentists covered by East Sussex Primary Care Contracting and Commissioning Directorate as well as delivering regular lectures on dental nurse training courses and for dental Deaneries.
Complete emergency information is immediately available without engraving, 800 numbers, computer scans or membership fees and can be changed whenever info changes. The idea was to have a snack in Chicago and then grab an actual supper during our layover in Newark.
I then looked to my right and realized that a man was talking to me and asking me questions. I felt weak and woozy, but otherwise fine…so the attention I was getting was really scaring me.
I think the plane ended up appreciating this because it meant that they didn’t have to wait for me to get escorted off, rather they could now exit while I got sick in the back of the plane. I totally understood, realizing that I had caused a scene on an aircraft, that they would want to ensure I wasn’t crazy or drunk or something else entirely.
The immediate recommendation was to take me to the local hospital and have me checked out before finding another flight out the following day.
One of the best things you can do for your diet is make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night.
You will also notice increased fatigue during your workouts and your performance level will drop considerably. Getting adequate sleep every night can prevent cortisone levels from rising as well as keep leptin and ghrelin under control. This usually isn’t because they can’t afford it, but because they think all mattresses are the same. Today I thought I would write a quick post explaining some of the symptoms that you need to be on the lookout for. This plaque blocks the coronary arteries and starts restricting the amount of blood that flows to the heart.
I mentioned above what a heart attack is but just for clarification we should talk about what a cardiac arrest is. I was also sort of nestling my body around Immy to comfort her, and I managed to calm her enough to tell me that she hadn’t landed on AJ when she fell.
In Australia look into the availability of a Caring for Kids first aid course in your area, it is generally cheaper, shorter and the course contents are more specific to child related emergencies. She calls him regularly from my phone so that she is confident to do so should I ever be unable to make the call myself. I think the most important thing is to stay calm in an emergency, especially when there are hysteria-prone children involved.
Seniors and their families may also feel more secure with vital medical and contact information conveniently at hand. I also realized that we probably wouldn’t be hitting our connecting flight in 40 minutes. Ghrelin on the other hand stimulates hunger and increases the amount of fat that you store. Knowing these symptoms and what to do can significantly increase your chances of surviving.
Cardiac arrest sudden stop of blood flow due to the failure of the heart to contract effectively or at all. What I saw in that exact moment was both of my girls on the floor beside each other screaming and there was blood. Even though she was not hurt, AJ (who was about six months old) was obviously so frightened that she was clearly distress and did not want to be put down. I didn’t have the number of the neighbour on the other side (a retiree) but I was pretty sure Dad 101 did so I rang him next. If you were sleep deprived, then it’s natural for the body to want to catch up the hours you missed. This is OK on a temporary basis, but you will need to get your body back in check after you catch up your sleep.
The back light from devices such as iPads can actually stimulate the brain and make it harder to fall asleep. This can also mean when the heart stops completely and there is no electrical activity within the heart.
I also quickly rang my Mum to get her on the way to help, though I knew that being at least 40 minutes away she wouldn’t be able to provide the assistance I needed right away.

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