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Not everyone can access credit for reasons of history or geography, but everyone has a personality. MasterCard, in their 2014 Advisors report, found that candidates accepted via VisualDNA’s personality data were 23% less likely to default on their borrowing.
With that, we’re working with influential financial partners Experian, Callcredit and MasterCard across four continents to find banking solutions for millions and even billions of people. For lenders, VisualDNA technology means credit candidates, formerly excluded, are welcomed into the financial fold.
For the lender it means acquiring and retaining reliable credit customers as they build up themselves, their families, their businesses and communities.
In 2012, VisualDNA found that in the developing world, new customers would mostly spend credit on education – and two more years of education equals ten more years life expectancy. Your Customer Acquisition strategy, when powered by VisualDNA data, allows you to see the humanity and the potential in each and every applicant.
Your Customer Management strategy, when powered by VisualDNA data, allows you to analyse your customers’ financial habits at a level so deep and insightful, you can prepare relevant products at the right time for the customer, enabling lifelong relationships based on need and on trust. Over 2.5bn people in the world have no access to credit and are known collectively as the ‘unbanked’. In the next three years, we’re committed to changing the rules of financial inclusion – we’re committed to positively impacting the lives of 30 million people. Speak with one of our Credit and Risk specialists who will take you through our solutions and show you how to improve your risk decisions today. About Coalfire Coalfire is a founding member of the PCI Security Standard Councils (SSC) program for Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and has been a QSA under Visas CISP initiative since 2003.
About Jeff Messer Senior IT Security Consultant 15+ years of information technology and business experience.
Retail in the news US FBI Warns Retailers of Further Cyber Attacks Similar to Target Data Breach Target - 40 million payment card records and 70 million customers' records Neiman Marcus - 1.1 million cards Michaels (2 nd breach) Sally Beauty - 282,000 cards Sears? Top 5 trends that we see ahead 1.Cyber attacks are going to continue to increase in frequency, complexity and scale.
Introduction Scott Jerabek Product Manager The CBORD Group Founded in 1975 Foodservice, Campus Card and Security solutions to College and University. The Time for Cyber Coverage is Now October 8, 2014 The Time for Cyber Coverage is Now Your insureds and clients Are Not Immune October 8, 2014 Kevin Ribble.
IT Service Delivery And Support Week Ten IT Auditing and Cyber Security Spring 2014 Instructor: Liang Yao (MBA MS CIA CISA CISSP) 1.
PCI Compliance and the Restaurant of the Future October 8, 2013 Presented by WEBINAR Jim Lippard Senior Product Manager Security Products EarthLink Business. Credit Card Data Security Compliance Achieving PCI Compliance July 2009 Kim Ray Billing and Payment Services Campus Credit Card Coordinator Karen Eft IT.

PCI PABP Training Module The purpose of this training module is to educate Micro$ale resellers and users on the best methods for setting up and maintaining. The system of safety labels you install on your product must convey critically important messages to the people who come in contact with your product during its entire life.
Premium Quality Safety Label Materials Too much is at risk for you to compromise on material choices.
Product Liability and Warnings Performing a risk assessment on your product during its various design phases has become an essential part of nearly every product manufacturer’s development process. Proper Content for ANSI Z535.4 Product Safety Labels The content of your product's safety labels is incredibly important.
Safety Label Ordering Considerations There are several factors to think about when defining the quantities to order for each of your labels. Serialization Capabilities and Barcodes Printing and design technology now makes it possible to accommodate your need for serialization or barcodes – allowing labels and identification markings to have unique, clear information printed on them.
The WEEE Directive and Product Markings The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive sets collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods with the purpose of dramatically reducing the amount of harmful waste materials that are dumped into landfills each year.
Getting started on PCI compliance usually starts with determining your compliance classification.
Each card brand (Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and MasterCard) has different validation criteria. VisualDNA quizzes are, in real time, unlocking credit that’s safe and profitable to the lender on that basis of who people are, not what they can prove.
It means instating and reinstating trust, democracy and confidence into the lending process.
So for customers, VisualDNA technology means a watershed moment: the opportunity to plan for a longer life in credit. We support applications lacking information with a more rounded view of who the candidate is, not what they have or haven’t done.
In all, around a third of the world can’t access the credit many of us enjoy as a birthright. Our team of psychologists carefully devise every question and possible answer to ensure we provide a highly accurate way for banks to understand their potential customers and their credit intent.
With insights into your personality and your financial attitudes, it’s an example of our commitment to make the lending process more democratic and human. An overview of the retail sectors IT threats and how to be more effective in preventing them.
We are also an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA). Extensive experience in delivering security assessments, compliance auditing, general IT and application controls assessments and system development reviews Industries o Retail, higher education, healthcare, transportation, banking, finance, entertainment and leading edge technologies. Firewall management Segment your POS network Training PCI compliance Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) Deploy a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to monitor network events Use two-factor authentication when accessing payment processing networks.

Confidential: This document is for internal use only and may not be distributed to an outside party. Securing Your Data and Electronic Devices Presented by Lisa Holden CIA, CISA, CISSP, CRISC, PMP Senior Manager Strothman and Company. The lifespan of your product is from the time it leaves your manufacturing facility to the time it is disposed of; this includes its transportation, installation, use, maintenance, decommissioning and final disposal.
Your adherence to the use of proper labeling on electrical equipment can help to protect people from the risk of arc flash explosions.
Our China RoHS labels conform exactly to the design rules set by Chinese regulations, to keep you in compliance. If you’re a product manufacturer with chemical hazards related to your products or processes, we recommend using the appropriate GHS pictogram in the symbol panel of your product safety label.
Our safety labels are only manufactured with premium quality materials; we offer our customers the finest adhesives, base materials and overlaminates, including 3M materials. Risk assessment is all about identifying possible hazardous situations that could occur during your product’s lifecycle and then finding ways to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with those hazards. Incomplete or inadequate content can lead to accidents that result in personal injuries, deaths, property damage and costly litigation. Multiple placement locations, quantity of products produced, label shelf-life, and installation procedures are all considerations that play a part in answering the question of order quantities.
We have completed more than 4,000 PCI projects for merchants, service providers and payment application developers and we are recognized as one of the top five assessors based on the number of Reports on Compliance completed for service providers and Reports on Validation completed for payment application developers. Envirotech Australia Pty Ltd is a group of independent environmental scientists and engineers providing a wide range of services including site contamination assessments, air and water quality assessments, asbestos inspections, laboratory services, hazardous materials surveys, occupational health and safety services, project management and site remediation. When these potential hazards warrant on-product warnings, Clarion’s expertise becomes your resource. The consistent use of these symbols on chemical labeling, SDS information and your product’s safety labels will help to ensure universal understanding.
Understanding these standards and finding the laser label that meets your requirements is easy with Clarion's online resources. Even if your material durability or installation requirements are unique, know that we can find a solution for you!
Our Customer Service Department staff can assist you in the design of a system of product safety labels aimed at meeting all three purposes listed above. When you work with Clarion, our experience in having designed and manufactured labels for thousands of companies in hundreds of industries gets applied to your warnings. To learn more about different aspects related to product safety labeling, choose a topic below, or contact us so that we can discuss how best to meet your specific needs.

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