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Huffmaster’s Crisis Security and Flood Disaster Management Solutions are available as individual components to supplement existing programs or as a complete package ready to cover you from the planning phase and all the way through the initial response and post-event recovery phases.  Prior to a flood disaster emergency, we assist with all aspects of creating a flood disaster recovery plan.
Without a detailed disaster recovery plan in place, your company could be among the more than 70% of businesses that fail to re-open following hurricanes, flooding or other disasters. For that reason, many companies rely on Huffmaster for disaster planning and response services. Huffmaster’s crisis management solutions are available as individual components to supplement existing programs or as a complete package ready to cover you from planning through initial response and post-event recovery.
The current national estimated costs for data loss and recovery, as reported from the Data Restoration industry and the U.S. The cost alone should cause companies to plan for disasters but just what is disaster recovery? It should be noted that as part a validated system, the procedures for the change control of the system, as well as a verified formal backup and recovery process, are a critical part of the overall implementation. Data loss, access to data, and restoration of data systems are critical components of the company’s business processes. At the key point of a system’s restoration to functional use, the company must assess the risks and plans required for recollection of any lost data, as well as the merging of the data collected by the workarounds and downtime processes during the outage. The BCP is an overall governing document to define the main strategies and critical operations needed to continue the business operations when an outage occurs. Defines the minimum critical requirements for operating conditions during times of unexpected outage. Designed to mitigate potential loss and serve to minimize disruptions and financial impact during even minor events.
These are Information Technology focused plans designed to restore the operability of the system, applications, or computer facilities, at an alternate site after a major and usually catastrophic event.

Concentrates on deploying technology, equipment used, writing scripts, and doing periodic tests or drills to practice recovery of systems after a disaster.
These are the Information Technology procedures and work instructions for performing the maintenance actions focused on the protection of a company’s intellectual data property and critical data records.
These processes are used in conjunction with the Disaster Recovery plan to restore a system to the last known good image. Regulatory requirements define the backup process as critical for ensuring that changes to a validation system can be rolled back. Data losses may still exist upon recovery operations and should be reviewed to determine any actions required as a part of the overall restoration process.
Prior to a systems outage occurrence companies should perform a risk analysis of their critical computer systems and associated processes as a part of the business continuity plan. Identify the recovery times needed to prevent or reduce financial losses (Product loss, operational downtime, operational timing, manual processes (workarounds), workaround process vs. What hardware, software, environmental, procedural and personnel requirements are needed for the recovery and restoration?
Conclusion Today’s businesses collect and utilize data for almost every process and action performed on a day-to-day basis.
Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of his or her employer, GxP Lifeline, its editor or MasterControl Inc. Software Magazine ranks MasterControl 369 on its 2014 Software 500 list, a listing of the world's largest software and services providers. Being prepared to recover afterward will not eliminate the devastation but it will provide hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you and your staff have a full understanding of how to respond should a tornado, hurricane or flood damage your place of business?

Huffmaster has more than 45 years of experience in crisis management, and in the aftermath of 2005’s catastrophic storms, we once again proved our reputation as the nation’s leading crisis management resource. And once a crisis occurs, we respond quickly – arriving with the command, communications and security resources needed to protect your property and begin your recovery. We also offer our FREE Disaster Readiness Tool which offers an assessment of your preparedness for a natural disaster at your location. Since joining MasterControl in 2001, Rutledge has led software implementation and validation projects for more than 240 customers in the General Manufacturing, Medical Device, Blood & Biologics, and Pharma industries, in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. With the current random occurrences of hurricanes, super storms, earthquakes, blizzards, fires, flooding and sustained power outages, it is a wonder how companies can recover to survive all of the natural or modern threats to their daily business operations and collection of business data. It includes the identification of the incident, quarantine of the affected systems, risk review of potential losses vs. His expertise includes validation planning, protocol development, process and tool development and implementation. The two companies have been the QMS providers for the FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs since 2009. Every business produces, consumes, utilizes, and reports data; the loss of access, complete loss, or corruption of data records can cost company revenue or even terminate a company’s existence.

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