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FQS supported us through the whole process visiting each of our sites to identify the risks and generating solutions.
A tornado may be unlikely but have you thought about major illness, equipment failures or accidental damage to your key plant? David Williams, Chairman of Geldards says "Our clients can be assured that we have plans in place if the worst were to happen. Business Continuity Management helps organisations understand their overall business risks and then develop a documented system to mitigate and manage those risks.
Quadnetics Group plc is a global company with a diverse portfolio of powerful surveillance technology products and services. First Energy Solutions and First Quality Solutions are divisions of FPA Consulting Limited.
The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Scheme has funding available for suitable projects. The grants of up to 50% of the project cost (max £3,000) are to support manufacturers improve their business.
We are registered with MAS, have a 100% successful track record of delivering projects and are able to refer projects to MAS for consideration. MAS is part of the Solutions for Business portfolio providing manufacturers with practical no nonsense support focussed on improving the business bottom line.
Since MAS was launched in 2002 it has helped many companies share knowledge, improve productivity and achieve success. MAS have advisors who have hands-on experience and knowledge in providing business support for manufacturing companies based throughout England. The Manufacturing Advisory Service is fully funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and can help by restructuring processes, decreasing waste and make you become more energy efficient. Please visit our ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental webpages for more information on these Standards. Challenges against contract award decisions are on the increase due primarily to the lack of new opportunities in the marketplace, and the fierce competition for those that remain. Now is the time to bring your team’s EU Procurement Legislation knowledge up to date to reduce the risk of challenges.
We offer in-company training workshops tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Training is delivered by current procurement practitioners who have a wealth of experience in the public, utilities and private sectors.
Running an in-company workshop enables organisations to benefit by ensuring that all individuals involved in the procurement of goods, services and works have the same level of knowledge and understanding of the Regulations. Davis Derby design and manufacture electronic control and monitoring equipment and data logging systems.
Martin Rigley, MD, Lindhurst Airlift says “Businesses need to be aware of the impact they have on their environment, we have worked with FQS to understand and manage our environmental impacts. First Quality Solutions offers a range of services specifically aimed at business process improvement and management system development, through a blend of technical expertise and practical experience. The course is designed to help managers understand the practical actions they need to take to manage health and safety in their team. Our trainers have practical experience of conducting external Health & Safety Risk Assessments and Reviews.
ATM Automation have over 40 years’ experience within the Robotics and Automation industry, gaining an enviable reputation, as a leading supplier for robotic and automation solutions across the Automotive, Food, Medical Device and Plastics industries.
Michelle Hill, Production Manager at JKP Tins was pleased with the support from FQS and requested ongoing support for her Quality Management System. JKP Tins is an independent family business, manufacturing tinplate components for the metals packaging sector in a modern factory setting in North Nottinghamshire.
Sean Stevenson, Commercial Director, Westville Insulation says "FQS had a 'hands on' approach to writing and implementing our ISO9001 Quality Management System. Shirebrook based Westville Insulation were formed in 1988, they employ 36 people and cover the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.
You may be eligible for up to 50% funding towards the installation cost of your ISO 9001 System. Aside from necessary compliance, the ESOS work has given us a further understanding of energy usage, costs and related opportunities for savings going forward. FES have managed our CRC registration process for us, and put in place procedures for the ongoing collection and reporting of our consumption data.
The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is a mandatory scheme central to the UK’s strategy for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008.
It has been designed and introduced to raise awareness, in large organisations, especially at senior level, of the importance of making energy usage reductions and it aims to encourage changes in both behaviour and infrastructure.

Thereafter there will be four further phases, each of five years, and a final phase of four years commencing in April 2039. To offset the total emissions of carbon dioxide they report, each participant must purchase and surrender one allowance for each tonne of CO2. First Energy Solutions can undertake the role of CRC Administrator, taking care of all data gathering, report presentation and filing required to help you meet your obligations.
Our CRC Consultants have been working with Radius Systems, a world renowned manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene pipes and fittings for a number of years, arranging competitive deals for the supply of electricity and natural gas contracts. Chris Johnson, HS&E Advisor commented "We have been very pleased with the professional manner in which First Energy Solutions have managed our CRC Registration process for us, and the procedures they've put in place for the ongoing collection and reporting of our consumption data". Our Business Continuity Consultants will bring a fresh and independent view of your business and the risks it faces, offering impartial advice on achieving the standard. We supported certification to ISO 14001 while integrating with their existing ISO 9001 Management System. This recognises that we have demonstrated the highest levels of delivery and service during the development and implementation of management systems. They have developed and implemented many H&S Systems so are able to answer any of your questions while transferring their knowledge with practical examples you can understand. Established in 2000, their aim is to provide a focus on quick response, short lead times, high quality production and reliable delivery promises across all our principal activities. They recently won two awards at the National Association Awards for Best Customer Service and Best Hard to Treat Project. By embracing the aims and objectives of this initiative it will become an integral part of your company's Carbon Reduction Programme thereby ensuring that you not only fulfil your mandatory obligations under the scheme but that you make improvements in your business processes. Each phase is a specified time period within which an organisation that qualifies for that phase must participate. Our close relationship with Radius means we are well placed to assist them with fulfilling their obligations under the CRC scheme.
FQS supported certification to ISO 14001 and integrated with the existing ISO 9001 Management System.

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