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October 1, 2014 by RJ Leave a Comment Listening to our customers when they have problems is good. We are in the midst of a series on how you can improve your marketing by working with Customer Service departments. A reference experience might occur on one day, and several weeks later, the learning will present itself, due to the fact that you needed to learn the prerequisite first. There’s learning everywhere, and the quicker we can compound that learning, the better balanced our lives will be. Thankfully I had a business partner to rely on, but with him being an engineer by trade, we were in the same boat. Which meant we had to dial-in our sales pitch, which meant truly understanding and then accurately communicating the value of our service…which meant we had to call more people.
Finally, after about six weeks of cold-emailing and cold-calling, we got our first sale, and it was a big one. It makes sense, then, that if learning is linear, and reference experiences let us learn, and our goals are multiple steps away from us, then we should start learning now.
With over 10,000,000 iPhone 6’s shipped, the product went from limited testing to nearly global usage. But there’s also an ebb and flow to it, with life lessons weaving in and out, and almost never in a straight line. Let me explain: it’s not uncommon to receive a life lesson two years prior to needing it, or two years after you needed it.
It gives our actions a sense of direction and connects two seemingly unrelated bits of information. However, we did have an advantage in that we both knew how valuable reference experiences and perseverance could be, and we understood the importance of action.
Remember, we didn’t even have a product, only an idea, but we figured the best way to validate that idea was to get someone to pay for it. We needed a better understanding of customer pain points and goals so we could better frame our sale.

We didn’t have any other clients, and were beholden to renewing services with the one we had. We went back to square one, mapped the path from initial reach out to sale, and ramped up our calls so we could keep the pipeline filled, since pipelines are notoriously leaky. But, of course, I’d never be able to learn about scaling a business if I didn’t first learn how to build a pipeline in need of scale.
When your customer service group moves from simply solving problems to creating opportunities for corporate improvement, your brand will look better. Instead, they want you to be responsive when problems occur, and to only make a mistake once.
Things you may learn today won’t be used for years, and things you learn years from now could have been used today.
Life is waiting to teach us, but it’s up to us whether or not we want to learn, because it’s through the active pursuit of reference experiences that we receive the lessons we need. So, even though a life lesson might offer itself to you, you can only receive the information and process it as truth after you have the required prerequisites. In fact, many of us have learned something only to apply that new information to a completely unrelated part of life. It’s  impossible to seek answers to questions you don’t even know to ask, and when you’re starting a company or taking on a new career, the most important thing to do is figure out what questions are important. How could I ask the proper questions and seek the right learning if I didn’t even know the first thing about generating revenue? The sale, although bumpy on the back-end (another learning experience through doing: how to actually deliver the value you promised), went well, and the client was happy. Our first client came back, after we stopped pestering them, which made me think: deliver value and then stand by that value. Help your customer service team turn conversations into real listening.  Better marketing will result. In fact, I have always considered a successful resolution a great opportunity to cement a customer relationship.

As a result, they release an update to iOS, but unfortunately, it turned out to be worse than the original. Because an organization that makes the same mistake over and over again tarnishes its brand. It’s not uncommon for a lesson learned in our love lives, for example, to teach us something about business, too. However, the only way to do that successfully is to get your hands dirty, one step at a time.
So happy that they wanted to renew their contract, but not so happy that they wanted to renew it with haste. If you truly delivered value, than relax a little, the repeat purchase will eventually take care of itself.
What makes that possible is the fact that there is nothing staying between you, your student partner and your teacher. And it’s definitely not uncommon for something in business to teach us how to be better at home.
On a group lesson your feedback comes from a student that never had that experience before and the teacher doesn't have the time to focus on individual needs.
The 2 students private course allows the teacher constant focus and feedback to the students thus maximizing the effectiveness of learning. If you want to continue you can arrange more lessons according to your needs.The 2 students private lesson allows you to create a perfect pair with whom you can practice after the course is over giving perfect feedback on each other.

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