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For this week, the kids continue to have an extra music class with Mandi which they are enjoying.
Just a reminder that skating starts next week so if you haven’t sent your permission form in yet please do try to remember. I keep adding to the pages of the blog (page titles are located at the top of the blog) to give you more information about grade 2 Learning Goals as well as strategies to make classwork easier to do.
Just for your information, no picture of students will be on the blog for privacy concerns. If you personally visit a chiropractor, you realize that the benefit of regular chiropractic care is not just for back pain but encompasses the health of your entire body and nervous system. Chiropractors spend years learning to detect and correct nerve irritation (vertebral sublaxation) to keep the body in alignment and the nervous system working properly.
When you understand how important the nervous system is to overall health, it makes sense to have your children visit the chiropractor too! In her 30 years of experience she says she has made mistakes and learned a lot about being a parent. AMW: Talk to us about “kids are worth it!” and what it is like to have your book back in print again. AMW: There seems to be more and more pressure on parents these days to buy things, get stuff and acquire things. How do you raise kids who are not reward and praise dependent, who will stand up for that young girl in middle school who all the girls say they wont’ eat lunch with her? Your $10 donation could provide 2 bike helmets, a booster seat or blinking lights and reflective slap bands! When it comes to safety for your children, you know the basics: buckle up, wear a helmet, learn to swim, look both ways.

This is a great site for kids to work on at home to continue to practice their reading skills. If there is something you think would be great for me to add to the blog please let me know.
The other day Kenzie came home talking about the flashlights they made and a few hours later we were able to see it on the blog! But did you know that no matter what size the spine is, large, small or even tiny, nerve distress can occur, even as early as birth? Labor can be intense and last for many hours and the trauma of being pushed through the birth canal can affect the baby’s body.
She has penned several international bestselling books on parenting, non-violent conflict resolution, and school discipline. Our children are becoming consumers at such a young age and many parents are giving into the pressure. People did not really question how ethical the technique was.  I did as a special education teacher because I was trained in behavior modification. Children will eventually say “What are you going to give me for it?” You then don’t have generous kids. This book has been printed in 26 languages and only in two instances did they request that portions be changed, one in Venezuela and one in Denmark. Reproduction of content, including images, in whole or in part without permission is strictly forbidden. The baby may experience stress to the nervous system caused by spinal and cranial misalignment from the birth, which can be the cause of many newborn health complaints such as colic, breathing issues, nursing difficulty, developmental delays and trouble sleeping. Just like adults do, from every day activity such as slips and falls, poor posture, sports and other activities, awkward sleep positioning, stress and anxiety.

She was once a Franciscan nun but now lives with her husband in Colorado and she is mother to three grown children. I look at my mothers generation, they dealt with polio, there were different issues but they still had meal time, bed time, sibling rivalry, potty training.
You don’t have kids who will step in when the need is there when some one needs help. We all have mealtime, it may be different but the essence of meal time is to share a meal which we are losing.
Visit Christy’s blog where she updates the trials, tribulations, and fun of being mom of two beautiful girls. As a baby grows and learns to roll over, sit up, crawl and finally take those first steps there are many bumps and falls along the way that can affect the spine and nervous system. In Denmark, the comment from the editor was that the government takes care of that and so to share your wealth was not the mindset.
If there was one area, well there are two really, that I would push with families is to eat at least one meal to celebrate with their children and set a proper bedtime routine to make sure that kids are getting enough sleep.  The medical research in sleep deprived children shows greater instance of obesity and metal disorders. They do to please you when they are young, but they do to please their peers when they are older, they will also do to please their boss and government that may be leading them astray.
We have to have some way of sharing food that is not just fast food eaten in the car or never eaten face to face.

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