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Can you imagine having a picture of this MindMap in your head when you go to sit your Junior Cert history exam next June? MindMaps are also ideal for learners with Assisted Learning needs and can be used to support students with course work, literacy and developing strategies to cope with specific Assisted Learning difficulties. If you are doing the Junior Cert in 2014 or even 2015, don't wait until April or May next year to start studying smarter.
Once your payment has been processed, I will send you a personalised copy of the mindmaps in PDF format for each subject by email, usually within 15 minutes of placing your order. The Mindmaps for Science, French, Religion, English, CSPE, History, Geography, Business Studies, Maths and Irish are available right now. My Dad's printer has come up with a special price of 27 cents per page for enlargement to A3 sized paper.
Because of the popularity of the Website and the huge amount of Mindmaps being sent to people every day, I have automated the system so that your order is processed immediately upon completion of payment through PayPal.
This means that you should get your download codes, for all purchased MindMaps, in an email from me within minutes of placing your order. If for some strange reason you do not receive your download codes within 15 minutes, it is most likely because your email system has either placed my email to you in a Junk Mail folder or your firewall settings have stopped the email reaching you.
I promise to resolve any difficulties and get your MindMaps to you within 24 hours during school term time. Copyright theft is a serious issue and I would encourage Junior Cert students to respect my copyright to the materials I am offering to them.
Please enter the student's full name at the checkout when making a purchase of all 10 subjects. Customer Comments I was in business myself in the past & I can see that you have mastered a lot of what is required at a very young age. Many thanks for your email and thank you for making these maps available to other students.
Don't be afraid to march out of step with everyone else if your instincts tell you it is right to do so. Remember that some people you may have once considered to be warriors may really have feet of clay.
In the papers and on the radio - Click on the audio files below to listen to what Irish broadcasters have to say about Junior Cert MindMaps. Irish Times published my article about "Last Minute Tips For Junior Cert Students" on 7th June 2011. Paddy set up the Tipperary Times to bring fresh relevant information to the people of Tipperary and those who have left the green pastures of the Premier County but still want to know whats happening at home. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The number of students who did an optional Junior Certificate oral Irish test has shot up by one-third this year, despite teacher union opposition to school-based assessment. Figures obtained by the Irish Examiner show that more than 14,000 students at more than one in three second-level schools were tested.
Starbucks breaches planning law in Cork city centreWATCH: Irish lads cover Adele - and it's beautiful‘Well, I have news for you.
However, when you are facing state exams such as the Junior Certificate, the day-to-day pressures make school feel like the a€?worst days of your lifea€?. Are you a junkie for all of the revision books published to help you a€?get ita€?, when all they seem to be is another text book covering the same material in almost the same depth of detail? You may also choose any of the links on the subject buttons to view the course outline and to download a free sample mindmap for any subject.

Well, I have personally used Mind Mapping to summarise the entire Junior Cert Courses in 10 different subjects and I am currently working on doing the same for the Leaving Cert. You may download free samples for any subject right now and return to buy the complete subject set later. The key to learning here is in maximising the amount of linked information that is contained on each individual MindMap. Please include a telephone number where I can contact you so I can troubleshoot the problem with you. A The MindMaps are not expensive and most people can afford to buy them should they want to.
A lot of work went into them and my son is very pleased a€“ we may be back to you to get some more! I am a teacher and want to show them to my students as I think they will be interested in them for other subjects. My son is finding the Mindmaps great - you have done some fabulous work putting them all together with such detail. For any students or parents who are not sure of any part of the time table, please see the time table below. But the oral exams are not organised or paid for by the State Examinations Commission (SEC), which unions, who are taking industrial action over junior cycle assessment methods, claim should mark students for all certificate exams. Are you looking for revision notes for your Junior Cert that are logically structured and easy to remember? Invented by Tony Buzan, who has written over 100 books on the topic, MindMapping is a system of note-taking that allows you to summarise a huge amount of detail on just a single page. What you can see is a visual representation of the chapter, and all it contains, on a single page. I recently completed Leaving Cert 2012, and was lucky enough to get 600 points by using MindMaps as a study aid. I have spent more than two years creating these Mind Maps for myself and I continue to refine them even further so that you, the Junior Cert student, can benefit from my work.There are in excess of 700 MindMaps in the entire set of 10 subjects. The sooner you become familiar with using MindMaps, the easier your exam preparation will be. Each set has a unique code which identifies the purchaser so please do not share them with your friends.
MindMaps can be printed on A4 or A3 sized paper or viewed on screen from 100% to 6,400% in Adobe Acrobat to make for easy reading and memorising. Once you can visualise the logical links, you will have no difficulty in remembering the detail.
If you send them the electronic file, they can print whatever you need, bind it into a booklet and can post it out to you.
JohnI purchased several of your mind maps today, seriously good work and well done for being so innovative.
So, when it comes to revision time, all I have to do is study my Mind Maps, not pages of handwritten notes and highlighted text in my school books.
If you revise this one hour after completing it, revisit it one day later, then after one week and finally after one month, you will find that the entire MindMap is ingrained in your long-term memory.
I am absolutely convinced that using MindMaps as a study aid can make a huge difference to your results. Priced at a‚¬9.95 per subject, they cost a fraction of the typical cost of your grinds or revision courses. Make the MindMaps your own by using colour highlighters on different branches to make them easier to remember.

KeithCame across your site by accident when looking for some sort of information for my daughter on revising for Junior Cert (shea€™s only in 2nd Year).
It is a simple 5 visit process to get the MindMap from short-term memory to long-term memory. I have decided to share my Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert MindMaps with other students, who can benefit significantly from the course summaries that I have created.
Take a look at the sample mindmaps in each subject and download examples for free from the page for that subject. I'm not doing the Junior Cert but I was really impressed and decided to buy some notes anyhow.
Your brain operates in a visual way and you are now feeding it in a way that allows it to file and categorise information in the way that suits it best. Ita€™s brilliant to see such an innovative and creative idea like this, and at such a reasonable price.
Can you see how easy it is to remember the course content when it can be seen as the branches of a tree? Rather, it is a structured summary of all you need to know in each subject in order to achieve straight a€?Aa€™sa€? in your Junior Cert and eventually your Leaving Cert. ColinI was very impressed with the article in yesterdays Irish Times - sounds super; you have put a huge amount if work into your project! It is a powerful revision aid that will allow you to focus on what is important for supercharging your exam performance. Check out some of the customer comments further down this page to get a flavour of how buyers are reacting to this new and innovative study tool.
AineDear Tammy, I was given the job of printing your MindMaps notes onto A3 paper by my daughter who is currently studying for her Junior Certificate. The reason why I am writing to you is to compliment you on your initiative and business acumen on making MindMaps available to a wider audience. You are proof that some sparks can survive in a system that often dampens enthusiasm and initiative.
I have no doubt that opportunities will arise for you in future years, particularly in the area of new medical devices. I urge you to retain your initiative and ability to think differently a€“ because Ireland needs people like you. Some of his teachers have put them on the board passing them off as their own work and he is disgusted with the dishonesty. From just 339 students at around 20 schools doing the optional exam in 2007, the number rose to 1,687 at 54 schools in 2010. KathrynMy son has dyspraxia and so we have been working with mind maps via the Buzan software for many years now.
The maps are brilliant and my daughter really appreciates them especially now with the exams approaching. I discovered your product through the Mind Genius newsletter (I used Mind Genius extensively in my work as Ia€™m a huge fan of the method).

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