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We hand selected Legacy Premium food storage because we feel it's the best long-term food storage option available.
Legacy food storage products have been tested by a 3rd party lab and been verified to last 25 years. If you’ve never actually wrapped up in an emergency blanket it may be hard to believe there’s any great benefit in including this tiny little sheet in your survival kit.
When you are told that you have to evacuate your home and you only have 30 minutes what do you grab? When it comes to emergency preparedness we talk a lot about the importance of survival kits and how they can be created and used for everything from first aid to search and rescue. Massive earthquakes, super-volcanoes, solar storms, pole reversal—this is just a short list of things I hope to never experience in my life. If you are new to emergency preparedness, you may have not yet heard about bug out locations.
Every once in a while I like to choose a product offered by Legacy Premium and offer a little perspective on the benefits it may instill into a well drawn up emergency preparedness plan.
You may or may not have thought about his, but it’s important to consider how many calories are in the products you keep in your emergency food storage.The side of many packaged foods will identify calorie intake against a diet of 2,000 calories per day. It’s important to know and understand how many calories our bodies require ever day in order to perform routine activities, improve our health (or stay healthy), maintain a certain weight, or even loose weight.
While I was in the bookstore the other day I happened to stumble upon The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Whether you live and work in an earthquake zone, the pathway of hurricanes, the snow belt, the Mississippi River flood plain or in tornado territory – natural disasters will pose a threat to your small business. Life Insurance For Small Business Owners – Would Your Business Survive Without That Crucial Employee?
The survival of a business depends upon having a written customized plan with documented procedures developed and reviewed with all of the staff. Maps of alternate routes to office, emergency office or rally point and offsite storage location. The impact on the agency’s resources and assets by each of the probable disaster scenarios must be analyzed.
Problems such as blackouts and computer viruses have relatively high probability and should have the most comprehensive plan.
There are various sources that a business owner can tap to develop an effective disaster plan. Even if a formal written plan is not drafted, each business owner should still take the time to review and think about disaster preparation and recovery.
It is also important that management discuss with the employees what they should do during major disasters such as storms and earthquakes.
Management should also consider keeping a list of backup or temporary employees that could be available to help handle the workload during a large local disaster.
Agency owners spend much of their lives building up their business; it only makes sense to spend some time developing a plan to recover from a possible disaster. Quote of NoteOver the past several years, Farmers has been moving toward a one brand strategy to more strongly support the Farmers brand.
More than a year after Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast, homeowners and businesses are still in the process of rebuilding and recovering from the storm’s damage. While it’s easy to demonize insurance providers for not paying the claims of affected businesses, that’s often an unfair characterization. This is a common chorus among business owners affected by serious property damage like that caused by Sandy.
In less severe disasters, claim denials are often a matter of a business owner’s failure to adhere to the byzantine claims-submission process insurance companies mandate. Before you follow those rules, though, it’s easy to become frustrated when the machine won’t give you the cash that’s rightfully yours. The most impactful things you can do for getting claims covered happen long before a storm strikes. It’s better to find out that you’re not covered in the event of a flood now than when your storeroom is submerged in a foot of standing water.
When disaster hits your business, your instinct is likely to get in there and start cleaning up. This will make the claims adjustment process go more quickly so you can receive benefits as soon as possible.
Following a major disaster, it may be wise to contact the contractors who can get your office up and running before calling your insurance company. Getting yours in as quickly as possible will ensure you’re at the front of the line for getting your building back in working order. Keep in mind, too, that contacting your agent is only the beginning of a process that can take some time.
Chances are, your insurance company will lowball you on a repair estimate, based on their appraiser’s assessment of your damage. This starts with the independent appraiser’s estimate, which will likely be higher than the insurance company’s. Just as you have to play an active role in getting in shape, you need to play an active role in ensuring that your insurance policies are suited to your current risk exposures and your claims are filed according to the rules so you end up protected when you most need coverage. The good news is that, just as trainers can demystify the various weight machines and cardio classes to help you achieve your fitness goals, an insurance agent can guide you through the processes of buying the right policies, updating those to match your changing business, and filing any claims that arise. Ted Devine is CEO of insureon, the leading online provider of business insurance to small and micro businesses.
It is sad how insurance companies don’t honor their word when an actual incident happens. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Compare Legacy Premium against the competition and you'll quickly see that Legacy offers the lowest cost per calorie. I guess you could probably say I was a nonbeliever until I was actually forced to use one out of necessity in the back of an old station wagon that broke down on a cold desert highway (true story, but one for another time). It’s well known that natural disasters can have devastating effects on man made and natural environments, but it’s probably less well known that many of the injuries people sustain actually happen in the aftermath of an event.Think for a minute about an image of a devastated area. These are also the kinds of things that provide some level of intrigue to all the doomsday predictions getting tossed around these days.
In previous posts I’ve covered great power and water products, so today I thought I’d hit on a simple, yet sustainable solution from the emergency food section of the site.The 90 Serving Entree bucket from Wise Food Insurance is compact, affordable, and includes enough food in one safe and durable bucket to provide an adult with three servings of food a day for an entire month, or four adults with three servings of food a day for a full week. While that’s a nice median number, it shouldn’t necessarily be the gauge for everyone since we all have different bodies and pursue different levels of activity.
It’s also important to consider your caloric intake and other nutritional benefits while building your emergency food storage. These range from disasters such as snowstorms that may keep families inside of a home without power for days or disasters such as hurricanes or flooding that will create the need for a family to evacuate their home. Although I’d seen the text before I‘d never taken the time to actually thumb through the pages. You may think you have taken reasonable precautions against the most common ones, like a fire or burst pipes. If you have not invested some time and money in securing adequate coverage for your business against natural disasters, you should make that a priority. The site aims to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to have a fun and successful entrepreneurial journey. Besides creating their own disaster plan, insurance agents and brokers that educate their clients in this matter will gain the competitive edge. A flood or a fire can destroy equipment and information assets, but less likely causes the loss of employees. An earthquake or a fire is a lower probable risk and the problems they create are highly variable. The firm specializes in financial and management consulting for independent insurance agencies.
Unfortunately, many of those affected by Sandy have found it’s taking longer than expected to receive the funds they need to get back on their feet.

Here’s a look at why it sometimes takes a long time to receive insurance benefits after a covered event and how you can ensure that, if you’re ever struck with a disaster, your business gets its claims covered in a timely fashion.
And it’s no wonder: In the aftermath of a major storm or other property event, emotions run high. Preparation includes taking pictures of your property and inventory, noting serial numbers for major equipment, keeping a copy of your insurance policy somewhere outside your office, and programming your insurance agent’s number into your phone. It’s also essential to update your policy any time your business evolves, whether that means adding new services, selling new products, expanding or updating your offices, investing in new equipment, hiring new employees, or anything else. But doing so without documenting the worst of the damage can prevent you from receiving full benefits from your insurance provider.
Insurance companies are known for efficiently getting claims adjustors to disaster areas to process damage and determine what needs to be done. But it will pay off when you receive adequate benefits to complete the repairs you need to get back on your feet. But merely having a piece of paper in your safe won’t protect your business any more than having a gym membership will magically make you fit. Prior to joining insureon, he was President of Aon Risk Services and a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. The point is, there is always an emergency blanket in my survival kit now.This nifty little invention has many names.
Some of us become desensitized by the tragedies that are associated with these disasters as we see pictures and news stories affiliated with them regularly on the nightly news. For some people, the concept of such massive cataclysmic events prompts them to stockpile goods and increase their emergency food storage, while others tend to completely disregard these supposed revelations. Really though, you can divide the contents of this and any Legacy Premium package to work for you however and whenever you need it to. That’s why it’s important to determine the true number of calories you should be consuming every day depending on your body type and how active you are. As I scanned the content I determined almost immediately that the great thing about this little guide is its insight on a mix of practical, preposterous and highly unlikely situations.
But in all likelihood, you probably have not been spending most of your time contemplating how the forces of nature can undermine your years of hard work.
Different policies offer different definitions, and different levels of coverage, against the forces of nature. Whether you are a global warming believer or not, global weather patterns are changing, and natural disasters that once were typically limited to certain regions of the globe are now having an impact well beyond their historic geographic realms. If you live on a fault line in California, you are doubtless well acquainted with the details, and expense, of earthquake insurance.
Suppose you had plans to attend a major trade show in New York that was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. At the site, you will find relevant articles, how-to videos, podcasts, and special offers that are all designed specifically for the self-employed. Every business (including your clients) should have a Disaster Preparation and Recovery Plan. An earthquake or storm can impact employees, equipment, facilities and possibly the information assets. Next, determine how the staff, clients and carriers can contact the agency after the disaster.
Some hotels submitted business interruption claims that were denied because the insurance companies couldn’t agree on whether power outages caused the interruption or they were caused by a flood (not covered) or an explosion (covered). Your card may be denied over and over until you match the magnetic strip to the reader – once you do that, voila. But once you do adhere to the insurance company’s rules, you should find that your claims are covered exactly as your policy said they would be.
After any claims incident – whether it’s the theft of a laptop or a major storm – take a moment to photograph the affected area or damaged items. Because there are only so many roof repair and construction companies in your area, and after a major disaster, they’ll be inundated with repair requests. The sooner you contact your agent, the sooner you can start the process that ends with receiving a check to repair or replace what you’ve lost. Provide estimates from your appraiser, estimates from the contractors who will do repairs, documentation of the condition of your property before the damage, documentation of the damage, and any other materials that can support your case. You may hear it called a space blanket (a reference to its development by NASA in the 1960’s), thermal blanket, Mylar blanket or emergency blanket.
While packing clothing might not seem as important as your family photo albums, making sure that your family is prepared does mean having spare clothes and shoes in your survival kit. Regardless of what you think or believe, there have always been and always will be people who make predictions about the destiny of the earth and humanity, from Nostradamus to Sir Isaac Newton, and this year has been no exception. Bug out location type 1 is a remote location, usually in the wilderness, where you and your family can live away from a crisis currently affecting your primary home.
The great thing about a package this size is that can be used in so many different ways depending on the intentions of your survival food storage plan. In fact, it’s a good idea to do some calorie calculations for every person you’ll be storing food for.Age, Weight, Height and ActivityIn order to correctly determine how many calories our bodies really need it’s important to be honest with ourselves.
That’s why our site displays the labels of all the emergency food products we sell, so that you can identify the appropriate amount of servings based on the needs of your family. In an emergency plan it is crucial that everyone understands the plan and their own responsibilities including the elderly and children. Then again, you never know when you might have to evade being sucked up by quicksand or utilize a specialized set of skills required to escape a killer bee attack.I left the bookstore rather amused and thinking to myself that some of the scenarios in the book aren’t so different from the advice you might find in a blog like this.
You had invested in airfare, a hotel suite for a week, had tickets to Broadway shows for entertaining clients, and rented a place in the Hamptons to unwind after your week of hard work.
They have to think about their bottom line, which is helped by paying as little in claims as possible. This way, you don’t need to go to the extent of hiring someone just to get enough money out of your insurance company.
We instead become prepared with the proper emergency preparedness items and survival gear.One of the most overlooked things that can drastically aid those affected by disasters is natural disaster insurance. Most people think of clothing as an afterthought and that they can go to the store and buy more clothes, but that won’t always be an option.
It’s scenes like this that made me start to think about a different kind of survival kit—one dedicated solely to a disaster wardrobe, if you will, that would not only help me in such a situation, but also protect me from further harm or injury.
Radio evangelist Harold Camping predicted that May 21, 2011 would be the day the righteous would be lifted to heaven—a day of Rapture.
Bug out location 2 is a family member or friend’s home, far enough away that it is not in danger of the disaster affecting your home.
It’s not too little and it’s not too much, and for those who choose to keep emergency food storage at a minimalist level this very well may be one of the best choices out there.
Nobody likes to admit they don’t exercise as much as they should, or that their metabolism isn’t what it used to be—and I don’t know if anyone really likes aging after a certain birthday.There are a few different ways to help identify the correct caloric intake for your body type and the level of activity you engage in.
After all, Wise Food Insurance already offers useful information and suggestions on how to be well prepared in the event of a disaster.
Did you invest in travel insurance that covered cancellations and related losses due to natural disasters? Rather than thinking of them as the bad guy, recognize that this is how their business model works and be ready to assert the needs and interests of your business. The amazing feature of the emergency blanket is that they can reflect up to 90% of radiant energy, including a person’s body heat and direct sunlight. A surprising amount of people that have spent numerous hours and dollars in emergency preparedness efforts have often times failed to see the value in this type of insurance.
If you were in a major disaster the stores might be damaged or even sold out of what you need. After that day came and went without incident he made a quick revision of his prediction, and the new date is now October 21, 2011. A bug out location can offer a temporary home if you are forced to evacuate your primary home in emergencies such as natural disasters, political unrest or nuclear and chemical dangers. It includes three nutritious breakfast options and seven different flavors of entrees, all loaded with the nutritional value your body will need to keep your energy up during an emergency.
First of all, there are very simple calorie calculators like the one offered through the Mayo Clinic where you simply enter your weight, height, age, and select your activity level.
Department of Homeland Security has a great program for teaching children the necessities of these plans with the help of the Sesame Street gang.

The only difference between our source of information and the Worst Case Scenario book is that we haven’t offered any tips yet regarding what you ought to do in the most unlikely of circumstances.
Review your policy, preferably with an independent insurance consultant, to make sure you have the coverage you think you are paying for. But what about all the other natural disasters that don’t occur regularly in your area, but could destroy your business in one fell swoop? Most business travelers now accept the flight cancellation coverage, but if you travel regularly as part of your business, experts recommend that you should add a short-term natural disaster policy for your major trips.
But like most things in an emergency survival kit, the effectiveness of the emergency blanket is dependent on its proper care, storage and use. But, those that have been without any type of disaster insurance and have had their homes destroyed are left in a state of financial burden.
There are some websites that recommend having a week’s worth of clothes set aside but one or two changes of clothes for each member and one extra pair of shoes should be enough. Don’t worry about marking your calendar, as I’m fairly confident the media will let you know when the date gets close. Having a few different bug out locations is recommended as different emergencies will cause a need for greater or lesser distance from your home. Some people use it to supplement an existing food storage supply of canned goods and bottled fruits or vegetables, and others designate a bucket for each member of the family so that everyone has their own individual supply. Again, honesty really matters, and to get the correct number I had to confess that my active lifestyle isn’t as active as it used to be.If you want to actually see the math behind this kind of calculation you can also perform a simple equation to find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), or the amount of calories that would be required if a person was completely sedentary and didn’t ever leave the couch at all. The family plan should be revisited often to ensure that the responsibilities are developed or lessened with the changing abilities of children and the elderly.Every family member should be aware of where the emergency survival gear and food storage is located inside of the home.
The effectiveness of the emergency blanket used on its own as a means of staying warm is occasionally challenged, so it is worth mentioning that most thin sheet emergency blankets are used primarily to prevent the loss of body heat. Why do so many of us that strive to be prepared fail to fully prepare with the correct type of insurance? Make sure to put them in your survival kit so that everything you need is in one place and you are not putting all of this together at the last minute. Assuming we all make it to Halloween this fall, next year is host to yet another ominous date.
Those that are comfortable in the outdoors and others that don’t feel comfortable depending on friends and family members will prefer going to a bug out location in a rural area.
Regardless of how you plan on using it, the 90 Serving Entree Grab and Go bucket from Legacy Premium is 14 pounds of emergency food storage simplicity that could be a useful asset in practically every home. Or how should you react if you were to open your survival kit only to find that it had been occupied be a colony of angry fire ants? But if you’re in a cold place with only cold ground to lay on, additional layers of insulation are also important in order to keep warm, whether that means layers of clothing or a heavier blanket.If you’ve never used an emergency blanket before you ought to try it out so you know what to expect if you’re ever in a situation that demands you use one.
December 21, 2012 marks the end of the ancient Mayan Calendar, and represents another day that some predict will be the apocalypse.
Even young children should be aware of how to use emergency survival gear in case adults are injured during a disaster.
In all honesty, I have no practical advice that might help a person for either of those situations. Tsunami coverage might be wise these days, especially if you live on the West Coast of the U.S. The standard home insurance does not cover damage due to most natural disasters including fire, floods, earthquakes, landslides and windstorms. No matter what time of the year it is, having extra, even warm clothes is also a good idea so throw a jacket or sweatshirt in as well.In May, a soldier disappeared in Utah. While most scientists, theologians and scholars can’t link any substantial evidence to validate such claims, it seems as though the psyche of modern inhabitants of earth are still riveted by the idea of such a doomsday scenario. Spending time at your bug out location in non-emergency situations can create some insight into what specific emergency survival gear essentials will be needed in the specific area.Hotels, hostels and even Red Cross disaster centers can fill up quickly.
But then again, maybe I do.So perhaps some worst case scenarios are in order for this blog. While some superior policies may include coverage for damage due to lightning, cold temperatures (think frozen pipes) and hailstorms. His car broke down and he didn’t have any cell phone reception so he walked until he could find reception and called his friend.
Not to mention people often view such predictions as a potential way to cash in on the idea of the world ending.Whether you’re anticipating the end of days or not, it’s always a good idea to build up an emergency food storage supply, and if your anything like me you don’t make your emergency preparedness plans around speculative dates. It can be comforting to know that you have options other than those that are provided from the local community. An evacuation safety plan should be created and family members, neighbors and school administration should be notified. Like the book, the majority of the posts we provide would contain the useful, real life advice we’ve always aimed to offer, while others may very well be outlandish creations from the depths of our imagination. I would like to urge you all to become educated on the types of damage due to natural disasters your homeowner’s insurance covers.
He had left wearing flip flops and a t-shirt, normal clothing for summer, but in Utah it still snows in May. Keep a mask with the rest of your survival kit wardrobe to ensure the safety and health of your lungs. Regardless of what you may believe, the reality we all face is that disasters happen nearly every day on this planet, and have the ability to disrupt the lives of any person at any given moment. If you have a bug out location planned with a family member before a disaster strikes, they will be ready to receive you and your family. A family communication emergency preparedness plan worksheet should be in every car and in every child’s backpack.
Remember that in order to help others in the aftermath of a disaster it’s critical to do everything you can in order to first protect yourself from harm or injury.
So for the time being, I’m still going to think about what I’m want to be for Halloween this October, and I have expectations that December 21, 2012 (aka Winter Solstice) will be as just as memorable as it is every year. Many people offer their home as a bug out location and in return, others offer their homes that span from 30, 50 or even more than 500 miles away.
These worksheets need to include out of town contact names, evacuation location plans, social security numbers, medical information and all contact information for immediate family members and emergency contacts. If your region is more at risk for a certain type of disaster that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover, look into adding to that specific disaster policy. So he was without proper footwear and no shirt and then the temperature dropped that night. A secondary survival kit of ‘aftermath’ clothing may not always be necessary, but then again, what will it hurt to stow these items away.
Do you want to learn how to mock up a quick parachute from the emergency space blanket in your survival kit? There is more to the story and he is still missing but what I wanted to point out is that a soldier who is trained to survive in the wilderness was still caught unprepared.Make sure to have pants, shoes, shirts, socks, underwear, a warm top layer, rain gear, hats, and gloves in your kit for each member. Besides, chances are good that this kind of clothing survival kit can be made from stuff you own already, making it not only a good idea, but a free one as well.
Survival gear, food storage and acquiring the correct type of insurance policy are some of essentials. You can choose how much of each item you have, but make sure your family is protected and prepared for anything with a properly stocked survival kit. Stay at home parents can assist neighbor children who may have working parents when a neighborhood becomes inaccessible.
A specific route for children to come home from school if an emergency occurs is very important for parents who may be looking for their children as well.
Department of Homeland Security are constantly updating information regarding preparedness for families. They are both great resources for learning how to update and improve your family and community emergency plans.

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