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The Basenji is a hunting dog originating from central Africa, going back four thousand years. Basenji are small, sophisticated looking, short-haired dogs with erect ears, and a tightly curled tail.
Typically they develop a very strong bond with their primary human companion, and they require a firm hand and consistency in training to ensure their dominance is managed. I love pets and I am sure some of you also love them, here i have gathered some facts about dogs which may be you don`t know and you wanted to because you also have cute lovely dog with you , so just check out and if you feel you have more to tell about your lovely pet then please mention it below in the comments we will love to hear it…. Last weeka€™s blog article not only discussed the benefits of owning a pet but also things to consider before buying a pet and tools for helping you select a pet that is appropriate for you and your family. 1) The smallest known adult dog was a Yorkshire Terrier that was only 2.5 inches at the shoulder, and weighed only 4 ounces. 7) The famous nickname, “man’s best friend,” is used in many other languages as well as English. 8) Dog’s don’t see in black-and-white, they have 2 color receptors, and can see yellow and blue.
12) While not the best when it comes to sight, dogs have a keen sense of hearing, and can hear sounds at 4 times the distance of humans.
15) A Border Collie named Chaser has learned the names of 1,022 toys, and can retrieve each by name. 25) Dogs engage in rapid-eye-movement when they sleep, and have dreams just like humans do.
28) Unlike cats, dogs are not exclusively carnivores: they can adapt to different foods, and a percentage of their diets can be fruits and vegetables.
30) In addition to “formal” forms of dog training (operant conditioning, reinforcement, or classical conditioning), dogs are able to learn merely from observation.
33) A Great Dane named “Just Nuisance” is the only dog to have officially enlisted in the Royal Navy.

36) The Golden Retriever, one of the most popular dog breeds, was first bred in Scotland in the mid 1800s.
37) A couple presidential dogs were Golden Retrievers: “Liberty,” the presidential dog of Gerald Ford, and “Victory,” Ronald Reagan’s dog.
38) Flyball, a dog sport consisting of relays, hurdles, and ball retrieving, was developed in the late 60s, and the first tournament was held in 1983.
39) The current world record for a Flyball race is 14.413 seconds, set by the team “Touch N Go” of Las Vegas. 41) The Labrador is so popular, in 2006 there were approximately 3-5 times more Labs as there were German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers. 42) One of the most famous Labrador Retrievers was “Endal,” an assistance dog recognized as the most decorated dog in the world. 43) Endal was the first dog to ride on the London Eye (the characteristic ferris wheel in London, England), and was also the first known dog to successfully use a ATM machine. 49) A dog’s powerful sense of smell is frequently called upon to detect anything from mines and explosives to termites and bed bugs. 50) Conservationists have used dogs to find bumblebee hives in order to protect endangered species. One of the earliest accounts of the breed where they were given as presents to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
The forehead is wrinkled, particularly when the animal is young or extremely old, and the eyes are almond shaped. On a mission to make pet sites more interesting and, hopefully, put a smile on people's faces along the way. If you have any fun facts or tips youa€™d like to share, please share them in the comments below. From the smallest at 4 ounces to the largest at 343 lbs, dogs are incredibly diverse and perform so many jobs.

Bernard Hospice;” the monastery where Barry and other mountain dogs was raised by monks to rescue victims from the snowy Alps.
We noticed that you usually have to pay for the majority of resources out there that are really beneficial to dog owners, so we decided that there should be a place where quality content is made available for dog owners like yourself—for free. The breed was first introduced in England in 1937, and the first litter of Basenji puppies raised to maturity in America was in 1941. The Basenji is recognized in the standard colours of red, black, tricolor (black with tan in the traditional pattern), and brindle (black stripes on a background of red), all with white. In this article and infographic we highlight some fun facts about these lovable animals that you may NOT have known! Although we might have some paid content to keep DoggieBuddy running, all information on this site is free.
The breed sheds very little hair and is therefore a good choice for people that suffer with allergies. Our goal is to help you grow a stronger, more worthwhile bond with your dog, a bond that will last a lifetime. They are usually very good with older children and other dogs if raised with them, and are very cautious around strangers, (dog or human). As a breed they are extremely playful, curious and energetic with enough personality to keep you well entertained.

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