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In the wake of the massive and horrific natural disasters in Myanmar and China, it is important to examine how the provision of humanitarian relief relates to issues of voice and accountability. This is not to say that public sphere issues are always emphasized in humanitarian assistance. System Will Send Alerts, Geographic Information to Storm VictimsNewswise — FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. The researchers’ solar-powered, emergency communications system would provide continuous, uninterrupted service during natural disasters, such as the tornado that hit Joplin in 2011. Lazer and his colleagues work in a field known as network science, which looks at correlated phenomena to find meaning. Cloudy With a Chance Of Waffles The nearly 1,700 Waffle House restaurants nationwide [red] are clustered near the tracks of the Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms [gray] that have hit the continental U.S.
The Waffle House Index is by no means a scientific indicator (a 2011 tornado destroyed or damaged one third of Joplin, Missouri, yet the areaa€™s two Waffle Houses remained open), but its accuracy continues to improve.
Children and young people have the right to participate and to access the information they need. Community infrastructure must be safe, and relief and reconstruction must help reduce future disaster risk. On December 22nd, 1989, the General Assembly designated the second Wednesday of October International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction. ABOUTGlobal Calendar is an online platform to remind, inform & educate people about global causes common to all people on Earth regardless of nationality, religion or believe.
Natural disasters generally happen suddenly, leaving humans little time to prepare for their arrival.
For more information on a variety of subjects, Georgians can always contact their local county Extension agent by calling 1-800-ASK-UGA1.
In a general sense, communication should be an absolutely vital element of any relief effort.
The reconstruction phase is considered as a second chance to start afresh with something more "reliable". Economists at Vanderbilt University recently used Big Mac prices to evaluate economic differences among countries that use the euro and those that use their own currency.

For one, the chain has 500 similar locations throughout hurricane zones on the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard as well as hundreds more across the flood- and tornado-prone Midwest. Last year, the company began using tropical-storm-tracking software to help it predicta€”down to the minutea€”when any Waffle House will be affected and when ita€™s safe to reopen.
Because it is difficult for them to cope with unexpected and painful interruptions to their lives, they are often more affected than adults. On December 21st,  2009 the General Assembly decided to designate 13 October as the date to commemorate the Day and to change the Day’s name to International Day for Disaster Reduction.
The information is structured in a yearly calendar following the dates set by global organizations to observe these causes. In an effort to help the citizens of Georgia prepare for future natural disasters before they occur, the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has prepared this Web site to share valuable, and possibly life-saving, information on droughts, winter storms, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.
Broadcasting or otherwise circulating crucial information about unsafe areas, survivor resources, and important health and public safety issues can help prevent further outbreaks of disease and post-disaster traumas. A lack of information at this stage can have a strong dampening effect on rehabilitation activities. The researchers are honing and testing the system now and expect to deploy a pilot network at the end of 2012. Investment funds trading on oil reportedly hire aircraft to fly over the Port of Singapore (through which half the worlda€™s crude oil is shipped) to gather anecdotal data on the number of tankers.
For example, in much the way that Google Flu Trends analyzes search data (rather than medical data) to try to predict flu outbreaks faster than the CDC, Lazera€™s team has developed algorithms that comb through mobile text and voice data (rather than meteorological or seismological data) for patterns generated by real-time emergencies such as earthquakes, bombings, and blackouts, often detecting them before local authorities do. This allows the chain to pass its operational status to FEMA sooner, which in turn helps FEMA respond faster. Victims of disaster and climate change, children and young people can and should be encouraged to participate in disaster reduction and decision making. The objective of the observance is to raise awareness how people are taking action to reduce their risk to disasters. Apart from providing humanitarian information, an independent media sector (in tandem with civil society) can ensure that rebuilding efforts are consultative, transparent and accountable.
In these situations, an already difficult situation for the survivors becomes even worse: people are cut off from each other and from the outside world, with rumor displacing reliable information as the basis for life-and-death decisions.

Craig Fugate, noticed that when information was scarce after a disaster, the status of a 24-hour Waffle House restaurant often indicated whether an area had electricity, gas, and passable roads. In China, authorities employ an index of the sales of pickled mustard tubers (a food favored by its working class) to track its migrant workers in the country more accurately than official statistics do.
Useful correlations can also be derived from small data sets, Lazer says, provided that each point carries a strong signal.
It maintains its own fleet of portable generators, operates a mobile command center to assist in disaster recovery, and trains employees in crisis management to ensure that it can resume operations as quickly as possiblea€”often within hours. It also helps Waffle House get hot meals and coffee to the victims and weary first responders.
Over the long term, humanitarian communication efforts can eventually stimulate the development of a healthy public sphere, even where none has existed before. So he created a three-color rating: green (fully open), yellow (limited menu), and red (closed). Thata€™s the virtue of the Waffle House Index: Rather than distilling a meaningful signal from a noisy, large data set, it uses a few data points with high-quality signals. Similar to servers, each solar-powered node contains data – geographic information – that can be downloaded to a user or communicated node-to-node, if necessary. The latter function is critically important in the event that a node or nodes fail due either to variability inherent in renewable energy or the likelihood of extreme environmental conditions in the aftermath of a natural disaster. If either or both happen, the mesh will automatically redistribute data to maintain service.
The geographic information will include a map, similar to the Google map service, that shows areas heavily affected by a disaster as well as routes around these areas. Another challenge is the geographical placement of nodes to ensure that optimal connectivity can be maintained regardless of topography.To address all of these obstacles and test a combination of hardware and software, the researchers will deploy a 40-node mesh in downtown Fayetteville toward the end of 2012.
Banerjee said the technology could also apply to non-emergency scenarios, such as hiking in extreme wilderness areas or military operations in deserts or other remote locations.The researchers received a $485,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop the system.

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