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Just the other day I was asked by a Business Line Manager about the usage patterns of tables in a database that I never seen before.
Today, I am going to review a simple SELECT query that will retrieve the information that we want. The second requirement is to enumerate all the user tables to show their names and creation dates. The third requirement is to display the row counts for all clustered indexes (id=1) or heaps (id=0). The fourth requirement is to display the number of updates, look ups, seeks, and scans that occurred against these base indexes.

In a nutshell, the TSQL statement above will tell you enough information to determine if a table is ACTIVE or INACTIVE.
Just remember, the counters for this DMV are reset every time the SQL Server Service is re-started. With our sleeper coaches, a trailer can be towed, if the bays are not large enough to carry all of your backline. Tour Management - If you are looking for a tour manager we can help you to find the right person for the job. Backline Hire - If you need to hire in extra gear, from an amp to complete backline equipment, we can arrange this for you and pick it up before or after meeting the band at the start of your tour. Equipment Carnets - If you are touring in a non-EC country you may require an equipment carnet.
Equipment Transport - The buses do carry a certain amount of gear in the bays, some more than others.
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If you are not sure what's involved or could just do without the hassle, we can arrange this for you.
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If you have any concerns, questions or queries, you should contact your GP or usual clinician. If you have too much gear to fit in a bus and trailer, we can arrange for extra transport and a driver to follow the bus. It is essential to load the trailer correctly and, if possible, putting the heavier equipment in the bays of the coach.
The trailers are fully lockable and lock at the hitch as well, however Y-Not will not take responsibility for any loss of equipment due to theft of the equipment itself or the trailer. Apart from the trailer hire charge there will be extra driver PDs to pay on the road and trailer ferry costs if touring abroad.

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