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Once the flood waters have receded, have a qualified home inspector come and go through the house to assess the damage. Many people try to keep their belongings after a flood, and that’s usually not a good idea. If important papers, books and photographs got damaged they can still be salvaged if the damage isn’t too severe. Anyone who has lived through having a home or business flooded knows it’s something to not wish on your worst enemy.
Flood facts make you understand why flash flood is considered as one of the biggest natural disasters to overcome by the government. The people living around the Mississippi river basin in 1993 had to feel the Great Flood because of the hard rainfall.
The people who live in a flooded zone are suggested to have a flood insurance to make sure that they can get the return if you lose a home and belongings. If you want to avoid the risk of flood, ensure that you avoid building a house near water area, a dam, a river, and other low lying area. Natural Disaster Facts elaborate the information about the disaster occurred on earth caused by the harsh nature. This has left 400 to 500 informal settlements damaged and coal prices have soared to a 28 month high. The local weather service has issued warning on the news of flash floods in Gauteng and Pretoria (central, northern South Africa).
Towns such as Ladysmith (hometown) in Kwa-Zulu Natal, which hasn’t flooded in the last 10-12 years are now flooding.
16 areas have been declared as flood prone and local residents are being warned to evacuate as the water rises.

Though South Africa has a long and rich history of heavy rainfalls and general floods, it is seldom on this scale and, worst, so relentless.
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The number of people killed by months of flooding in northern Thailand has risen to more than 500, officials say.
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In addition to washing away memories, they leave behind mud, contaminated water and various forms of debris. Items such as mattresses, clothing, rugs, furniture and curtains probably need to be tossed out with the garbage due to being too heavily damaged or unable to be disinfected properly. After getting them cleaned off, they can be put in plastic bags and put in a freezer until they can be attended to by someone. By using these tips, it’s possible to take a bad situation and turn it into a positive situation for everyone.
The high wall of water ever recorded is between 10 and 20 feet.  It can make your cities drown. It is estimated that the US government has spent at least $2.9 billion each year for flood for the last ten years. There are several things that you need to have such as 3 gallon of water, cell phone, hygiene necessities, nonperishable food, and first aid items. It can occur in many low lying countries in the world.  Don’t play with flood for the water is not hygiene.

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Clean-up can be expensive and time-consuming, so whether the flood is from Mother Nature or a leak in the home there are some tips that homeowners can follow.
Many homes have security systems, some of which can automatically shut off the water if there is a leak from a water heater, hot tub or other spot in the house.
If you’ve got a humidifier, air conditioner or fans turn them on and let them run awhile to help dry out the rooms.
Even though the victims of flood are not as many as the ones in tornado or earthquake, you need to be careful for the high water can make you drown. This disaster made more than 80 people lost their place of living because more than 88,000 square kilometer of lands was filled with water.
You need to wash your body as soon as possible for you do not know the substances in the water.
You can check your security system’s home page online to see if they have experience with floods. After you’ve shoveled out as much as possible, hose off the remaining part to get surfaces cleaner.

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