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Info days are invaluable for not only finding out more detail on a call but also for networking.
FP7 Energy Booking Open for European Information Day on 2013 Calls: The European Commission is organising an information day in Brussels on 4 July, which will cover most of the final thematic funding opportunities relating to energy research under FP7. FP7 Transport Brokerage Event for Rail Transport Research in Europe: The European Commission and the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU are holding a rail research brokerage event in Warsaw, Poland on 26-27 June 2012. MIRA FP7 Funding: This is a free seminar hosted by the Transport KTN, FP7UK and others which ill outline the funding priorities in FP7 for transport. FP7 Security Information Day on 2013 Call: The FP7 Security Call Information Day will take place on 11 September in Brussels.
FP7 Environment Presentations from European Information Day on 2013 Work Programme: The presentations are now available from the recent European Information Day on the FP7 2013 Environment Work Programme. FP7 Co-operation Presentations from Ocean of Tomorrow Information Day: The web-stream recording is now available with the presentations from the recent information day on the ‘2013 Ocean of Tomorrow’ Joint Call. Add TagInfo:- Just type tag + return- Tags should be in english- Tags should describe what the icon shows or what the icon is commonly used for. With our sleeper coaches, a trailer can be towed, if the bays are not large enough to carry all of your backline.
Tour Management - If you are looking for a tour manager we can help you to find the right person for the job. Backline Hire - If you need to hire in extra gear, from an amp to complete backline equipment, we can arrange this for you and pick it up before or after meeting the band at the start of your tour.

Equipment Carnets - If you are touring in a non-EC country you may require an equipment carnet.
Equipment Transport - The buses do carry a certain amount of gear in the bays, some more than others.
Hotel & Flight bookings - At Y-NOT we include ferry bookings in the quote but we can also arrange hotel and flight bookings for you where necessary.
Below are some info days open for registration, and links to slides and videos of those which have already occured. It will cover the calls within the 2013 Work Programme for the FP7 Energy theme (which is expected to be published in July 2012), as well as various other FP7 calls related to energy.
This online event gives those interested the opportunity to get an early view of the upcoming calls in advance of the PPP information days in July 2012, as well as interacting with potential partners. The exact venue is yet to be confirmed but is likely to be the same as in previous years: the REA Offices, Covent Garden Building, Place Rogier, Brussels. As well as presentations by the European Commission, there were also ‘flash’ presentations by researchers interested in applying to the calls. If you are not sure what's involved or could just do without the hassle, we can arrange this for you. Booking is now open and if you are unable to attend, then the event will be broadcast online. The two day event will conclude with a brokerage session, where potential project partners can discuss project ideas with new contacts.

Marta Fernandez, from the E2B Association (E2BA) and Associate Director of Global Research at Arup, and Olaf Adan, Principal Scientist at TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), will introduce the potential 2012 call themes based on the multiannual roadmap. On-line registration will open on 10 July, which is the same day that the Call opens officially. The participant list and the video-streaming from the event are also available.  Researchers interested in the Environment theme should also note that there is a UK event on the 2013 Environment and Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (FAFB) work programmes on 6 July in London. An ‘Orientation Paper’ is also available with further details of the likely call topics for this call, which is expected to be published in mid-July 2012. If you have too much gear to fit in a bus and trailer, we can arrange for extra transport and a driver to follow the bus. Those who would like to present their own project ideas as part of the webinar can fill in the details during the registration process which is mandatory as places will be limited. It is essential to load the trailer correctly and, if possible, putting the heavier equipment in the bays of the coach.
The trailers are fully lockable and lock at the hitch as well, however Y-Not will not take responsibility for any loss of equipment due to theft of the equipment itself or the trailer. Apart from the trailer hire charge there will be extra driver PDs to pay on the road and trailer ferry costs if touring abroad.

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