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Drip irrigation (type of micro-irrigation) is proven to be technically feasible and socially acceptable for small, marginal and large farms. In this regard, the government facilitates increase in micro-irrigation by subsidising 50% of the cost of equipment and issuing the balance by institutional credit. Farmers need to be educated so that they can make well-informed decisions with respect to crop cultivation and harvest.
We know that there has been tremendous penetration of mobile phones in the rural market over the past few years. Farming mobile alerts software giving information on government conferences, market price fluctuation, weather updates etc. The financial institutions must commit to extending support to their customers during both turbulent and growth periods.
Production, processing, storage, distribution and value addition – all activities require modern technology for efficient functioning. Developing countries like India do not have the latest technological solutions in most cases. Precision farming generates an output containing spatial and non-spatial variations based on multiple inputs obtained from linking of spatial databases, analytical and crop simulation models at the same time. Widely acclaimed by government agencies, GIS - Precision farming is set to be the next big thing in Indian agriculture.
Government plans to distribute cash instead of kind (food) through the Public Distribution System (PDS) will only increase corruption and wastage of funds. The Food Security Bill is a landmark achievement and it is based on the ideology of ‘Right to Food-for-All’.
IREDA & MNCES are formulating a programme to have solar energy in more than a million households in the next few years. Geothermal plants do not require a lot of land, 400m2 can produce a gigawatt of energy over 30 years.
Simon Bladen, Legal Partner at Hawsons, notes: “Crisis can strike at any point, in a number of different ways. Scenario planning is undoubtedly central to successfully managing a crisis, as Simon adds: “It is important to identify the scenarios (ideally around ten) that would create the most damaging internal or external crisis for the firm and then prepare a strategy for dealing with each of these.

The nature of what both constitutes and arises during a crisis is changing, or indeed has changed in recent years. Law firms, as with many businesses across the UK, are spending a great deal of time in enhancing their visibility on the internet. For more information on how one of the leading firms of solicitor accountants can help you, please contact Hawsons today – or sign up for our solicitor news. Simon is the partner responsible for looking after the firm’s legal and charitable clients in particular and has worked at Hawsons throughout his career. Our video on how and why Crisis on Infinite Earths is so important, and how it continues to be so important today. The potential is huge and the most important part is that the farmer does not have to be literate to use a mobile application. According to the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), nearly 73% farmers do not have access to any credit facility - formal or informal.
Instead the PDS can be used to procure all locally produced grains at respectable MSPs and distribute them equitably. This is a cause of concern because India cannot afford to face the problem of self-sufficiency again. We cannot afford to procrastinate addressing this issue any further because there will soon be a point of no return. Used in space flights and electric vehicles are the best option available to dramatically reduce urban air pollution.
One well “blew its top” 10 years after it was built, and this threw hundreds of tons of rock, mud and steam into the atmosphere. Protecting client money is one of the golden rules of being allowed to practice as a solicitor, and the SRA take a very strict stance to ensure law firms adhere to sound risk management practices. This section is not devoted to how a law firm can protect itself from a crisis online – such as having social media policies in place and setting strong passwords etc. Bad news travels fast in the digital age, particularly with the growing prevalence of social media. The Green Revolution, headed primarily by Dr.Swaminathan proved to be "successful" in this regard.

Currently, India’s rice yields are one-third of China’s and about half of that of Vietnam and Indonesia (true for most agricultural commodities). Bilateral and multi-lateral technology agreements and formation of blocs between countries will help this cause. The farmer obtains the distribution of crop yield and water resources as a function of soil and weather conditions. This strategy will reduce the demand-supply mismatch because farmers will make better decisions rather than simply going for crop diversification in anticipation of monetary gains.
There is no doubt that GM technology is a revolutionary concept but being circumspect is necessary in this case. Fuel cells for power generation – India has a large gap between the demand for and supply of power. The reputational damage that a law firm may suffer from a crisis is exponentially heightened in the digital age, and it can happen both very quickly and very easily. Bold action from policymakers will be required to shift away from the existing subsidy-based regime that is no longer sustainable, to build a solid foundation for a highly productive, internationally competitive and diversified agricultural sector. This essentially makes GIS an ideal tool for crop planning and management which allows the farmer to better estimate budgets for crop planning.
This paper has been co-authored by Aakarshan Saboo, Karan Mutha and Tushar Kumar students of II Year, MBA Core, NMIMS. A ‘tweet’ that is sent out by the firm or a ‘tweet’ sent by an unhappy client can very quickly become viral and seen by millions across the world, for example.
Google is where prospective clients often go to research your company, to look up your services or to make contact. A law firm’s association with a crisis, be that a misguided tweet or insufficient risk management practices, is likely to be seen whenever its name is typed into Google.

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