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These guidelines are designed to help project managers to assess the outcomes of their projects and programmes. This 6-step guide explains how outcome and impact assessment can be integrated into the project management cycle.
The main methods are presented in a clear fashion in the chapter on Resources, which also contains some useful links on the subject. Have you ever wished you could evaluate the impact of a new version of a Cognos package before you promoted it into production?
MotioCI's Impact Analysis feature is designed to provide quantitative answers to these questions. In today's example, we'll evaluate the impact of promoting a new version of "Package D" from the Cognos Development Environment to the Cognos Production Environment.

In the diagram depicted below, we have a "Dev" Cognos Environment on the left, and a Production Cognos Environment on the right. Impact Analysis utilizes these same test cases when verifying that a new version of the BI content will behave as expected in a different Cognos environment. In the MotioCI screenshot shown below, test cases have been created for Report A, Report B, and Report C. A MotioCI label can be used to group together a set of related Cognos BI content in MotioCI's version control repository.
Once created, the Impact Analysis will now be visible under the Impact Analysis tab for the Label.
At this point we can execute the Impact Analysis immediately ("run now") or schedule it to run at a later time. After all the affected reports with Test Cases have been executed, MotioCI will promote the new version (version 22) of Package D into a staging area in the Production Cognos Environment.

MotioCI's Impact Analysis capability is a simple to use yet powerful feature to help determine the impact of promotion from one environment to another. They demonstrate how development agencies can implement an appropriate outcome and impact assessment system. Several steps that are decisive for outcome and impact assessment need to be considered as early as the planning stage.
The whole cycle lasts between three and five years - and even longer in the case of larger projects. We're doing this because we want to evaluate the impact of the package changes only (NOTE: we could just as easily create a label which contained the package plus all of its associated reports).

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