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Evening classes and planned non-academic activities at Brock University are cancelled for today only, Monday, Oct. For information on other programs or events at the University, please check with the organizers.
Brock University officials are continuing to monitor weather conditions and forecasts as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall on the east coast today. Please check Brock’s home page and social media feeds, including Facebook and Twitter, for the latest news on any changes or interruptions to scheduled activities. Getty ImagesHurricane Hugo, which hit the Caribbean and the East coast of the US in 1989, causing $10 billion in damage and killing over a hundred. But the 2013 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone season is upon us, and the forecast isn't looking good. NOAA has predicted that we will have 13 to 20 named storms forming in the Atlantic, and they predict that seven to 11 of those storms could become hurricanes by the end of the season in November. The season started on June 1, quickly the first named storm, Andrea, drenched much of the East coast. The names are recycled every six years, except for those that are "retired" because storms associated with the name were extremely costly or deadly a€” for example, Hurricane Sandy won't be reused in 2018. Today, the World Meteorological Organization maintains the lists of Atlantic hurricane names.
Ant Hill Garnets are tiny garnets that ants haul to the surface and discard on their anthill.
DAILY NEWS New York News Politics Sports Entertainment Opinion Living Autos Search U.S. Hurricane Sandy promises to be a strong, costly storm, experts say Regardless of its official category, Sandy is expected to be a monstrous storm that poses a serious threat for the entire Eastern Seaboard.
Hurricane Sandy bore down on the East Coast Saturday, on its way to becoming an unprecedented superstorm that could pummel the city and leave millions of people in the Northeast without power.
Residents across the region scrambled to prepare for the onslaught of weather, stocking up on supplies while city officials mulled whether to order evacuations of low-lying areas and the suspension of the mass transit system.
A systemwide shutdown a€” which happened only once before, during Hurricane Irene last summer a€” would take several hours to go into effect, with the final train coming to a stop around 3 a.m.
Workers from the MTA installing plywood over subway grating to prevent flooding expected from Hurricane Sandy on October 26, 2012. The violent squall was upgraded to a hurricane early Saturday just hours after forecasters said it had weakened to a tropical storm. Forecasters said the eye of the storm appears to be headed for southern or central New Jersey.
City officials were considering canceling school Monday and ordering the evacuation of up to 375,000 New Yorkers who live in flood zones. Speaking at a Saturday evening news conference, Mayor Bloomberg said no evacuations have been ordered and a decision on schools would come Sunday. Hizzoner, fearing a record storm surge in lower Manhattan, cautioned New Yorkers against letting down their guard. Beachgoers venture out to the end of Minutemen Causeway in Cocoa Beach, Fla., around lunchtime to see the waves, getting sandblasted from the wind and sand, due to the effects of the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy, Friday, Oct. The city on Sunday will open 65 public shelters in schools for terrified New Yorkers a€” and their pets.
Others who hoped to ride out the storm in their coastal homes nearly came to blows as they shopped for emergency supplies.
A man salvages planks from his damaged house after Hurricane Sandy hit Santiago de Cuba October 26, 2012. Sacca said the storm a€?is boosting businessa€? and required the store to send an employee to Pennsylvania to acquire more supplies. Many bracing for Sandy are still scared by Irene, which wreaked havoc when it ripped across the Eastern Seaboard last August, causing more than $15 billion in damages as it downed trees and flooded homes. Deborah Star Reed said Irene, a tropical storm by the time it hit New York, redecorated her home a€” and not to her liking. Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers cover an entrance to the Canal Street A, C, and E station with plywood to help prevent flooding, on Oct.

Christie warned residents to avoid using generators indoors or a€?jerry-rigginga€? extension cords to deal with outages. Experts said the storm, which has claimed as many as 58 lives, showed no sign of digressing from its current northward track, and its impact will rattle the coast from Florida to Maine.
Flooding is a major concern in the city and a worst-case scenario could see a surge of up to 8 feet of water in the subway. Hurricane-force winds could topple utility poles, while heavy snow could send tree branches crashing into power lines. Airlines began canceling scores of flights along the Atlantic seaboard while officials warned drivers to stay off the roads during the peak of the storm. A surfer rides some of the rare waves driven by Hurricane Sandy at South Beach in Miami Friday, Oct.
The LIRRa€™s website states the agency will make a decision on shutting down Sunday at 7 p.m. NJ Transita€™s website says preparations are being made for possible shutdowns and there will be systemwide cross-honoring of all rail, bus and light rail tickets from Monday through 6 a.m.
Several East Coast governors declared states of emergency in advance, and President Obama has begun receiving regular briefings on the storma€™s progress, according to White House officials.
This year’s Atlantic hurricane season got off to a busy start, with six named storms to date, and may have a busy second half, according to the updated hurricane season outlook issued today by government weather forecasters. The updated outlook from the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service, still indicates a 50 percent chance of a near-normal season, but increases the chance of an above-normal season to 35 percent and decreases the chance of a below-normal season to only 15 percent from the initial outlook issued in May. The numbers are higher from the initial outlook in May, which called for 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes and 1-3 major hurricanes. However, NOAA seasonal climate forecasters also announced today that El Nino will likely develop in August or September. As I have mentioned here before, my cats have predicted hurricane activity with the same accuracy as the "experts". In summary, everyone east of the Mississippi River will experience something from Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy is the major weather story circulating the globe at present, and it has every right to be. Hurricane Sandy is massive storm that will produce dangerous weather conditions across the Mid-Atlantic and New England beginning Sunday night and through Monday, October 29. Hurricane Sandy is already responsible for killing 65 people in the Caribbean, with the largest death toll occurring in Haiti (51 deaths). 2) Sustained tropical storm force winds of 39 mph to 73 mph will occur for a long period of time.
4) The exact landfall of Sandy is not important because the effects of Sandy will be far reaching. When he's not keeping EarthSky's community up-to-date on global weather happenings, meteorologist Matt Daniel is the weekend Meteorologist for 13WMAZ (CBS) in Macon, Georgia. Cuomo instructed the MTA to prepare for a shutdown, but the final decision about closing the subway and bus system wona€™t come until Sunday night.
The gale gained steam 335 miles off the coast of South Carolina, with maximum wind speeds reaching 75 mph. But scary weather will batter an 800-mile swath of the Northeast, no matter where the heart of the hurricane lands. Bottles of wine and vodka were flying off the shelves at Michael Towne Wines and Spirits in Brooklyn Heights.
Chris Christie ordered the mandatory evacuation of barrier islands from Sandy Hook to Cape May by 4 p.m. A full moon means tides will be higher than usual, making it easier for the storma€™s powerful winds to push water into low-lying areas.
While  this phenomenon can dampen storm development in the Atlantic, it s not expected until late in the season, according to forecasters.
Based on a 30-year average, a normal Atlantic hurricane season produces 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. EDT (15 UTC), NWS Buoy 44025, located about 30 nautical miles south of Long Island, is reporting wave heights of 23 feet (7 meters).

According to the National Weather Service, waves on Lake Michigan could be 10 to 18 feet (3 to 6 meters) by this afternoon, then build to 20 to 33 feet (6 to 9 meters) on Tuesday before subsiding.
In the southeast, windy conditions are bringing trees down and knocking power out in a few areas.
Residents across the Mid-Atlantic and New England will experience these winds for over 24 hours. However, it is important to note that anyone on the north side of the center of circulation will experience the strongest storm surge as winds will be pushing onshore. Blizzard warnings have already been issued, and some areas could see up to two feet of snow. In fact, the local offices at the National Weather Service are increasing their wording in their discussions to the public. Mid-Atlantic states and New England beginning Sunday night and through Monday, October 29 – is a large storm that will impact millions. University staff will assess conditions early Tuesday in accordance with the University’s inclement weather policy. Note how a line of clouds from a continental weather system runs south to north along the Appalachian Mountains, approaching from the west to meet the offshore storm. So, hurricanes are not given names, tropical storms are given names, and they retain their name if they develop into a hurricane.
Commuter rails would also go dark and MTA-run bridges would be shut down if winds eclipse more than 60 mph, effectively grinding the city to a halt. The barometric pressure continues to fall as Sandy taps into the warm Gulf Stream that flows parallel to the U.S. Meanwhile, there are already reports from buoys southwest of the center of the storm of wind gusts around 115 knots, or 130 miles per hour! A wind gust of 64 mph was already recorded in coastal North Carolina earlier today, and the storm is no where close to them!
In the animation, light from the changing angles of the Sun reveal the structure of the clouds and the details of the storm’s motion from dawn to dusk. Maximum sustained winds were observed at 75 miles (120 kilometers) per hour, and the barometric pressure at the center of the storm was 951 millibars (28.08 inches). Sandy has a pressure reading typically seen in a Category 4 hurricane, and will likely have wind speeds of a Category 2 hurricane. To give you an idea, pressure readings around 950 mb are typically seen in Category 3 hurricanes. This is a serious situation, because the large size and gradual intensification of the storm will only make the storm surge and flooding more severe. Sandy is a storm that we have never seen before, and, by the way, it does not compare to the Perfect Storm of October 1991. Our computer models are hinting that the pressure could drop between 940-950 mb by tomorrow afternoon. What makes matters worse, is that high tide is going to occur at nearly the same time as landfall.
East, your weather will continue to decline during the overnight hours Sunday night and deteriorate significantly throughout Monday, October 29, 2012.
It is only going to get worse before it gets better, and many people will likely experience no power for over a week. It is extraordinary and almost impossible to try to comprehend so many weather events occurring all at once across these states. We’ll have more updates about Hurricane Sandy as it continues to push closer to the eastern coast of the United States. The center of Sandy is expected to make landfall this evening along or just south of the southern New Jersey coast.

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