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While the City recognizes the importance of being prepared year round, the impending hurricane season serves as a reminder to residents and local businesses that now is the time to get your emergency response plans in order and take advantage of the nine-day tax free holiday for hurricane supplies starting on May 31. Hurricane season begins on June 1. Have you ever considered the catastrophic effects a hurricane may have on your business, your employees and your life? Always remember,no matter how many people you want to protect or how many items you want to save,be aware that it may cost you your life to save them.Stay safe!Trust that your loved ones will do the same!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for providing such a detailed list of activities for businesses.A good hurricane is so important but very often overlooked. Make it a Life Change® Hurricane Preparedness playing cards are a creative way to promote your brand and encourage the education of preparing for the storm. Make it a Life Change® Hurricane Preparedness cards are a great addition to any store's hurricane inventory. Each card is imprinted with a helpful tip related to hurricane preparedness or action to take during and after the storm.
The full color, standard bridge cards come attractively packaged in an eye-catching tuck box featuring a cello window. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
The only good news is that 15-percent of those 600 surveyed are in the process of creating one. TAMPA, Florida – May 30, 2015 – Meals On Wheels of Tampa, The Moffitt Cancer Center, Edward Jones and many other dedicated volunteers announced they will be delivering special Hurricane Preparedness Packs to the Meals On Wheels of Tampa recipients for the 2015 Hurricane season. As June approaches we are reminded to prepare for the 2015 hurricane season by our local news stations, grocery stores and businesses. For the past 10 years, MOW Tampa has developed a plan for its recipients in the event that a large storm does hit the Tampa Bay area.
Meals On Wheels of Tampa would like to thank The Moffitt Cancer Center, Edward Jones members, and the many other committed MOW Tampa volunteers for coming together on Saturday, May 30, to prepare and deliver these packs. Meals On Wheels of Tampa is committed to nourishing and enriching the independent lives of the homebound and seniors of Tampa.
The mission of Moffitt Cancer Center is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.
MEMPHIS, TN--(Marketwired - August 13, 2015) - As the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, the nation is once again reminded of the costly destruction hurricanes have caused to home and business owners across the country.
National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 25-31 and the City of Orlando encourages all residents and businesses to get informed and prepared. Develop a staffing policy that identifies essential employees and which of them, if any, must remain at the facility during the hurricane. Identify and protect vital records such as accounts receivable, customer records, tax records, and other personnel and administrative documents. Compile an Emergency Contact List with 24-hour telephone contact numbers of essential employees.
If facility must be operational during a hurricane and a generator is not available, rent or purchase a generator.

Dismiss essential employees temporarily so they can secure their personal property before returning to duty. Do not turn on computer equipment if there are indications of low voltage power fluctuations, low air conditioning output, water under raised floor, broken windows or damaged equipment. They are also the ideal advertising vehicle to keep stores top-of-mind with customers when it comes to stocking their hurricane safety kits. These include preparation suggestions such as placing a clean liner in a 50-gallon trash can and filling it with household water, test-running generators and stocking up on non-perishable food items and medications. According to the recent 2013 Small Business Disaster Survey carried out by Alibaba, Vendio and Auctiva in December 2012, 74-percent of small business owners don’t have a disaster recovery plan for their business. And just as well they should – according to the Insurance Information Institute, four out of 10 small businesses never reopen their doors after being affected by a natural or man-made disaster. A little over a third (33%) of the small business owners said one week, while 16% said two weeks. Daniel has a background in public relations, and is interested in issues in entrepreneurship, small business, marketing, public relations and the online space.
This year, for the first time ever MOW Tampa participated in Give Day Tampa Bay to raise awareness and funds to cover the costs.
We are also thrilled that the Moffitt Cancer Center and Edward Jones are helping with the delivery to those we serve. MOW Tampa has been serving meals to people who have trouble shopping for or preparing meals for the past 40 years. The non-profit agency includes physicians, scientists, researchers and staff who collaborate to transform the lives of thousands of people who have been impacted by cancer. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United States has sustained $327 billion in hurricane damages over the past decade -- and experts agree there are many precautions property owners can take to help limit damage during severe weather. The policy should identify when employees will be released from work as well as when they are expected to return. Identify a safe storage level area within the facility where records can be relocated, if necessary. Other tips include compiling a home inventory list with photos and identifying circuit breaker box locations and switches.
Hurricane Preparedness Packs will be delivered to all 650 recipients before the hurricane season begins. We hope our recipients will never be faced with using these items during an actual hurricane, but it’s a comfort to know that they will be prepared in the event that a storm does hit our community,” says Steve King, the Executive Director of Meals On Wheels of Tampa. Moffitt’s efforts have been proven to improve patient outcomes, as well as access, affordability and quality of care. Businesses may predetermine that employees will return to work when employees are ordered to return, in case telephone service is out. This area should be above ground level and away from windows and exterior walls, which may leak. If a room must be occupied during the hurricane and window protection is not available, windows may be crisscrossed with tape to slightly reduce flying glass.

Because of their inability to drive or move freely, there is no way to gather the supplies they need or to get out of the storm’s path. Included in the packs are 5 shelf-stable meals, a gallon of water, and a special-needs shelter application.
In a one-story facility, file cabinets and boxes may be placed on pallets up off the floor. Wrap office equipment, such as copy machine and computers, in plastic to protect against water damage. Consider moving vital records off-site, particularly if the business is in a storm-surge vulnerable area.
Knowing what to do before and after a major storm, and knowing when to call in the professionals for assistance, including who to call, can help home and business owners avoid costly damage to their properties in the long run."Ahead of a major hurricane or storm, Brooks and the team of experts at ServiceMaster Restore suggest a three-part strategy to help reduce potential damage, expense and inconvenience. Once severe weather is predicted, begin boarding up windows and ensuring rain gutters are clear. Secure loose outdoor items, have a fresh supply of batteries on hand, as well as emergency supplies such as water, medication and non-perishable food. Most importantly, have a plan for post-hurricane repairs and information on hand for professional restoration companies to help mitigate damages in a timely manner. Debris, live power lines and electrically charged water are just a few of the safety risks to keep in mind. Evaluate the situation and structural damage before entering the home or attempting "D-I-Y" cleanup, which can cause more damage and lead to additional expenses.
When possible, water cleanup should begin right away (within 24-48 hours) to avoid mold, rust and further damage. For instance, remove wet area rugs to prevent seepage of water up drywalls and discard damp, non-valuable items to help avoid potential mold contamination. To mitigate loss, contact a professional restoration company immediately.Recognize Lingering Problems -- Be on the look-out for mold following excessive water or flooding. If you notice mold spores or a musty smell in a room or area, remove any lingering wet items.
Don't rely on products that promise to kill mold, including bleach, as it only causes mold to go dormant. The only way to truly get rid of mold is to cut it out of an area - an undertaking best left to professionals to avoid further costly damage and inadequate cleaning.ServiceMaster Restore is trained, equipped and ready to repair and clean homes and businesses before, during and after a hurricane.
With a number of regionally based large-loss command and control centers, a disaster operations center to track storms and 1,800 franchises nationwide, ServiceMaster Restore can mobilize resources to handle any size job.

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