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NASA MODIS satellite images confirm (1) High altitude Aerosol Geoengineering and (2) Visible electromagnetic modification of deployed aerosols as tools for modifying the track and intensity of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest five hurricanes that happened in the history of the United Sates.
Hurricane Katrina managed to destroy the whole Gulf Cost even hundreds of miles away from its centre. Watching at the pictures from the Hurricane Katrina and the damage that has done to the people living there, I stared to think about how your life and everything about it can be carried out of the face of the Earth. On Saturday tens of thousands of people protested in central London to oppose the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. A talk given by Anindya Bhattacharyya at the recent London2Calais summit about how the migrant solidarity movement can respond to the debates around migrants in the context of the referendum on Britain’s EU membership. The following hurricane Katrina facts below will inform you much about the reality of this disaster.
Hurricane Katrina based on the world record is placed in the sixth position of the strongest hurricane in the history. This disaster not only killed people and caused some physical damage; it also made the people lose their job. There are a huge number of effects of climate change.Already, millions of people are dying each year. Each year, an increasingly larger amount of people will be affected with over 90 % of victims living in developing countries. However, the effects of climate change include a change in weather patterns, precipitation, sea level rise, and wildlife.A combination of changes in precipitation and weather patterns will bring forth droughts in one sector and great floods in a neighbouring areas. Dust storms, also known as sandstorms, will have tremendous consequences on agriculture.Moreover, it will spread disease and pollution to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
Mass desertification is occurring at an increasing rate and is one of the least known effects of climate change.
The mass extinction of species is one of the most troubling effects of climate change.We humans have the technology to help us adapt to drastic changes in weather patterns but animals do not stand a chance. Both the melting polar ice caps and melting glaciers pose serious threats to human civilization. The effects of climate change are extremely important in today's society and will have a large impact on human life across the world.In the future, wars over natural resources could result in millions or even billions of casualties.
Climate Under Pressure Feb 14, 16 11:18 PMClimate change is a difficult subject for a lot of people. The pictures and stories of lives lost and shattered by Hurricane Sandy are breaking our hearts. According to some post-Katrina studies, women faced higher rates of violence and sexual assault during the immediate aftermath of the disaster and even a year later, due in part to displacement and difficulty lower income women faced in finding a permanent home. In addition, Hurricane Katrina is believed by some to have hurt New Orleans women’s economic status in the years that followed—specifically women’s workforce participation and the gender gap in wages. And a year after Hurricane Katrina, the average earnings of women of color declined as well.

The Tulane report explains that barriers to women’s employment—including lack of schools, childcare facilities, housing and public transportation—magnified in post-storm New Orleans, and may have resulted in drops in both workforce participation and wages. Do these trends predict anything about the future of New York, New Jersey and other states ravaged by Hurricane Sandy? But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any poor women in the Northeast: 20 percent of the women in New York are living below the federal poverty level, and 11 percent of the women in New Jersey are in poverty. Though we are still reeling from the tragedy, Hurricane Sandy is less severe than Katrina, thus the economic impact of Hurricane Sandy will hopefully be less severe. Case in point: Staten Island, a working class borough of New York, has received less attention than other regions hit by Hurricane Sandy. Will the Supreme Court Listen to Students About What the Birth Control Benefit Means to Them? The only similar disaster the United States remember to this was back in 1928 when Hurricane Okeechobee stroke. That is why you need to cherish and love every minute of your life and home and all I can say is that I can only hope and pray that something like that doesn’t happen again on the face of this planet. Community pride was called by the civil rights group Movement For Justice and Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants (LGSMigrants). Hurricane Katrina has been one of the deadliest disasters experienced by most people in America and other countries every year.
The biggest reason is the fault on the design along with the poor maintenance of the levees. When the hurricane Katrina comes, you will see that it can form a storm surge in the height of 6 meter or 20 feet. Most regions hit by this disaster are supported by the more than 1 million jobs in non farming sector.
With climate change, they are getting more destructive.An example would be events that have unfolded in Zhejang province, China in June 2011. Needless to say, Venice will be in hot water.Nearly 100 million people live within 1 meter (nearly 3 feet) from average sea level and thus will potentially lose their homes. Indisputably, climate change is mankind's greatest challenge and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer.Please, do your part to help stop climate change. Beyond the immediate tragedy, the long-term economic toll Sandy will have on these communities is also staggering. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) remarked upon the impact of natural disasters on women in a 2010 policy brief, pointing out that since poorer women have less “mobility and access to resources,” they are more vulnerable in natural disasters.
To be sure, Louisiana’s economy and labor force is far different from that of the Eastern seaboard. An advocate at the Welfare Rights Initiative tells us that most people receiving welfare in New York are women.
From its opening credits those responsible for The Night Manager seem determined to ditch much of the image of George Smiley, his huge glasses and smoke clouded, rain drizzled world. If a particular area was hit by the hurricane, there will be many killed and injured people.

It seems that the people who live in New Orleans did not have any spare time to maintain the levees. To alleviate this grief and sorrow, more than seventy countries in the world give donation. The rate comes from the dead people in Mississippi of 238 residents, while the 1577 people is from Louisiana.
However, in the last few decades it has changed at such a rate that animal life could not adapt to it.Evolution is a process that requires millions of years and life has a remarkable ability to adapt. Sandy is expected to result in over $4.3 billion in insured losses—still paling in comparison to the $65 billion in losses that the far more deadly Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Irene caused. The Tulane study even acknowledges that labor force participation rates among women in the South have historically been lower than in other areas of the country. The areas that affected Hurricane Katrina were Cuba, Bahamas, South Florida, Louisiana (especially New Orleans), Mississippi and a greater part of eastern North America. It first started in the Bahamas as Category 1 hurricane, after it did some damage and took a few lifes it moved to the Gulf of Mexico, so that it finally weakened in southeast Louisiana.
However, in Mississippi as well as in Louisiana, the physical damage is estimated in the value of $150 billion.
In total, more than 90,000 square miles area across the state was affected by the disaster.
However, when it changes in mere decades as opposed to millions of years, all life on Earth is severely affected.In fact, some experts predict that over 1 million species could become extinct by 2050. And digging deeper into the overall economic fallout of natural disasters reveals one consistent truth: natural disasters tend to make low income and poor people—the majority of whom are women—even more vulnerable to physical assault as well as to greater economic challenges in the years that follow. Women in New York are more likely than New Orleans to work outside the home, and to hold higher paying jobs. The greatest damage was done to New Orleans where almost 80% of the town stayed flooded for days after the storm calmed down. Even five years after Hurricane Katrina, affordable housing options in New Orleans remain limited. Even five years after the Hurricane there are still people that are living in trailers in Louisiana and are waiting on the Army Corps to rebuild their homes. Bush Video Game Evokes Racism While Re-Writing History on Hurricane Katrina (Video) George W.
Bush Video Game Evokes Racism While Re-Writing History on Hurricane Katrina (Video) May 3, 2013 Sean Kitchen May 2013, News, Page 2 2 What would your response to Hurricane Katrina be?

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