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Flying is one of my favorite parts of traveling. I could do without some of the hassles of it, of course, but when it comes down to it I have always loved being on a plane. I fly a lot but usually not for longer that 2-3 hours, and up until leaving for Bali the longest flight I had ever been on was only 7 hours long.
Once you have decided to get into it, and decided to never let go of each other despite the distance between you and your partner, then congratulate yourself as it takes a great amount of maturity to be able to face this “struggle”. In most cases where lovers stick to long distance relationships, the sweetness of each moments being shared are amazing. First and foremost, both partners involved in long distance relationships should have mutual feelings to each other. Albeit long distance relationships are as good as dreams, people who have gone through it have their own interesting stories to share. The magazine is being produced once in a month, it informs and educates on various Family issues ranging from: Health, Education, Business, Marriage, Teens, Children, Aged, Relationship matters, Legal issues, Kitchen Delicacies, Safety at Home, Fashion, Events and various other issues in the family. To view the original post or to purchase your very own Anniversary Printable Pack, visit The Best Anniversary Ever post.
11 AMAZING done-for you anniversary ideas along with an interactive link to our 25 most popular anniversary ideas.
If you are in a long distance relationship right now, or will be soon, it can be very difficult on a marriage.
I’m not a yoga pants kind of traveler, but I do find a practical balance between chic and comfort. 2) MacBook Pro: My laptop is always preloaded with I Love Lucy and Sex and the City episodes. Sorry America, but if you’re getting ready to fly internationally, book your long-haul flight with a foreign airline.
One thing I’ve noticed about international flights is that they are PACKED with children. It was a rude shock on my first long-haul flight with a baby that it wasn’t about me anymore. Being responsible for a baby meant that I couldn’t sleep like I used to, but popping a Temazepam was not a good look.
When I’m travelling to Europe with my kids, I’ll often choose the airline we fly based on its hometown hub, Singapore being a firm favourite.
The purpose of a stopover is to make you feel physically rested and nurtured (the antithesis of the flight itself) and five-star hotels don’t have to cost the earth. You might have been an intrepid globetrotter once, but travelling with junior nomads means your days of discovering the delights of the local public transport system are over. If you’ve got little ones who need car seats, a limo is usually a safer bet than a local taxi.
Do your airline and airport research to see if you can store your luggage, and then just take an overnight bag into town.
Alternatively, leave most of your bags in the hotel’s luggage storage area so you’re only unpacking one or two pieces in your room.
The novelty of having a waiter wheel a white-clothed trolley into your room, with food hidden beneath silver cloches is something the kids will talk about for years to come.
A splash in the hotel pool is an ideal way to relieve symptoms of jetlag and fix those swollen ankles. We are as excited to see all our travel finds reach the Philippine Islands (and the world) as you are to see your online purchase (from our travel finds) in your mailbox! Watching familiar ground disappear below me knowing that when I land I’ll be somewhere new and exciting has always been a highlight of any trip!
I'm Bree, compulsive traveler, and lover of all things turquoise and anything navy and white. Some of the people I knew that have been to long distance relationships are now blissfully living together.

Both of you should be committed with each other, that you will be bonded by the love you have disregarding the distance between you and your partner and whatever the struggles may come.
And most of them have succeeded the hardships of being involved in long distance relationships.
From anniversary decorations, to romantic anniversary activities, and memory-keeping ideas, to anniversary cards – with this DIY Printable Anniversary Celebration, The Dating Divas have got you covered! We have several Divas who have experienced or are currently experiencing being in a long distance relationship, and we want to make certain that you have the tools that you need to make your marriage not only survive the distance… but to minimize the inevitable struggles that will happen because of it.
I have a thirst for knowledge, I am completely at home in the kitchen, and my biggest passion in life is snow skiing.
As much as I love my heels, the only time you’ll see me in heels on flights is if the flight is less than 2 hours and I need to be in a meeting immediately after. However, this trip, at the recommendation of a dear friend, I had The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle — great, easy read that leaves you inspired and refreshed from the inside out. Endless doses of fabulousness and humor while 35,000 up in the air — never a dull moment. Also, in case you find yourself luggage-less when you reach your destination, at least you can feel somewhat fresh.
I tend not to wear much eye makeup on long-haul flights, but rimming your lower lash line, especially the inner corner with nude eyeliner (or white liner for super light skin tones) works wonders and makes me look instantly refreshed and awake. Try a few basic airplane yoga moves. I try not to reach for any alcohol, but every now and then, I like to indulge with champagne, wine, or Bloody Marys. In my experience, foreign airlines have better customer service, better in-flight entertainment, and tastier food that they serve quite often.
There was a time when airlines could be trusted to provide some basic comforts but no more. The air is thinner and dryer, it’s usually very cold and the air pressure can make your hands and feet swell.
This seems to be a constant at anytime of the year, but is especially true over the holidays.
I’d slip on my travel socks and padded satin eye mask, slather myself with moisturiser and face mist, avail myself of the drinks trolley and that 26-hour trip from London to Melbourne would be a breeze (even in economy).
What I realised quite quickly was that if I wanted to travel far and wide with my kids, the only way to survive with sanity (and dodgy back) intact was to break the flight. They give kids a sense of distance and cultural difference and can whet their appetites to return to a place. 15 hours sounded impossibly long and I was super nervous that I was going to go a little bit stir crazy. It will help with jet lag and plus you’ll avoid feeling gross at 36,000 feet for however many hours you’re stuck up there! If you don’t have a pair and don’t want to invest, ear plugs are a great alternative! An eye mask is provided by a lot of airlines but it’s great to have one in your bag in case. The ocean makes my heart happy, and while I'm trying to figure out what's next I'm sharing a little bit of my journey here! You will spend most of your time missing him or her, wondering what he or she’s been doing right that very moment. Because long distance relationships won’t work if the two of you are not greatly inlove, you will just be fooling yourselves. That is why Diva Heather (who is currently IN a long distance relationship) wrote this article detailing what she does to minimize the distance between her and her hubby while he’s away from home. Some will make you just want to jump into your sweetie’s arms, like during those scary movies, others will just make the love spill over.
While up in the air, I received an email from a lovely reader asking what I take with me on the plane and if I had any tips on how to survive temporary imprisonment, err…a long flight.

I also like having a dark colored eyeliner such as amethyst or black to add a bit drama quickly. I define a long-haul flight as a flight over eight hours, but some people classify it as anything over 6 hours or maybe even less. I’ve flown Turkish airlines twice (each flight was over 11 hours) and on each flight they fed us full meals at least twice. If ear buds aren’t doing the trick, invest in a set of noise-cancelling headphones so you can drown out any wails from babies and toddlers. You can also look at some little exercises and yoga moves you can do on the plane like these! And it will all be worth it in the end when you land wherever you are headed and start your adventure! You have to be able to transcend the loneliness caused by the distance and the paranioa caused by knowing he’s so far away.
Spend memorable events in your lives without him or her beside you, thinking and worrying about the never ending “what ifs”.
You will discover that long distance relationships are even more advantageous and exciting than the usual relationship where you get to see your partner any time you want.
Regardless of how long you and your spouse will be separated, this article will definitely help both of you to stay focused on what’s most important during your time apart and to help you celebrate the moments you have together! As I get ready to head back to Madrid, I decided to jot down some tips and tricks that have helped me survive long flights over the years. To avoid looking like you’ve just gone through hell, an hour before landing, splash your face with some water and apply a rich moisturizer and eye cream. So they only have the chance to be in each other’s arms during occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring breaks, and summer. So I have to find other ways to occupy my time and keep me from going stir crazy on my sometimes 20+ hour flights.
Recently, I selected the seafood meal option and I received a main course of sea bass with roasted potatoes, a side salad with baby shrimp, bread and dessert. If you’re a lucky duck that can fall asleep easily on flights, try to set an alarm after six or seven hours to get up and walk the aisles and stretch. My hair also gets super dry on flights so I like to put some coconut oil in my hair (especially on the ends) right before landing. Apart from my passport, boarding pass, and wallet, these 10 things you will always find stowed away in my large Mary Poppins-esque tote. It’s also very important to stay hydrated, so chug that water bottle you bought or ask the stewardess for water every couple of hours.
Once the moment came when you will see each other again, the pains are just distant memory. Just bear in mind the factors that both of you should possess, and everything will be all right.
Airlines like Emirates, Qatar and Fiji Airways are also known for their incredible in-flight experience. I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to sleeping pills so I only take over-the-counter pills and still only take half the suggested dosage.
My favorite brand is the generic brand from Costo because the pills are about the size of a black-eyed pea and even though I only take half the pill, it still packs a punch.

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