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Drinkable tap water is not available in many regions, especially developing countries, forcing people to store and consume bottled water.
You can also choose to use chlorine in order to purify your water which is about to be stored. Keep the containers away from gasoline, kerosene and pesticides, as their vapours can penetrate the plastic body of the container if it is thin enough. Also make sure that the area is not very damp as it can cause fungus to grow inside the container if not sealed tight enough.
If you are travelling and need to move the water with you then obviously carrying huge containers is not an option, for which you can buy travelling bottles and keep them in your luggage. For hundreds of years different kinds of materials have been used to build water storage containers. Bricks and concrete are among the modern materials used today to build storage containers for water.

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, can knock out infrastructure almost anywhere, even in the .Best water tank on the market! Emergencies and disasters can also disrupt water supply lines and result in drinkable water shortage. In many areas of the world, small lakes or reservoirs formed by dirt walls provide drinking water for villagers during the long dry season. Ferro-cement is made by pouring a sand and cement mixture over a skeleton form made of steel rods, pipe, or chicken wire.
In western Sudan, the thick part of the baobob tree is removed to store water collected during the short rainy season in that country. Wooden tanks do not require special care, although their average lifetime is shorter than tanks made with concrete or steel. The algae may help bacteria continue to grow, even if chemicals such as chlorine are added to the water to kill the bacteria.

The walls of ferro-cement structures are usually thin, which means that they can be used in building different shapes such as circles.
A plastic water tank is the perfect option for drinking water storage around your home, facility, location, pickup truck, farm or other .65 Gallon Plastic Water Tank.
Dura-Cast’s 65 gallon plastic water tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry.

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