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Natural disaster & emergency preparedness disaster, Discover how to be prepared for a natural disaster, whether fire, flood, tornado or hurricane. CINCINNATI - A 12-year-old boy from Loveland, Ohio, was one of three children injured by a lightning strike at a camp in Indianapolis over the weekend. The heat can be dangerous for people of all ages if they fail to take the necessary steps to stay hydrated and cool. While it's always important to stay safe in the heat, the Ontario Medical Associated explained that when temperatures start to near 30 degrees Celsius, this is when seniors really need to begin paying attention to their health. The brain usually sends signals throughout the body to trigger the sweat glands and dilate blood vessels. Older adults living in areas like Vancouver are particularly vulnerable to the side effects of high temperatures, according to CBC News. Hydration is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy during extreme heat, explained Health Canada.
Winter season is rolling up quickly and you might be faced with a blizzard or two this winter.
One of the most important things you will need to stay safe and survive a blizzard is a heat source. Underwriters Insurance Brokers (BC) Ltd recommends testing every smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in your home before a blizzard hits. Finally, one of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety during a blizzard is to stay home and don’t go outside unless absolutely necessary. Planning ahead and being ready for a blizzard can ensure that you and your family stay safe and sound — inside.
The holidays are a time of cheer and giving, but those warm fuzzy feelings aren’t good reasons to forget basic security. Regarding presents, as picturesque as they may seem, it’s not wise to display all your gifts under the tree in front of the bay window or in an equally obvious spot.
After the holidays have passed, make sure to fully break down boxes before tossing them in the trash.
The holidays are also time for travel, and whether you will be heading out before, after, or during the actual holiday, you should still remember basic security guidelines. Giving and sharing is a huge part of the holidays, a fact that many will insist is the true spirit of the season.
The holidays are a wonderful time for family and friends both, and that fact should never be forgotten. The APN Guest Author account is the profile used for posting contributed articles by authors who write for the APN less than a few times per year.
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However, CBC News explained that for seniors, high temperatures can have particularly bad effects on health. Health Canada noted that many older adults take medications that inhibit their bodies from dealing with high temperatures appropriately.

However, CBC News explained that the brain is less effective at letting the body know when it needs to sweat and cool off as people age. Tim Takaro, a professor of health sciences at Simon Fraser University, told the news source that adults who live in places like New Delhi and experience 40-degree weather on a regular basis learn to adapt to the heat. Seniors should never wait to consume water until they're thirsty, as this means they're already dehydrated. Seniors who prepare their own meals should also try to cook dishes that don't require them to use the stove or oven during particularly warm days, as this will drastically increase the temperatures throughout the house. The Canadian Red Cross noted that a few of the symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion are dizziness paired with painful headaches, nausea, rapid and shallow breathing, red skin or a consistent cramping throughout the body's muscles.
Contact your insurance agency if you need a quote for additional homeowners insurance or have questions about the insurance policy you currently have. If you don’t have any, or enough for every level in your home, now is the time to get them.
Find out if they need to be inspected or upgraded then make sure it happens before bad weather hits. Stock up on non-perishable food items, bottled water, personal hygiene items, and food for your pets.
Start planning now, before winter starts, and you will be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. In fact, with a house filled to the brim with expensive presents and the whole family enjoying an extra helping of eggnog,  there’s no better time to step up your security game.
Burglars may see this as an invitation, or at least promise of a large reward if they can simply access that one spot by smashing through a window. Visible TV, iPad, and laptop boxes read like advertisements to burglars looking for a guaranteed score! For one, ask a neighbor to pick up all newspapers and mail each day, including expensive gifts that may be delivered (this is where tracking packages becomes necessary!).
While this is undoubtedly admirable, and everyone should increase their well-intentioned gifts and donations, be wary of exactly where your money is going. Of course, the season can be better enjoyed knowing those very friends and family are being both smart and safe with their holiday habits! Summer is the peak season for lightning and we want you to be safe when enjoying the great outdoors. With a few weeks left in the summer season, it's important that older adults are staying safe in hot weather. Call in a HVAC technician to check out your furnace or hire a chimney sweep to make sure your chimney or stovepipes are clean and in order. Bring in additional wood or call for additional gas or fuel oil to heat your home before the bad weather starts. If you have to go outside, use a rope to tether yourself to your home so you can find your way back.
It’s also not the best choice to store presents in the garage – which is often the weakest entry point of any home.

If it snows, request that neighbor drive their car through your driveway to better give the appearance that you’re in and out of the home. Trusted and well-known sources, such as your local mall’s giving tree, Unicef, Red Cross, and others, are all viable options to give time, gifts or funds (click here for a list of dependable foundations and charities).
March 5, 2016Terror, Americans & Unification March 5, 2016BOYD CRAVEN III Author + Urban Farmer! This is especially true as heat waves have hit British Columbia this season and there's a chance of more on the way. Take the time to run through fire drills with your family and talk about symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Keep gifts under wraps by storing them in an upstairs closet, guest bedroom, or even the basement.
Set a few lights, including your decorative holiday ones, as well as the TV on timers to more convincingly look as if a person is switching these appliances on and off.
Unfortunately there are those looking to abuse others’ generosity, so door to door fundraisers may be less dependable. Have boards or plywood ready to put in place over the outside of your windows in case a blizzard brings hurricane force winds.
For decorative purposes, a few less expensive gifts wrapped with large bows and bright paper will do the trick. Double check that all doors and windows are shut before leaving, and ensure that your home security system is on with all automated devices working properly.
Ask thorough questions as to where a door to door charity will be sending your money, what they have for credentials, and how you can confirm who they are. Hiding gifts has an added bonus, too: it doubles the effect and surprise at the tree bursting with presents come Christmas morning!
Ideally, homeowners should have some version of an automated home security system, such as the ADT alarm system or similarly smartphone connected products, to allow easier monitoring of the home while away. Don’t trust charities which refuse to take cash and will settle only for a minimum donation.
Most people are unaware that lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from a thunderstorm. If you’re still lacking in the alarms and security camera area, you might want to add those products to your gift list!
It’s better to give through a source you’re sure of than give to someone who may or may not be channeling your money to its desired purpose or, worse, is merely a thief checking if you’re home.

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