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November is International Fraud Prevention Month, so we wanted to make you aware of some of the tools Desert Schools has to help protect you against identity theft. The goal is to prevent the penetration of snow into the railway vehicle, but not to block the fresh air and exhaust air ducts with snow or ice. Snow filter systems from Krapf & Lex have already proven themselves in the snowy regions in north Europe and in the alpine region. The UK's first investigation into the use of beach widening to reduce coastal flooding and erosion is being led by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in partnership with the University of Liverpool. Dr Jenny Brown, who is leading this project from the NOC, said "rising sea levels and the expansion of built up areas around the coast is causing beaches to become 'squeezed' into thinner strips. It is thought that wider beaches could reduce the impact of waves on costal defences by causing them to break further offshore, in addition to offering protection from erosion. To investigate whether this method could effectively be used in the UK, this project is using computer models to simulate how waves and currents move beach sediment along the Dungeness coastline, in Kent, over a decade. Prof Andy Plater from The University of Liverpool said "We've worked closely with the Crown Estate in developing their 'Sand-scaping' approach to reducing coastal erosion and flood risk through large-scale beach feeding.
This project forms part of the NOC's ongoing research into coastal flooding, which aims to translate scientific knowledge into economic and societal benefits by providing the best available evidence for decisions, in this case for coastal defence.
Ensuring continued flood protection for low lying coastal areas may mean sacrificing cliff top communities to the sea, experts reveal. The coastal communities of South West England are in a vulnerable position because beaches that previously protected them have not recovered from the severe storms of last winter.
The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the University of Liverpool have developed a new visualisation tool to predict the maximum cost of coastal flooding to communities around estuaries. Climate change doubters may have lost one of their key talking points: a particular satellite temperature dataset that had seemed to show no warming for the past 18 years. Most death and destruction inflicted by tornadoes in North America occurs during outbreaksa€”large-scale weather events that can last one to three days and span huge regions.

It's well-known that lightning is an electric currenta€”a quick, powerful burst of charge that flows within a cloud or between a cloud and the ground.
Warm water speeds up the animals' metabolic need for oxygen to such an extent that it causes them to suffer from fatal respiratory distress. Greenland's snowy surface has been getting darker over the past two decades, absorbing more heat from the sun and increasing snow melt, a new study of satellite data shows.
Bad bacteria is the cause of illness and disease which is why it is important to take certain precautions when protecting yourself against bacterial infections.
Although the vast majority of bacteria are harmless or even beneficial, quite a few bacteria are pathogenic and can cause disease. Yes it's simple but it's also effective, most food poisoning bacteria are passed from people not washing their hands after going to the toilet or preparing food. Be careful of food that's been sitting around for a long time or that's been cooled down then reheated. Cover any wounds or broken skin as bacteria such as Staphylococcus live on the skin and can enter the body through open wounds. Clean all your kitchen surfaces as thoroughly as possible before you prepare your food and change your dishtowels each day, washing them in hot water. Probiotic bacteria can help prevent bacterial infections of the gut by populating it with healthier bacteria. In whole Europe trains had to stop at half distance or only could continue driving with reduced power, because the penetrated snow had put electronic components out of operation. By many realized projects, also for Scandinavia, we gained many years of experience in this sector and in addition we work together with the leading European research institute in the sector snow. The Dutch refer to this method as the 'Zandmotor', or 'sand-engine', and have been using it since 2011. This offers additional benefits in terms of habitat creation and environments that may provide a catalyst for economic development.

Other partners included the British Geological Survey, Crown Estate, the Cardigan Bay Coastal Group, Royal Haskoning DHV, the Environment Agency, Natural England and National Grid. Examples of bacteria that can cause serious infections include; Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and E.
Spore forming bacteria survive the cooking process but lie dormant until the food has sufficiently cooled down then start to breed again.
Keep raw meat and food you eat straight from the fridge like vegetables and cooked meats separate and avoid the raw meat dripping on other food.
In practice it works best after a course of antibiotics which can kill the good bacteria in your gut as well as the bad leaving you open to reinfection with bad bacteria. You can enjoy the security and peace of mind of IdentitySecure’s comprehensive identity protection free with a 30-day trial. It was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) through a programme to support knowledge exchange between research and the commercial practises. Be wary of ice cream that's thawed and then been refrozen, some bacteria can survive cold temperatures.
From providing advanced safeguards against financial fraud to giving you more control over your public records, IdentitySecure aggressively helps to prevent and protect against the many forms of identity theft. So what can you do to protect yourself against these malign invaders of the microbial world and prevent bacterial infections? If you wish to continue with the service after your free trial ends, you’ll enjoy special credit union member pricing at $9.95 per month.

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