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Support ceiling fans with bracing wire secured to a screw eye embedded at least an inch into the ceiling joist. Nail plywood to the ceiling joists around the chimney to protect against damage from falling bricks.
Protect against falling bookcases or entertainment centers by anchoring these items to one of more studs using flexible fasteners. Use museum putty or industrial-grade earthquake gel to firmly hold china, trophies, glass collectibles and other shelf items. Strap the top and bottom of your water heater with heavy-gauge metal straps secured to wall studs. If heavy items like mirrors or art are above the bed, remove them and replace with something lighter.
Move flammable liquids and chemical solutions like weed killers and pesticides to a garage, outdoor shed or other outside location.
Consider covering windows with approved shatter-resistant safety film to protect against shattered and falling glass. Put anti-skid padding such as velcro under TVs, computers, and small appliances to prevent toppling. Inspect electrical wiring for any defects or breakage and also check for leaky gas connections. Identify fragile areas in your roof’s sheathing, and frame and have these areas repaired. Drop to your hands and knees and cover your head and neck with your arms to protect your vital organs and you from falling. Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall, such as lighting fixtures or furniture.
Drop, cover your head and neck with your arms, hold on to something sturdy if you can, and stay until the shaking stops. Once the shaking has ceased, do your best to avoid roads, bridges, or ramps that might have been damaged by the earthquake. Note: These ranges are simply Ball-Park Figures and can vary up or down depending on many factors.
We are very pleased indeed with our paver patios and walkways InstallitdDirect built for us. We’re thrilled with the end result and hope to use Install It Direct for future projects.
Can you give me a "Ball-Park Estimate," in regards to how much a Paving Stone Driveway Installation might cost? You might not think you live in earthquake country, but at least 42 states are considered at moderate to very high earthquake risk. The good news is that the industry has learned a great deal since these earthquakes occurred and has developed new construction methods that better equip homes to withstand a seismic event.
Being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is one of those countries prone to earthquakes. My awareness of earthquakes occurred for the first time ever on July 16, 1990 when a magnitude 7.8 quake hit Central Luzon. Government programs on readiness are only active in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake. When I saw the news about the Negros earthquake, I was reminded how important it is to be prepared as much as possible.
For Filipinos like me, we are reminded once again how much a strong earthquake can have disastrous effects in the Philippines.
The Growing Mining Industry in the Philippines: Zero-sum Game between the Environment and Money? You can make sure that your property, your valuables and sentimental keepsakes are safe and protected. You'll find out everything you need to do to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones. Armed with the information in this video and workbook, you'll be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that you've done everything within your power to safeguard your home, your family, and your valuables.
Naturally, nobody likes to think about furniture crashing, soil liquifying and buildings collapsing or sliding off their foundations.
The USGS also tells us, "There is a 2 in 3 chance of a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area by 2030!" In fact, David Schwartz, USGS geologist and head of the San Francisco Bay Area Earthquake Hazards Project, believes there is an 80 percent chance of one or several magnitude 6 to 6.7 earthquakes. Other experts say that new faults found after the 1989 quake have pushed the chance of a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area to near certain by the year 2020. As if that's not disturbing enough, Robert Dean, author of "Killer Quakes" reports that, "In the Los Angeles area alone there are at least 100 earthquake faults. It goes without saying that West Coast residents living on the Pacific Rim's "Ring of Fire" fault (California, Oregon, Washington) can't afford to overlook the obvious earthquake threat. Take, for instance, the New Madrid fault near Missouri that extends through Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee. The 1994 Northridge earthquake in the Los Angeles area killed 57 people and caused $20 billion in damage. During the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (magnitude 6.9) near San Francisco, a section of the Bay Bridge collapsed sending cars and passengers into the icy waters below. Last year, a magnitude 6.8 quake hit Olympia, Washington, injuring 400 people (no deaths) and causing $500 million in property damage.
It is estimated that a large quake on the San Andreas fault would destroy or severely damage 100,000 homes and close 800 roads. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the Hayward fault in California would cause $30 billion in damages. And a 5.5 quake today (same as the one that hit New York) could do an estimated $3 to $6 billion dollars in damage.
The truth is, future earthquakes have the potential to cause much more damage than past earthquakes.

It's unfortunate that the greatest amount of fatalities occur in foreign countries where building structures are weak, building codes are lax, populations are dense, and rescue efforts are slower and less coordinated. Reinhorn added that even in California, residential construction follows inadequate seismic codes.
But when I look at how quickly huge tracks of homes go up in California (and how much they cost). Unfortunately, this unbridled development eventually accounts for a large percentage of earthquake damage statistics. While no one can guarantee that your home will withstand a major quake if it happens to sit on the epicenter of a major earthquake fault, geologists believe that reinforcing your home greatly improves your chances of saving your life, home and valuables in a major earthquake. Other workbooks and instructional books are written for trained professions - mainly contractors with a license. Even if you don't think you can follow home improvement directions very well -- don't worry. Exactly what you need to do to make sure your home doesn't slide off its foundation in an earthquake.
The simple reinforcement that assures your water heater won't cause a fire and burn down your home. The evacuation and safety procedures you must know to avoid being trapped in a collapsing building. Step-by-step procedures to securing your furniture, appliances, your glassware, your cabinets, pictures and wall hangings, and all your possessions from the devastation of an earthquake.
How to know if your foundation, crawl space or basement is sound and what to do about it if it isn't. What to look for when inspecting stud walls, and mud sill posts and beams for structural integrity. Peace of mind can only be obtained by firmly securing your home and valuables, and knowing evacuation and safety procedures - especially preventing fire, broken gas lines, and being trapped in a collapsing building. The average home-owner or apartment dweller can do most of the reinforcing himself on a budget. It would be a little late to safeguard your home after it's slipped off its foundation (like the one in the picture). While no one can guarantee that your property can withstand a severe earthquake, civil engineer, H. The recent increase in seismic activity has made it more important than ever that you START PLANNING NOW!
If you were to hire a contractor or carpenter to inspect your home for you and make the necessary reinforcements, it would cost hundreds of dollars or more. Make a list of people who could potentially take care of your pet in your neighborhood as well as outside the area where you live, in case you are away from home when earthquakes strike.
Crate (Some manufacturers make soft-sided, easy-to-store crates for travel.) Make sure ID tags and licenses are up to date. Monitor news stations for reports of disaster and evacuation orders, and release of those orders. Allow for the fact your pet may remain fearful or uncertain even weeks after the earthquake emergency. Check your home and property for hidden dangers and new escape routes before you bring your pet home. When a disaster of any kind strikes, prior planning and clear decisive action can help save lives. We are pleased to announce release of our very first residential training module, which focuses on fire #safety. Since we provide #disaster training, it makes sense that we would want to expand our #training from commercial to residential facilities.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Register for Parks ProgramsEnroll now in a variety of activities, programs and classes for all ages and skill levels.
Washington state is framed by the Pacific, North American, and Juan de Fuca plates, which are segments of the earth's crust.
A significant number of active fault lines or cracks in the crust have been identified in the Central Puget Sound area. Direct impacts from earthquakes may include damages to structures, including buildings, pipelines, roadways and bridges. If you have rigid connections, replace them with corrugated metal connectors, which can better withstand shaking. Find the shut-off valve and be sure to have an adjustable wrench nearby in case you need to turn off the gas. The evacuation plan for each scenario with family meet-up points should be communicated to your family. She’s a partner in the video production company, Two Funny Brains, and contributes content to a variety of web sites, including Savvy Source, and The Trend Tribe. There may be additional discounts which your design consultant can review with you upon your Free At-Home Estimate.
Right from the start I felt comfortable with Brian Sherman, their estimator as I laid out the plan I had I mind. They went with a Brand Named Company for the back Patio and went with Install-It-Direct for the driveway.
The only difference between the two projects was that the homeowner saved a lot of money the second go around by educating himself and selecting Install It Direct to complete his project.
According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming have all been hit with a 4.0 or above magnitude earthquake since 2003. You may recall seeing the news during the 1989 Loma Pieta earthquake in northern California, which measured 7.1 on the Richter scale.
We invite you to learn more about earthquakes, how they affect your home and what you can do to increase your home's earthquake resistance.

Just as recent as a few weeks ago, Mindanao was struck by a magniture 6.9 earthquake that occurred in the middle of the night off the coast of Negros Oriental. If there’s anything to learn from this experience, it is that we need to know more about how to be prepared because our lives could depend on it. They orchestrate earthquake drills, inspect buildings, advise people in high risk areas and report about all of these activities to show they’re doing something.
If you have not given these things some thought and you live in a country around the Pacific Ring of Fire, I suggest you consider the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety from Earthquake Country Alliance.
So, in honor of that auspicious occasion, we would like to share some tips for making sure your preparedness efforts extend to your four-legged friends. Identifying alternative housing for your pets will ensure their safe relocation during an evacuation. Try to get them on a regular schedule as soon as possible after earthquake or other emergency.
Many provide emergency evacuation services and even provide temporary housing for displaced animals. Return to normalcy as soon as possible and monitor your pet for several weeks to make sure he or she is adjusting. Or, better yet…let us have the run of the house so we can protect you from dangerous folks like mailmen.
When an earthquake hits, we might be used to the rattling and rolling, but are our homes up to the shaking? Because an earthquake is not a matter of if, but when, minimize the damage to your home (and to yourself) now by taking action know to secure any weak areas in your house. How have you prepared your home to better withstand an earthquake? Debbie's been featured in Writer's Digest, the San Diego Reader, and San Diego Magazine, and was named Top 25 blog by Red Tricycle, nominated for an InfluenceSD "Best in Lifestyle" blog award, and appeared on NBC, Fox, and The CW Network as a blogger spokesperson. This included a meandering curved walkway, rounded corners at flower beds and pavers in a circular pattern to enhance the location for a small fountain. I saw the same crew working on both projects, and noticed that they had different shirts on the second time around. He also ended up with a much better design, as all of our consultants are Professional Designers as opposed to "Salespeople" looking for a BIG commission check. This particular sealer locks in the joints to help prevent weeds or any other growth from occurring between the pavers. But since severe earthquakes do not occur that often, people tend to forget what they should have already learned from experience. These seven steps are designed to help us prepare for an earthquake, survive when it happens and recover from its effects.
Agree in advance how the exchange would happen and provide written authority for them to act on your behalf. Pets with microchips are more likely to be safely returned to their owners in times of emergency. In an emergency, your pet could be placed with other animals that could be harboring illness. During an emergency it will be critical that your dog obeys you and can be housed cooperatively with other animals or people.
Try to protect them from frightening experiences and monitor them closely when they interact with other animals or people, particularly children. Our new Version 2.5 e-based training system offers the best emergency training system with automated and integrated features. As I stepped out of the school gate and passed the Catholic Church just beside it, the ground started shaking. Review and update the plan annually using a date that is easy to remember (like your pet’s birthday or annual vaccination appointment). What’s more, the NEW RJWestmore Property Messaging System is included FREE for all RJWestmore Online Training System users.
Stay away from glass, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall, such as lighting fixtures or furniture.? Hold onto any sturdy structure until the shaking stops.
And unless your brother or father-in-law is a contractor, this information is hard to come by. It’s no longer recommended to stand in a doorway as this does not provide protection from falling. The quake killed 60 people, injured 11,000, left 20,000 homeless and damaged more than 40,000 buildings. Many LEDC nations do not have the finance to develop such resources or do not have the ability to enforce building regulations. We eventually went to a supplier who had sample areas paved with many of the alternatives.We asked Brian how the edges of the paved areas would be prevented from moving over time and learned that the edges are cemented to lock them in place. Another concern we had was whether the new areas would settle and were pleased to hear that those areas were to be thoroughly compacted first.Of course I needed to see work the company had done for others and preferably locally. I talked to the owner there and he was very enthusiastic about the work Installitdirect had done for him and I was impressed with his paved patio and side walk.In preparing for the job a retaining wall was to be built first by another contractor. There was lots of demolition work to be done removing two old patios and walkways and that was completed in just two days. Then the preparation work – filling, spreading the base layer, leveling and compacting started.
After a final clean up they had the whole area looking wonderful, even better than we had visualized it. Actually we will be having them back to replace our old cracked concrete driveway as soon as our funds permit.

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