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Sign up for our email mailing list to receive the latest news, event updates, disaster alerts, and more. A successful disaster response takes coordination and disaster preparedness is no different. Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country is one of the best and most comprehensive earthquake preparedness guides available. Secure Your Space offers tips and techniques to help ensure that the contents of your home or office remain stable in the event of an earthquake. AlertOC is a mass notification system designed to keep Orange County residents and businesses informed of emergencies.
ReadyOC is a public service campaign aimed at educating and empowering Orange County residents, businesses and the community to better prepare for emergency situations. MyHazards, from The California Emergency Management Agency, has an incredibly useful and user-friendly tool to help you gain awareness of the risks to your neighborhood.
Contacting your local city of residence or employment is a great way to learn about what dangers are more likely to occur in your area.
For more information regarding disaster preparedness for Southern California, please visit The predominant culture often views those who value disaster preparedness as fanatical and irrational.
Over 40 years ago, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology predicted a severe resource shortage by 2030. Economist Martin Feldstein, one-time Chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors, believes that the current responses of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors are short-term fixes that will lead to higher inflation and higher interest rates in the future.
A survival kit adequate to a future financial implosion will be more than what might be found in a backpacker magazine. Protection of supplies and loved ones during times of desperation and social unrest is crucial. Everyone is invited to the 2013 Emergency Preparedness and Home Safety Faire on Sunday, September 8 from 1pm-4pm.
This includes self-adhesive bandages, topical antiseptics, prescription drugs, analgesics (aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen).
An Extended Day kit should be considered if you live in an area where the weather might require school officials to hold you at school until it is safe to leave. An extended day kit could include extra snacks, a travel pillow, a deck of cards or something else to keep you occupied, and an emergency blanket (if severe blizzards are a threat). A Power Outage kit should be considered if you are attending school in a building with few (or no) windows. A power outage kit should include two small LED flashlights (two because your teacher will probably want to borrow one),a book light, snacks(in case the cafeteria is unable to function).

An Emergency School Supply kit should be the supplies you go to only after exhausting your everyday supply. You may loan supplies (Pens, pencils, paper) from your everyday supplies, but never from your emergency school supplies. Only students with chronic conditions should have an emergency supply of prescriptions in their lockers. Meet Jordan, a wikiHowian from the US who has been active in the community for over 6 years. Beyond that, artificially low rates relieve the pressure on the president and Congress to address the fiscal deficit.
It bears noting that many news outlets will broadcast the “core inflation rate” that excludes food and energy from its factors. Stockpiling dried foods, for example, is preferable to cans and jars in that these foods use less space. For an all-purpose firearm, the 9mm handgun is widely acknowledged as effective and easy to use.
Through small local workshops and articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, food storage techniques, wilderness survival and self-reliance.
It will be in the Multi-Purpose Room of El Carmelo School, 3024 Bryant Street, in Palo Alto. If you are using a cardboard (or non-see-through plastic), tape the list to the top of the box; place a copy of the list inside the box. Most schools will expel you for doing so, even if the knife is unsuitable for use as a weapon.
Any prescription medication in your kit should be in a container with the prescription clearly labeled on it. As an Admin, Booster, Welcomer, and Featured Author, Jordan wears many hats around the site. We know about the statea€™s risk of earthquakes, but what about wildfires, floods or tsunami? The idea of an implosion of the national infrastructure and financial system simply strikes some as the stuff of fantasy. Meanwhile, numerous financial experts believe that the international debt bubble fueled by easy credit and inflated currencies will soon burst, leading to an even more intense recession and causing massive social unrest.  While many are still bullish on the stock market, more sober-minded analysts see stocks soon losing over half their value. Although the Fed had previously held to a two-percent ceiling on inflation, Feldstein notes in the Wall Street Journal, it is now allowing that the limit will be exceeded.
Storing one gallon of water per day for each person and pet in the household is essential for survival. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah, Lee moved to the Salt Lake Valley where he now lives with his wife and daughter.

Except for Batteries, you don't need to duplicate items with differing functions (like snacks). For example, four or five adhesive bandages (various sizes) should suffice; a box of bandages would be too much. The sad truth is that Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are as vulnerable to disasters as any other place in the world. The increasing income gap and swelling national debt create an even more dangerous economic environment. Unfortunately, recent years have seen unprecedented ammunition purchases by government agencies and anxious gun owners, so time should not be wasted in obtaining a significant cache. Your school may overlook your personal use, but will always harshly punish those who give them to friends!
Put some in the emergency kit (which is often covered with books) so you will have them when the need arises.
The medication should have a note with it stating that it is an emergency dosage only to be used in cases of emergency such as missing a dose accidentally (before school) or being held late (after school).
He particularly enjoys patrolling recent changes and reviewing articles in the NFD Guardian. Yet these necessities are nonetheless subject to monetary policies, and are fundamental to survival should hard times come in the wake of economic meltdown.
Without sufficient protection, the hard work of acquiring and storing supplies becomes futile. A note (from one of your parents) should state that you have permission to take the analgesic at your own discretion. For this reason—and others—the importance of building a comprehensive survival kit in advance cannot be overstated. A maximum of two doses of one type of analgesic should be in your container This is the best defense to suggestions that you gave any out.
He loves the team spirit of the community, and after collaborating with so many like-minded editors on the site, he has also enjoyed getting to meet them in real life at wikiHow meet-ups. Should scarcity and desperation hit American shores, those with the foresight to store and courage to defend will fare better than others.
Whether for an emergency generator or for extended travel, gasoline should be stored below 70 degrees in appropriate fuel cans—the larger the better—and supplemented with additives that preserve potency and slow evaporation. For new members of the community, he says, “Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and make some mistakes.

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