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August 10, 2015 by nsra-admin Leave a Comment In this guide we will teach you how to prepare for a solar flare, or more specifically a coronal mass ejection. With all the buzz coming out of Fox News, and the United Kingdom Cabinet Office’s Space Weather Preparedness Strategy Department we thought it’d be a good time to write an article for our readers. In case you didn’t notice it, our little blue planet is heated by our nearest star we call the Sun, which in essence is a star fueled by hydrogen gas and thermonuclear fusion creating a 14 million C° burning ball of light. Unfortunately, our beautiful burning star that keeps strippers, and Laguna beach bums looking like they were rode hard and put away wet will emit solar flares..
Solar flares are believed to occur when the Sun’s opposing magnetic fields interact adversely abruptly releasing large amounts of energy equivalent to 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT, followed by (not always) a colossal coronal mass ejection emits clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms (radiation) almost at the speed of light through the corona of the Sun into outer space. Like all potential survival threats, how you interpret solar flares and their potential effect on you is purely speculative.
For instance, if you’re in a farming area you with little to no electrical and telecom reliance you most likely won’t be directly affected. You might not know, but in addition to the warnings listed in the NASA Press Release America’s power grid system is a national disaster waiting to happen.
Should we be hit so hard as to take out all the everyday necessities listed above this country will eat itself alive, just like it has time after time when disaster strikes. Let’s face it guys, the America of today is populated by some really selfish, ignorant, and truly immoral people who are just waiting for our great country to fall. Luckily, if you’re an avid prepper you most likely have most the tools needed to be prepped for such an event, and if you haven’t maybe you should.
However, this survival threat ranks about a 6 on the threat gauge mainly because we have gone from only 60 minutes of preparation time to 12 hours, allowing energy and utility companies to downgrade services and prepare for the disruption. 6 Ways to Hack Outdoor Solar Lights for SurvivalOutdoor solar lights are a preppers best friend.
Our knowledge and client driven service will ensure your success with proven solar solutions.

Unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll be working with a solar power contractor to plan and install your system. If you’ve chosen to install solar panels on your roof, it’s worth considering replacing the roof before the solar panels go into place. If you’re planning to install your panels on the roof, there are several steps to preparing it for installation. Contact a building professional to evaluate whether your roof can support the extra weight. Your roof should allow at least 200 to 400 square feet of space to accommodate a solar power system, so measure your space before making a commitment. No matter what your roof’s condition, be sure to call a contractor to take a look and ensure your roof is a decent candidate before committing to prepare it for solar panels. Preparing your home for solar panels isn’t a huge endeavor, especially if you have a qualified solar contractor there to help you out. Short of natural localized disasters, I believe the biggest threat we should be prepared for is an EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), caused by a large solar flare. Moose video Helping overturn 18 USC 922(0) New Solar Knife Solar storm black out What is Freeze-Dried Food? Now, before you get your panties in a twist, a solar flare is harmless to Earth’s living organisms because we are protected from solar flares by our magnetic field and atmosphere. Prepare for your initial consultation by having a one-year history of your electrical usage on-hand, usually measured in kWh per month or year. For most people, installing solar panels on the roof is ideal, but ground-mounted solar panels are also an effective solution. Solar systems are designed to last over 20 years, which is generally longer than the lifetime of your roof. In the Northern Hemisphere, those facing south are able to capture more sunlight, so if your roof is facing any other direction, your system may be more efficient mounted on the ground.

At the very least, be sure you’ve chosen an area that is able to accommodate the amount of solar panels you need, that you’ve checked with your county or state laws regarding solar panel installation, that you’ve cleared the space of shade and, if you’re going with a roof-mounted system, that you’ve recently replaced the roof to accommodate it. This might seem like science fiction to some, but it has already happened before in 1859, but luckily we didn’t have the huge dependence of electricity or electrical products.
6 Unusual, But Very Effective Household Uses for a Hair Dryer Many Preppers Will Die – But Will Ebola be the Pandemic We’ve Feared and Anticipated? But, before you can start saving the world, you have to actually put those solar panels in place. This is what will help determine how much space you need for your system to generate an equivalent amount of energy.
You may have already talked with your installer about where you’d like to place your panels, but if you’ve chosen a slightly shaded area, now is the time to call a tree trimmer or landscaper to optimize the area for full sun. If your roof is in need of an overhaul in the next 5-10 years, you will need to maintain and reinstall your solar panels after you replace your roof. In one olar flash we could lose our powergrids, satellites, computers, communications and more… These could result in a devastating global disaster that would affect everyone. There’s A War Going On Your Freedom 52 Week Money Savings Challenge, More Free Food Survival Reports Will Your Response Get You Killed? Once you have these recommendations from your contactor, you can begin planning where to place your solar panels and preparing the space for installation. I am glad I read the article on the BBC below about this, as it has reminded me of the need (remind you!) to consider the dangers take at least some precautions for solar flares and their potentially devastating effect on the modern world we now live in.

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