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Flexibility to choose what your rate of return will be on Simple Sale Properties’ buy fix and sell projects! Investment is secured by real estate using a conservative LTV (loan to value) rate ensuring reasonable protection. We place up to 35% of total funding needed into buy, fix, and retail projects with your funds demonstrating our level of commitment. We help people grow their retirement savings through the utilization of self-directed IRA accounts partnering in our real estate projects! Our simple money lenders club is a select group of investors who have self-directed IRA’s with our preferred custodian. Simple sale funds are added, roughly 35% of the total project – We are in it to win it with you! Whether you're looking to get quick cash or interested in investment opportunities - we look forward to hearing from you! Following a formal kick-off, the project manager creates and oversees the budget and scheduling including phase gates where client sign-off is required before the project proceeds further.
The PM also works closely with the client as well as all studio resources to draft the Project Requirement Document (PRD). When you’re talking about a large project, communication is the area with the biggest potential risk. Learning Agile is a comprehensive guide to the most popular agile methods, written in a light and engaging style that makes it easy for you to learn. Head First PMP gets you prepared for the Project Management Professional certification exam by helping you become a better project manager.
Applied Software Project Management helps developers and project managers build better software by diagnosing and fixing the most common project problems.
Beautiful Teams: Inspiring and Cautionary Tales from Veteran Team Leaders is a collection of stories and interviews with veteran team leaders that takes you behind the scenes with some of the most interesting teams in software engineering history. This is the third in a series of quick lessons in the 6 required documented procedures of ISO 9001 – 1) Document Control, 2) Record Control, 3) Internal Audit, 4) Control of Non-conforming Product, 5) Corrective Action, and 6) Preventive Action. ISO is pretty straight forward about fixing problems – including both corrective and preventive actions – “…The organization shall take action to eliminate the causes of [potential] nonconformities [defects, failures and problems] in order to prevent their [occurrence] recurrence.
1) Examine the non-conformance – what went wrong, and was the risk properly evaluated in the original procedures – was it a high risk procedure?
3) Does the process re-design consider risk, and is risk clearly mitigated as part of the corrective action? 4) Does the process redesign consider and utilize countermeasures to risk of severity and re-occurrence?

5) Does the test for effectiveness of the CAPA include any consideration of risk mitigation? Any prior risk scoring of the procedures covered by the CAPA, as well as any prior risk mitigation efforts such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA). Circuit breakers to prevent cascading failures – true catastrophes usually start small and then snowball into disaster. Specific documented updates and changes to procedures and processes together with a data monitoring plan. WelcomeFor folks visiting on business, welcome, and I hope that you find this blog helpful.
Independent Financial Advisers providing bespoke protection, investment and retirement advice to serving and retired members of HM Armed Forces with skill and empathy. We're just making a few changes to the website at present and we'll be back up and running soon.
Echelon Wealthcare is a Trading Style of Wealthcare (1985) Ltd (FCA Reg 569260), an Appointed Representative of The Whitechurch Network which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Members of this group tell us what their specific real estate investment interests are and we ensure that they receive Investment Summaries on projects we are working on that fit their investment criteria. More than just a plan or a list of deliverables, the PRD serves as an objective yet organic document that can grow and evolve with a project, but remain the standard against which the project is constantly measured. There’s a big difference between managing a project team with, say, ten people and a team with a hundred.
I was working with a consulting company that specialized in outsourced software engineering projects.
If you’re managing a project with 1,000 people, then you really need a solid metrics system. These lessons are for hospitals’ adopting ISO 9001 – and this one is focused on risk reduction using the corrective and preventive action procedures required by ISO. Corrective actions [preventive actions] shall be appropriate to the effects of the [potential problems] nonconformities encountered.
In layman’s terms – identify the problem, determine the root cause, plan the fix, fix it, and prove that it was actually fixed with real world data.
I have a passion regarding patient centered care – with a focus on outcome improvement and patient engagement. By anticipating potential problems and setbacks, we can manage them and the loss of valuable time and resources. This ensures the project stays on course, the budget stays on target and that the final product meets and exceeds expectations.

We were assigned a large part of a much larger project, one that was bigger than any other project the client company had taken on. You’re never going to get a good handle on what your team is doing by just talking to people — there are simply too many people to talk to!
These are designed to be 10 minute reads – introducing some concepts that I’ve found valuable. This is a highly structured analytical process used to address high risk processes – stay tuned for more about this in the next blog in this series.
As you add more and more people to the project, the number of potential lines of communication goes up exponentially.
And definitely spend a lot more time talking with your team about risk planning at the beginning of the project. From a clinical perspective, I focus on oncology and how the practice of medical oncology is evolving to better serve patients.
In previous projects for this client, we normally didn’t do much work alongside other vendors.
Scott Berkun has a lot of good advice in The Art of Project Management about brainstorming and talking to your team about ideas.
For folks visiting to read about mountains, bikes and economic policy – I hope you have as much fun reading as I do writing.
But in this case, I saw that the project was divided into several teams on our side, and several more teams in the other vendor’s group. This is what tools like run charts, control charts (or Shewhart charts) and trend analysis were developed for. Take extra time at the start of the project to work with the team to identify risks, and figure out how to handle them. So I worked with the project manager from the other vendor to establish communications channels between our leads and theirs (getting buy-in from the client, of course).
That sort of thing is very hard to set up once the project wheels are already turning, though, so you’ve got a limited window of opportunity to get it established. By planning for and establishing a separate line of communication, we were able to take some early steps to mitigate communications risks.

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