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I just saw a “Cowabunga” type email from one of the project feature area leads busy with the final tweaks and testing of a “wow” feature which will be delivered with the Build Customization Guidance shortly. So, if you are looking for a builder that knows the most efficient methods, without cutting quality, please give us a call.
BUILD believes the power of student ideas in action drives youth to reach their fullest potential in school and beyond. BUILD Metro DC also operates the region’s largest youth business incubator, where more than 25 teams operate their enterprises. BUILD is a four-year program that students are selected into through an application process during the eighth grade enrollment process and coursework begins in the ninth grade as a class and then becomes an after school commitment in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Attend evening and weekend events as required to learn about other businesses and to market and sell your products. Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Books, Parenting, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Restaurant Reviews, Health.
So, it seems that I’m still loving this whole “New Year, New You” series of mine – I keep thinking of more things to write about! Part of the problem of building your own home is actually knowing where to start; how do you know what design to choose? Well, in order to help you along a little bit, a good place to start is with the actual structure of your future home; from the bricks, to the walls, to the roof.
You’ve been looking at the range of options available to start with this all-important structure, but with so many choices available, you feel like you’re back at square one with all the confusing questions and decisions. But, how do you know if timber frames are the right option to exactly meet the requirements the planned structure you hope to build?
Timber frames are the perfect option for all kinds of building design needs; whether you’re looking to self-build communal buildings, flats or housing, as they can be altered and adapted to fit any structure.
Timber frames also dramatically reduce building times – in fact, timber frame construction requires 20% fewer on-site labor days than traditional methods.
The key to building green is a design and construction approach that gives you the tools to create high-performing, healthy homes and communities. Develop an overall vision and set goals that help bring everyone on board for a high performance project.
Because green features often require careful construction techniques and methods that may be new to some builders, it is especially important to monitor construction and keep lines of communication open. Process makes the difference, but building green also boils down to a set of best practices. The 2006 Green Communities Criteria, the standard for affordable housing in the DC Green Building Act. Green affordable housing keeps utility bills and repair costs in check, helps residents stay healthy, and respects the community and environment. CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan - The Marines affectionately call the structure "Noah's Ark," for its similarities to the vessel built before flood waters covered the earth in biblical times. In the rugged desert of southern Afghanistan sit hundreds of tents occupied by Marines for as far as the eye can see. Rising above the dust and grit that blow across the Helmand plains, one object stands out majestically amongst Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan's sprawling tent city at the unit's base of operations at Camp Leatherneck.
This modern-day ark, built for Marines in less than three months by sailors of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, looms over all other structures across the desert camp.
Construction of the massive building began two months before MEB-Afghanistan arrived in Helmand province. The Miami native said individuals who work on the job site drink anywhere from two to three gallons of water daily.
And even though returning each day reminds them of the grueling tasks ahead, it also reminds them of how far they have come in such a short amount of time. Petty Officers 2nd Class Landon Church and John Nicholas, project lead electrician and utilities man respectively, said they were confident in the building becoming operational by its deadline. As the clock continues to count down, the Seabees remain resilient, motivated by purpose and commitment. From the beginning, we have felt that a building company should specialize in a particular area to become the most efficient builder in that market. In fact, when some previous homeowners have asked us to build a larger home for them, we have gladly referred them to some of our trusted colleagues in that higher-end market. That’s why the BUILD Program helps our students develop their own business ideas, write business plans, pitch to funders and launch real businesses.
Every afternoon, our students are provided individualized academic support plus business coaching. The earlier you submit your application, the sooner you know whether or not you are accepted. Well, in this series (which I think is part 4 – however, I have lost count a little bit…), I’ve decided to write a little chapter for those who are deciding to build their own houses in 2013.

However, in your desperate hunt to find one, you have come across one that sounds quite interesting; timber frames. As well as providing the highest quality supports for your build, they also boast high environmental performance, energy efficiency and the ability to meet top sustainability targets. So, that means 20% fewer days your sub-constructors have to be on-site, and therefore, 20% less time that you have to pay them for! So if you’re looking to help the environment and are particularly conscious about being ec-ofriendly throughout the entirety of the construction process, then a timber frame structure will be the perfect option for you!
By going beyond a spec list of "green" products and instead working to improve the whole building, you can meet your budget, benefit the environment, and improve the health and welfare of low-income residents and families. Working through a collaborative process with the whole team--from goal setting to design through construction and commissioning--is essential to making the most of your decision to build green.
Commissioning not only ensures that building elements and systems are designed, installed, and calibrated to operate as intended, but it also lets you and your team minimize costly change orders and communicate how to best operate and maintain the building. For new construction, building orientation to take advantage of sun and wind, efficient space planning, appropriate systems selection and sizing, and tight building envelopes are the foundation of these best practices. The Marines affectionately call the structure "Noah's Ark," for its similarities to the ark built before flood waters covered the earth in biblical times. Damron said the Seabees are currently on schedule to meet their deadline for finishing the Ark, but only because of the sweat and perseverance that has come from the naval construction workers involved. By the time the sun rises, on average, the temperature is 85 degrees, said Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Amber Chambliss, hospital corpsman, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5. And it's necessary, she said, noting the fact that if one of the workers falls out, the job will become even harder to complete on time. In order to reach their completion deadline, the Seabees work nearly non-stop, taking an hour-long break for lunch and 10-minute breaks every hour to rest. The job has taken an obvious toll on Damron, who said he's lost more than 30 pounds since he arrived in Afghanistan. Church, a Byron, Mich., native, said he and his team of electricians have installed more than 10,000 feet of wiring throughout the building to support hundreds of computers.
As they reap the rewards—from keeping their profits to gaining self-confidence—they clearly see the connection between the classroom and career success.
BUILD Metro DC engages mentors, volunteers, and tutors who annually offer over 4,000 hours of service to our young entrepreneurs. We may still consider your application after the priority deadline, but there are no guarantees that space will still be available. After all, taking the decision to build your own home can be an exceptionally daunting prospect for most, so it’s always nice to have a little helping hand along the way. A green consultant will help you gain a better understanding of green building concepts and can help sort through team members ideas. We work with private, non-profit and public partners to build the skills, knowledge and capacity of development professionals, policymakers and the public to create healthier, more sustainable communities for us all. Nicholas, a Boise, Idaho, native, said the facility will also be climate-controlled, ready to accept those who will work there when it opens.
After the brigade command center is complete, they will move on and continue to build the Regimental Combat Team 3 and Camp Leatherneck Garrison Combat Operations Center, also 12,000 square-feet each. And because we know they can and should attend college, students also receive individualized academic support and advising for their school-work and college planning.
And what’s more; timber frames also save up to 5% in building costs compared to traditional brick and block construction – so you can save your money for other aspects of your home build process. By making decisions early in the process, you will have the opportunity to consider all of the elements of a building and its location, as well as the time to run energy models and to hold community outreach sessions. For rehab projects, evaluate the building systems to identify cost-effective opportunities to make improvements. Within the integrated design process, the team can use its combined expertise to make choices that meet priorities, address concerns, and incorporate innovative solutions. Look to optimize whole building performance by coordinating window replacement with an upgrade to a high-efficiency, right-sized mechanical system, for example. Energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems, water saving devices and landscaping, and use of nontoxic materials improve residents' lives, as will a site design that encourages connections to the community. And when you eliminate waste through recycling, purchase materials from local sources, and minimize stormwater runoff, your green building will step toward sustainability, treading lightly on its surrounding environment and the planet. What do you recommend as far as design?Small cabins capture the real romance of living with logs. Think about the cabin experiences you had growing up, perhaps a summer camp or weekend retreats at a friend or relative’s hideaway. What was it about those experiences that tug at your memory, and did they have anything to do with the cabin’s location or design?To make the most of space, keep interior partitions to a minimum. A simple great room with a corner designated as a kitchen area and a small bathroom can provide a great getaway place for two or three people in only a few hundred square feet.

I remember a favorite hunting cabin that used a closet and bathroom to separate a sleeping area (complete with bunk beds) from the great room. In hunting season, with a pullout sofa and great-room floor strewn with sleeping bags, it became home to a half-dozen buddies who don’t care much about aesthetics.If you need additional bunk space, a small loft accessed by a ladder can double your available sleeping space.
In good weather, decks and porches can further expand your living space.I also wouldn’t overlook storage demands.
While it’s not a good idea to leave valuables in a frequently unoccupied cabin, you’ll want to be able to store some recreational equipment and basic cooking and cleaning supplies. A small, well-secured pantry can protect groceries.Before finalizing your design, be sure to check with local building-code authorities to make sure your cabin will meet requirements.
Cabins are usually held to slightly different standards than primary residence but still require building permits.
What should I discuss with my builder before he gets started?Stress to your builder that you want a cabin, not a showcase home. This shouldn’t be an excuse for shoddy construction, but instead, an indication that you’ll be satisfied with simpler construction and more basic materials.
You can find bargains on items such as cabinets, appliances, flooring and lumber by watching classified ads in your local newspaper or by visiting scores of bargain-hunter sites online.
In many areas, Habitat For Humanity operates stores filled with all manner of used building materials at reasonable prices. I have some modest carpentry skills and lots of buddies who could help me build a cabin on weekends.
Over the years I’ve worked with people who have tackled all aspects of construction with little or no experience.
With a little research and some basic tools, most of the tasks in cabin building are within reach of almost everyone.
Still, you’ll need the help of pros in several areas, including the foundation, rough-in plumbing, electrical and HVAC.
Even if you have the skills, a professional may be able to get your cabin shell enclosed and out of lousy weather a lot faster, which will allow you to finish your cabin’s interior at your own pace. I’m on a budget and want to use the place for fishing and hunting.In a tiny cabin, a simple fireplace may be all you need.
These are inexpensive to install and operate, and they’ll heat most small or medium-size cabins easily. Make sure that you vent these heaters according to the manufacturer’s instructions and install carbon monoxide detectors. I’d also avoid the ventless heaters that are often advertised at bargain prices.There are many more heating options as you move up the price scale. For example, a concrete slab floor with radiant heat—served from a tankless hot-water heater or rooftop solar collector—is an efficient heating option. However, if you plan on using your cabin for extended periods in cold weather, the lower operating cost may tip the balance.
But if you’ll only be around the cabin on limited weekends, the time lag required to heat a radiant slab will mean that you won’t start feeling much benefit until it’s almost time to leave on Sunday evenings.Unless your cabin is in the desert, your best cooling options are open windows and a nice cross breeze.
Of course, small window or ceiling fans can help when breezes fail to cool you off on steamy August nights.5. What are some design tricks I can employ to keep maintenance to a minimum?No matter what the size of your log home, the same rules apply—although there are a couple twists with cabins. Make sure your cabin is well above ground level and has roof overhangs that are at least 2 feet. Most building codes call for at least 8 inches clearance between the ground and top of the foundation wall.
This will ensure that ground moisture, snow drifts and splashing rain water won’t invade your lower logs. How do I keep critters from making my cabin their home?Most cabin memories include tales of the skunk that moved into the crawlspace or the raccoon that climbed down the chimney and dismantled the pantry.
Place your cabin on a completely enclosed crawlspace rather than leaving the foundation open.
Don’t stack rocks, debris or firewood too close to your house, and make sure your chimney has a cap and bird screen.
Instead, build an elevated storage shed away from the house.When planning this little slice of heaven, never lose sight of its intended purpose. For most of us, this means a safe place to sleep, a pleasant place to relax and a shelter from foul weather that still allows us to feel the storm. Remember, a cabin is a means to an end: Planning and building should be fun, and the costs should be minimal.

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