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LAS VEGAS — Faraday Future, the upstart EV automaker from Gardena, California that aims to build a series of 'rolling smartphones' to compete with the likes of Tesla just unveiled its first-ever concept car. Granted, the tingles I am feeling might be from the fact that I've consumed my weight in coffee today, here at the 2016 International CES. First off, although its a concept high-performance one-seater, it rides on FF's new Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) on which it will base all its future cars. Moreover, with this layout, FF can have one, two or three motor setups, making for front-, rear- or all-wheel drive.
While the variable chassis is all well and good, you won't spend any time interacting with it, really. Inside the FFZERO1, just like future FF production cars, the steering column has been fitted with a smartphone. That's just where the trickiness begins with the FFZERO1's white and carbon-fiber laden cabin, however. The driver sits at a perfect 45-degree angle that is most beneficial to circulation in a seat derived from NASA designs.
This is accented by FF's soon-to-be signature 'UFO line' that runs around the center of the vehicle.
Combining form and function, FF has created aero tunnels that run through the interior length of the vehicle. Amazingly, all of this was pulled together in just 18 months when the team of multidisciplinary experts from the technology, automotive, aerospace and digital content came together to create a new line of electric cars.
The FFZERO1 unveiling comes after news of FF’s plans to invest $1 billion, reportedly backed by the Chinese, in the creation of a 3 million-square-foot manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas.
Now, if you're anything like me, you're already wondering how such a team and design happened to come together so quickly and create something that seems not only promising but also industry-changing. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy caused by either solar flares or a nuclear blast.

Because of this ability, EMP weapons have been created with the aim to destroy the enemy’s technological capabilities.
This fear has caused many preppers to invest in a Faraday Cage, giving them the means to protect their most valuable technology-based survival equipment.
A Faraday Cage, simply put, is a metal container with a lining on the inside that does not conduct electricity. In order for it to protect any electronics you place in it, the inside of the metal container must be lined with a protective cover so that your electronics cannot touch any metal. Just remember that the larger the metal container, the more protective lining you will have to invest in for your Faraday Cage to work. Let’s say you decide on making one out of a metal trash can since they are easy to find and relatively cheap while still being able to hold a fair amount of contents.
We’ve established that you are opting for a metal trash can (for the purpose of this article). Now that you have your container, you must line the inside of it with enough cardboard so that no contents will be able to touch any metal. Any electronics you consider vital in case of an emergency should go inside your soon-to-be Faraday Cage.
If you want to take extra precautions, you can opt to wrap your gathered electronic in heavy gauge aluminum foil.
Your standard 31-gallon metal trash can will be able to keep a lot of electronics safe and is a favorite container among many preppers. EMPs are a threat to modern society and many preppers base their entire bug out plans on the event of an EMP striking their city or even the majority of the United States. This simple project can be finished in under 30 minutes and will help insure that your valuable electronics will be safe from being fried by an EMP blast, which would happen without warning. More likely, however, I'm all a flutter because the brand's FFZERO1 concept race car is unbelievably cool and a glimpse into some seriously impressive things to come from Faraday Future (FF).

Essentially, it's a skateboard-style chassis with that allows FF to easily scale up or down the platform for different vehicle types.
This allows it to become the focal point for the interface between the driver and the car — from sitting behind the wheel or from inside the owner's home.
This mystical line and is, as FF put it, "intended to give the sense that this vehicle is not completely of this world." Boy, I'd say.
Apparently working nights and weekends, FF was able to take the all-digital FFZERO1 and turn it into the concept model you see today.
FF plans to break ground on this phase one investment in the next few weeks, ultimately employing 4,500 people. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers.
For example, if put into limited production, the FFZERO1 would produce 1,000 horsepower, capable of racing from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.0 seconds on the way to a top speed above 200 mph. When commanded by that smartphone, the autonomous FFZERO1 (oh, yeah, it can drive itself, too) can come retrieve the driver.
Moreover, in this electric race car, the driver wears an unique Halo Safety System with integrated head and neck support, oxygen and water supply — combined into a prototype helmet. More than accentuating the alien look of the thing, the tunnels also dramatically reduce drag and improve battery cooling.

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