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Whether it’s because of a long drought or a careless camper, forest fires are incredibly deadly infernos that can ravage and destroy thousands of acres of land and homes in a matter of hours. If you’re going camping in an area that has experienced sever drought make sure you avoid those areas that are high risk for fire hazards.
When you’re searching for your safe zones you’ll want to try and pick areas that have already been burned over.
If a forest fire breaks out and you’re close to the top of the mountain ridge try and cross over to the other side of the mountain. Once the fire has subsided and you’ve survived the blaze you’ll want to make sure that none of your clothing is smoldering. Sign up for Confessions of a Prepper newsletter to gain access to the latest survivalist news, tips, and tricks. Earthbag domes are more fire resistant and safer in brush fires such as this one in Australia.
I received an email about the high fire risk in Victoria and much of southern Australia, and they explained how they are considering earthbag domes as a fire safety strategy. In addition to normal fire prevention strategies like planting fire-resistant plants around your house, creating a fire break by clearing brush a safe distance, and not storing combustibles such as firewood next to the home, all you really need to know is domes are much safer against brush fires than houses with roofs.
There have been one or two tests done for bullet resistance and another one for hurricane resistance, where an earthbag wall was shot with 2x4s from a canon. The best solution is to rid the area around any building compound from combustible vegetation. That sounded a little harsh, sorry… I doubt may Victorians would suggest staying and defending a house after 2009. There is a fine line between a house that is structurally fire resistant and a house that is safe to occupy during a bushfire. I am old enough to remember Ash Wednesday and the destruction through the Adelaide Hills, including Pyrex saucepans (rated to well over 1000 deg C) melten inside one another in the rubble. B the way, have you seen the pics online of timber houses still standing beside double brick piles of ash? In the photo was a white timber house sitting on scorched earth, but apparently untouched by the fire, sitting what looked like less than 10 metres (30 feet) away from the remains of a brick house that had been destroyed by the fire. I live in Victoria, I am a Country Fire Authority volunteer, I am on standby at the moment waiting to be called out… in Victoria and across Australia, bushfires are a way of life. The 2009 fires (Black Saturday Fires) claimed 173 human lives, injured 414 and 2029 homes were lost. Best to listen to the CFA advise and get out of your property on high fire ratings, and be prepared to leave during low fire ratings. I’m in Australia too, and this is also one of the reasons I am considering earth(bag) construction. As far as the roof goes, I would like to do a living roof as I think this would give good protection from above and insulation. I wonder, though, about whether the polypropylene bags would let off fumes if the fire was around for a while and started to heat the thermal mass above what the bags could take. There’s a blog post on this blog about an earthbag house that withstood a forest fire and was one of the only remaining houses in the area left standing.
It’s also good to have a sprinkler system that is independent of the grid and municipal water supply, in case those systems are not functioning during a major fire (quite possible).
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PUBLIC education and awareness on the effects of forest fires on public health, the environment and infrastructure is necessary and the Ministry of the Environment and the Water Resources will look at ways of doing this.

Line Minister, Ganga Singh made the statement during the launch of the Forestry Division’s Forest Fire Prevention Programme which was held at the River Estate Museum and Water Wheel Historic Site, Diego Martin. Singh explained that stronger law enforcement will be accompanied by proposed legislative intervention. The Forestry Division will also be collaborating with the Ministry of National Security, as well as the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard in developing an awareness programme.
Both the National Security Operation Centre (NSOC) and the T&T Air Guard would utilise some of their helicopters for aerial fire-fighting, said Singh. Depending on your location when the fires begin to rage you may or may not make it out alive. If you’re still dead set on going into that area then make sure you have planned multiple evacuation routes incase you need to get out quickly and one of your routes becomes blocked. We know it was explained earlier that the fire will travel up the mountain faster, but if you’re close enough to the top the fires will take longer to get down the other side of the mountain. Check yourself for any injuries and be sure to treat any minor injuries yourself and then seek professional medical attention for more serious wounds. Wooden roofs, especially houses with roof overhangs, would be at much higher risk of fire than domes. I want to know if there are studies or experiments, concerning the strength of an Earthbag home in case of a nuclear blast (Atomic Bomb)?
Seeing those, one would think even the best constructed house, unless buried deep beneath the earth would become nothing more then a giant oven.
Millions of people live in fire prone areas and lots of people choose to stay and protect their homes. The one story that stands out, though we’re the family that stayed in their federation style home with the green bull-nosed verandahs.
If they weren’t and we left, I would expect to come home to rubble, regardless of the construction of our home. A sprinkler system like this would require water storage (cistern, etc.), water pump and water lines to sprinklers, and independent power supply from batteries, portable generator, etc.
Wildfires need three things to thrive and firefighters call these three things the fire triangle. Send in your reports, up to 300 words, and if we like them, we’ll publish them, with your byline.
I was alarmed when I heard from Chief Fire Officer Nayar Rampersad that there had been a total of 468 reported fires between December 2012 and now, with 388 of them taking place in the month of February alone. These plans include changes the Agricultural Fires Act, which Singh noted is as old as the forestry division.
The Bambi Bucket—a specialised container to collect and deliver water in order to extinguish fires below, will be attached to each helicopter when carrying out their exercises. Members of the public needs to know a permit is required for slash-and-burn agriculture as well as clearing bush by burning. Even experienced firemen with all of their equipment and knowledge have perished in the flames of wild, forest fires.
The shelter is typically a capsule, dome shaped structure that can reflect around 95% of radiant heat. You might also want to add an air filter and stock up on water and other supplies so you can stay at home until the emergency is over. This house (as far as I know) is still standing just a short distance from the Pyrex pots: the difference between a well- prepared family and a vacant house full of wedding presents. I am not a big fan of the new building guidelines (?) that the Vic govt have released before the official findings on the differences between houses that burned and those that survived.

Our trees contain highly flammable eucalyptus oil, and often explore during an intense bushfire. That is, apart from the fact that we have had 97 fires for the forest guardians to deal with, some 330 hectares, almost 800 acres of forest cover, burnt to the ground already,” Singh said. We must now have zero tolerance for persons setting fires in our environment, in our backyards, in our communities and in our country,” stated the minister. Forest Service, forest fires have a damaging effect on the environment, but they also cause a resurgence of nutrients in the areas they burn. However, there are some precautions and steps that you can take to increase your chances of survival when you’re stuck in the hottest hell fire on Earth. However, you want to avoid canyons and any narrow chutes that act like smoke funnels that will suffocate you. The blackened trees and branches will be very fragile, so be careful of any limbs that may fall on top of you. Additional layers of foil laminated fiberglass and pockets of air between the layers offer additional protection.
Getting caught in the midst of that heat is incredibly dangerous and the best thing you can do to survive is to get out, quickly.
There’s a snippet in my earthbag book about how munition bunkers in war zones are made of sand bags.
Create a large fire break around a fire resistant home, store water and have a means to spray the water all around and on the structure and you can save your home in many situations. I hope I can build and keep a house in a standard and condition where we would be in good shape to stay and defend. The whole fire complex, released the approx energy equivalent to 1500 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs.
So stories like this validate what I’m saying, but again, nothing can withstand the most extreme forces of nature.
Breathe through your clothes to ensure that you’re not directly inhaling any harmful gasses from the flames.
This “new generation” fire shelter has been deployed by 116 firefighters and almost 82% of those firefighters survived.
Be smart out there and ensure you’re doing your research before you go into any flagged fire hazard zones. If under ground, the vacuum created by the heat could pull air from the interior thru fresh air vents to feed the fire. However, forest fires are a natural part of the life and death cycle of the natural world, and naturally occurring burns are a healthy part of a forest system's ability to sustain new life. This last resort hope will cost you around $400, but if you find yourself in a situation where you need it and it saves your life you won’t mind the price tag.
For instance, no one in their right mind would build right on top of the San Andreas fault or on top of a volcano. Unique communities of animals and plants are supported by the sheltered tidal waters of estuaries.

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