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Unless your clubhouse is brand new, and built to modern safety standards, it is just as likely to collapse as any other building, and probably more likely to collapse than a smaller and more compact building.
If an emergency hits in the middle of the night, every door in the clubhouse will be locked and management will be away. If water pipes are broken, the image of a crowd of people lining up to use one or two toilets that don’t work is .
Unless it’s been designated as an official “evacuation center,” your central community area is most likely worse for survival than your own home. If you take a look at the same questions from above, and fill in “in your own home,” here are some of the answers you’ll get. Your apartment, single-family residence or mobile home is as likely to withstand an emergency as any other structure, depending on its age, the kind of disaster (earthquake, tornado, flood, etc.). If you’ve done any preparing, you’ll have water and food, including some food that doesn’t need any cooking. The second interesting question was the very last one, where we asked people to let us know what they want more of in upcoming Advisories. So we fall back on our original assumptions regarding our audience, assumptions that have been upheld via comments we’ve received. Preppers – Make preparations to get through an emergency or a disaster (caused by weather, societal turmoil, etc.) by relying on their own stockpiled supplies and skills. Survivalists – Prepare to survive a long-term, total breakdown of society, probably as a result of anarchy. Professional Emergency Responders and Planners – Formally trained to respond to and manage emergencies of different types and intensities. Over the years Joe and I have absorbed good info from all these groups!  (Actually, our interest in preparedness started when we were children. At Emergency Plan Guide, we have ended up finding a niche that doesn’t seem to get a lot of sustained attention. So let me ask you for a bit more follow-up.  Can you reply to this Advisory and let us know which group from those described above fits you the best? If you get this in an email, you can contact us here to let us know more about who you are and what you want. In our community CERT group, we do not have the where-with-all to take care of neighbors with disabilities.
Do you have food supplies that you are able to prepare for yourself (canned food, water) or do you depend on regular food deliveries from Meals on Wheels or other food service? Do you use any electric or electronic devices to treat a chronic condition, such as breathing treatments or sleeping machines?
Needed travel.  Do any of your neighbors need regular trips away from their home to get medical treatments like as kidney dialysis?
The National Fire Protection Association’s 2007 Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities tells the following story.
During the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, a man with a mobility impairment was working on the 69th floor.
Perhaps you can share this story with friends and with your CERT team to stimulate some creative thinking. I announced the showing in our neighborhood newsletter (one small paragraph in a 20-page newsletter), on our neighborhood website, and also via email to my list of about 30 neighbors. Then I followed up with, “The chances of you finding yourself in the middle of an active shooter event are small, but that’s what the people in Ottawa probably thought, too.”  Details of the meeting followed. Finally I figured this subject had simply triggered something for this particular individual. Have you shown the video to a group?  If so, what message did you use to attract attendance?  How did your promo work? If you haven’t shown the video, please take the time to watch it now, and let me know how you would promote it to YOUR neighbors (work group, classroom)! A big part of our sharing these posts is to get MORE information to MORE people in such a way that they will INCORPORATE it into their daily lives. If you’re ramping up for some holiday shopping of your own, I’d like to suggest the following .
By which I mean, gifts that are fun to receive and even to play with, but which have a much more lasting value because they become important items for a survival kit! Clicking the links will take you to Amazon, where you can compare and combine items for the best possible pricing plus free shipping.
Easy, Step-by-Step Guide to Your Custom 72-hour Survival Kit, with A Backpack to Start Off With!
Do you have recommendations we can add to our list of “Favorite Survival Kit Goodies Under $25?”  Send them along!
By way of background, Virginia and I have played a key role in building a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in our neighborhood. We originally purchased two, each of which put out 6,000+ running Watts, with 8,000 Starting Watts. You probably know that a portable generators isn’t going to power your home around the clock during an extended power outage. With careful management, however, an emergency generator can keep a minimum number of appliances operating in order to provide more comfort and convenience during an emergency.
It’s up to you to do some homework by listing the power requirements of your various appliances, combining appliances for a reasonable total power requirement, then finding the smallest unit that will do the job. Most of the portable generators for sale at your local hardware store or online will be powered by gasoline. These examples come directly from Amazon, where you’ll find literally hundreds of different generators on sale.
Live in an apartment, condominium or modest home with access to an outside patio or small back yard, you’re looking at a small, portable unit that’s as quiet as you can find. Large Home or Small Business that still needs to continue running, even on a reduced basis, may require something like this model. Medium-Size Business that cannot afford to shut down for any sustained period, you’re looking at what’s called a “standby” generator. We remind everyone that when Daylight Savings Time comes round, it’s time to check the fire alarms.

So it’s now two weeks after the date, and I finally got around to practicing what I preach. I seem to recall that my old alarms had a blinking light, but I see nothing like that on this one. The very latest requirement for alarms indicates that starting 2015 alarms must have a non-replaceable battery that will last for 10 years.
I have always used the words “fire alarm” and “smoke alarm” and “smoke detector” pretty much interchangeably. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) there are two main technologies at work in fire alarms: ionization (alarm is set off when ion flow is interrupted by smoke) and photoelectric (alarm is set off when light is reflected off smoke).
Ionization technology works best on a fast, flaming fire; photoelectric works better on slow, smoldering fires. Check to see how old the alarms are and if they are over 10 years old, get rid of them an install new ones. You can click here to take a look at the store or click the name above to go directly to Amazon. If you’ve been following this blog for the past several weeks you know that we’re big on coordinating Personal Survival Plans with Business Emergency Planning. But it’s pretty well known that most small businesses don’t have adequate Emergency Response Plans.
Worse, statistics show that following a catastrophe, half of the businesses affected NEVER re-open their doors! First is the attitude of some owners that they’d rather just cope with an emergency when it hits rather than make any plans to prevent or mitigate it.
A second factor to business survival is that a major emergency has a dual emotional impact on employees. Beyond their direct experience at the workplace, with damage and possible injuries, is the safety of their family members who may have been affected, too – but are spread out in the community somewhere. Since communications are likely to be disrupted, employees will want to leave the workplace immediately to check on their loved ones. Anything the business principals can do to facilitate employees’ family and neighborhood emergency planning will work to the benefit of all concerned.
One way to begin is by making sure that all employees have adequate Personal Family Survival Plans. Every step that an employer can take to help employees prepare their own personal disaster plan will be meaningful for both. Some people really like clothing with logos, or parties, but others don’t appreciate those gifts at all!
Different companies have different limits on what they will or can spend on employee or client gifts. The Emergency Plan Guide survival kit has been reduced to $17.50 – with free shipping through Amazon.
The business can use the survival kit to kick-start a more in-depth discussion of preparedness. The business can do even more by adding an item to go into the kit – for example, a flashlight or solar-powered or hand-crank radio.
If your business is one of the 37% of businesses without any business continuation plan at all, this whole campaign could be the impetus to get a company plan started! And if you want to talk over some ideas of how best to present the backpacks to your employees, or how to speak to your employer about providing them to the workforce — just give us a call. A little over two years ago I wrote for the first time about “active shooter events.”  Yesterday I saw in a recent FBI report such events have doubled in the past seven years. Do you work, or do you know people who work in office settings? Are you a student, or do you know students? If so, do they know what to do if they suddenly find themselves in the midst of a live shooter event, or even hear shots? Two thirds of active shooter events are over in less than 5 minutes, and one-third are over in less than 2 minutes.
The City of Houston, with the assistance of a Homeland Security Grant, created a training video that is really worth watching. The video seems to have become somewhat of a standard for how to respond – and my recommendation today is that you make sure your co-workers have seen it.
For this Advisory, it doesn’t really matter whether the FBI’s definitions or totals correspond to USA Today’s. In about 10% of the incidents, male shooters targeted current and former wives and girlfriends. As we have learned, many – although certainly not all – shooters have been identified by family, fellow students or co-workers as exhibiting disturbing behavior well before they go on their killing spree. Unfortunately, most people do not say anything for fear of civil lawsuits or for fear of being branded alarmists. The principles aren’t difficult, but having them top of mind could make all the difference. We are planning to show the video in two weeks as part of our regular neighborhood emergency planning meeting. And if you show it to your CERT team or your co-workers or classmates, let us know what questions it brings up.  We want to share every good idea we can. If you’ve been reading our Advisories, you know that for the past dozen years Joe and I have worked closely with our community emergency response team. And for 12 years, we’ve done our best to convert staid old “preparedness,” and its cousins “advance planning” and “disaster prevention” into bits and pieces of information that will help keep people interested – and alive.
Recently we had a epic storm in our area that included nearly 12″ of snow, very low temperatures and blizzard conditions.
By clicking the link in the tweet above, you can get a lot of info & frequently asked questions about the system. When making a call on FaceTime it's very natural to hold the phone in a vertical position since that's how it's held during a normal phone call. How turn emergency alerts phone - cnet, Amber and weather alerts can be turned off on android, blackberry, ios, and windows phone devices by following these simple steps.. Amber alerts android — , You'll likely also find your phone is vibrating when an alert is issued.

Troubleshooting samsung galaxy s4 text message lag, freeze, Welcome latest troubleshooting guides aims resolve text messaging issues #samsung galaxy #s4. In a real emergency, why would you head for the office, or the clubhouse, or any central meeting place in your community?
And since it is your home, you have the opportunity to make it as safe as possible by fastening furniture to the walls, putting locks on cupboards, storing food and water, assembling tools, etc. But you certainly should have emergency lighting in your home, probably in the form of multiple flashlights and LED lanterns.
Again, if you’ve done some preparing, you may be able to flush using outside sources of water (e.g. Survivalists endorse and practice traditional wilderness survival skills including use of weapons, traps, emergency shelter, etc. Homesteaders grow crops and preserve them; they may also craft their own materials and tools. These include First Responders (firefighters, police, emergency personnel), leaders within city or government agencies, and staff of the Big Daddy of them all, the Federal Emergency Management Association (since 2003, part of Homeland Security). My parents were pioneers in Alaska in the 30s and I inherited their attitudes along with their stories.
But we can and should count on neighbors and co-workers to have (1) basic knowledge, (2) some practiced responses and (3) a readiness to pitch in. We don’t have specialized medical knowledge, or (expensive) specialized equipment or even the physical stamina to lift or move some of them. This was a senior audience, so the discussion about “FIGHT” was different from what a younger crowd might have had. This 3-pack of magnesium lighters gives you the chance to compete – and learn an essential skill! But hard candies withstand all sorts of weather and when you need a pick-me-up in an emergency – or on the long drive home after the holidays!
Whether you get this simple, efficient one or a giant, every-tool-in-the-toolbox version, it will be a welcome gift. Build Your Custom 3-Day Survival Kit; Follow Suggestions from Illustrated Workbook and Assemble Emergency Supplies You Know and Trust.
Compared to gasoline, diesel is cheaper, lasts twice as long in storage, is more fuel efficient and less dangerous.
My old alarm also once emitted a chirping sound — but I have heard nothing from this one.
Setting up an emergency supplies fair at lunch or after work, for example, can improve the odds of employees actually building their kits.
Criminologist James Alan Fox at Northeastern University in Boston points to the fact that there is no official tracking mechanism for active shooting and mass shooting events. Are you all watching out for fellow students or co-workers?  Are you aware of some of the most common triggers for violence, such as divorce, financial problems, or other legal issues?
However, you may be able to save lives by making sure everyone knows the survival principles illustrated in Run, Hide, Fight. Some of the audience members will be very senior citizens; it will be interesting to see how they react.  I’ll report on how the showing goes! Let us know in the comments if you see these and what provider you have so we can get a better idea of who is supporting these alerts at this time and who’s not. I looke threw a friends phone and the tab to turn the alert on is as you show but my phone does not have either options (government or amber alert) idk if updating my phone took those options off?
When you touch and hold your finger down on a link, it will bring up a bubble displaying the link's url.
At home, you can add or subtract clothing, add or take away blankets in order to adjust to weather conditions. And nearly every news story we hear makes it clear that in the case of a widespread emergency, it’s the people physically closest to you who will make the difference to your survival! In the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, the same man had prepared himself to leave the building using assistance from others and an evacuation chair he had acquired and had under his desk.
And it was also agreed that a new version of the video could profitably be made with the setting in a mall or retail establishment instead of in a workplace. Now, consider how handy a HEADLAMP will be when both arms are full of blankets, children, toys, or other supplies! And a couple of years ago the group agreed to purchase a gas generator to support our emergency planning team. After jockeying one of them around it became painfully clear that their weight – as well as their appetite for fuel – was greater than we had foreseen. Charging up electronic devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.) can be done at the same time since most generators have more than one plug-in socket.
Naturally, a combo unit (running either gas or propane) is more expensive that a single-fuel generator.
These items have to be shipped via ground so it may take longer than you’re used to for delivery.
Do you have someone to whom you can report unusual or threatening behavior without fear of reprisal? What was most annoying to many in our area is that the alert was posted at 4:00 AM the day before the storm which hit in the evening of the next day.
Or you can put plastic bags into the toilet, secure them when they’re full and then put them somewhere outside.
Also, they have to be started and run for 15 – 20 minutes every month or two or they will require resurrectional service (cost around $100 . But plugging in an appliance that generates a lot of heat – such as a hair dryer or toaster or portable heater – may overload the generator. So, while some generators are set up to burn diesel, they are mostly the larger, permanently installed models that are planned to run for longer periods at higher load. There are pictures of it in several places on our website, so if you need more about THAT item, click here.

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