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Brush fire season seems to be coming to Southern California earlier and earlier each season.
Every week we collect the latest news, music and arts stories — along with film and food reviews and the best things to do this week — so that you’ll never miss LA Weekly's biggest stories. Squirrels are taking the blame for wildland brush fires in South Florida and officials say there is nothing they can do about the fire-starting squirrels. In fact, squirrels have been implicated in at least four separate fires, with one of those fire burning down the house of a local church pastor.
FFS says squirrels running along electrical power lines and high voltage wires create an electrical arch when they are still on one line and try to reach out to another, which makes an electrical connection causing an arch, instantly killing them and often times setting them on fire. There have been over 1200 wildland brush fires so far this year in Florida and in many eastern states as the warm dry winter that every liked is now having devastating consequences in states not normally used to battling wildland brush fires. We know you’ve heard it before but it takes very little to start brush fires right now and anything you can do to help prevent a fire would be a wonderful thing. My Everett News is a hyperlocal news website featuring breaking news and events in Everett, WA. A brush fire broke out Friday in Weeki Wachee, taking approximately 500 acres near the Glen Lakes Golf Course.

Firefighters responded to small brush fires within minutes of each other Wednesday evening on a dry day in which discarded cigarettes could have been the cause. That may remain unknown though because full investigations are not done on very small fires.
Normally late summer into late fall is when you need to keep your head up, but this year we were ready for the worst by May.
Sometimes it is a bit of bark on fire in a planter bed, other times, literally a burning bush and lately its a fair amount of dry brush or grass on fire that brings calls for Everett Fire crews.
We also cover City of Everett information and items of interest to those who live and work in Everett. The causes have been everything from a power transformer that blew, a fire used by transients and even someone intentionally setting a bush on fire in a department store parking lot.
It's written by Leland Dart a former Snohomish County based radio reporter born and raised in Everett. Published by Leland Dart, a former Snohomish County based radio reporter born and raised in Everett. The Florida Division of Forestry said the fire is under control, but has burned over 500 acres.

It seems every day this month, Everett Firefighters are dealing with multiple brush fires throughout the city. We are experiencing more fires and that climate change may increase fire frequency.Only you can prevent forest fires.
Everett Firefighters were assisted by a tender from Lake Stevens Fire District 8 which supplied water. At one point, seven homes looked to be at risk from catching fire, but there was no significant damages and no injuries were reported. The Division of Forestry will continue to monitor the area for hotspots and potential flare-ups. Residents should report only active fires and can expect smoke to remain in the area for several hours.

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