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Notice: This website may or may not use or set cookies used by Google Ad-sense or other third party companies. On the U-bolts you will need to cut off the threaded part of one of the shafts where the smooth shaft meets the threads. When applying the tubing, wet the smooth shafts with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and slid the tubing onto the shaft and stop at the top where the shaft just begins to bend. When sliding the tubing onto the shaft, make sure the ammo pouch is in line with the direction of aim and is not twisted out of shape. Take about a 4 inch piece of para chord and remove the inner white string leaving you with the outer sheath.
This system has about a 30 pound pull and maybe more depending on how far back you pull the tubing. Get a head start on preparing for the possibility of an economic collapse or other disasters. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. When it comes to making simple, homemade gifts for girls, things are easy.  Girls love hair bows, ornaments, pretty smelling bath bubbles, and just about anything Pinterest can conceive of.
The great thing is, you can make one for much less money.  This is the perfect gift to make yourself because it gives you control over what goes in the box, and you can make it as fun or functional as you like simply by changing the quality and type of items you include.
Here’s how you can make a Pocket Survival Kit for your own mini survival man (or woman).
My nine-year-old son is very responsible and has been taught how to use each of the components of this box, and he has been   I would not worry about him abusing any of them.  But not every nine-year-old boy is the same!
Choose the option that you like the best and which will be most interesting to your child.  Then, teach him how to use it safely and efficiently. You may also earn 3extra entries by ordering from the Lilla Rose party to benefit Mae.  Remember, for every 3 Flexis purchased through the link, Sarah will give a free pair of Mae’s earrings!

This entry was posted in Crafts, Giveaways and tagged Christmas crafts, Christmas gifts for boys, DIY, DIY Christmas, simply homemade, Survival kit on December 6, 2013 by Kristen Glover. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Here we have an incredibly simple survival kit that you can make at home that covers the essentials of survival and and could very well save your life if you are ever stranded out in the wilderness with nothing but this kit and the clothes on your back. The fishing line can be rolled onto a straw or a bobbin for easy storage without tangles and getting everything else tied into its web. The razor blade should be placed into the bottle with a small piece of tape over the edge so that it does not poke or cut any of the other very valuable pieces inside the bottle.
Be sure to like us on Facebook (button below) so you can be the first to know about latest project updates as well as great DIY articles. If you do not wish to have cookies downloaded to your computer, please disable cookie use in your browser. After finishing it I began to wonder how I could incorporate the hole and slots that were in the center of the blade. They sell them pre-packaged online at various sporting websites, and, apparently, at El Paso flea markets.
There are those thumbnail sized ones that they sometimes give away at the dentist’s office.
You will need to make 3 of these for your pill bottle, but feel free to make extras for other uses.
Make these using the same steps as fire starter straws above, but instead of cotton, you fill the straw with salt. Seal same way as above. Make these using the same steps as fire starter straws above, but instead of cotton, you fill the straw with neosporin.
Just lay your piece flat and start slowly rolling it up, making sure that the edges are lined up.

Your very own fancy Survival kit that you can fit into your pocket that may very well save your life.
Sand off the burrs from where you made the cuts so that they will not cut into the rubber tubing when you slide the assembly onto them. With a good broadhead on the end, you can take down feral hogs with this set up, but you have to be close. I will attempt to put down some game animals with this system and to video the event to certify this set up for survival purposes. I've thrown it, dunked it in water,stabbed a tree with it, and I can still light the matches that come with my homemade mini survival kit. First, before you pack your mini survival kit, you will need to prepare a few things from the items above. Use as much as you can fit, but make sure to leave some room in the straw to seal it later. I have seen sling shots being converted for this purpose and figured I could do something that would accomplish the task. Make sure you have an alternate means of protecting yourself in the event the hog does not die quickly and decides to attack you.
I was given an idea by a subscriber to add a fishing reel set up attached to the butt of the handle so that you can fish with this system.
The opening in the para chord should be wide enough to put a finger through for pulling the tubing back and holding the arrow.

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