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That has always been the case until I had to literally run for my life with my animal companions’ lives in tow many times from hurricanes and fires (more than once for each of these natural disasters). Current photos of you with your animal companions – including descriptions of them to help others identify them in case you and your animals become separated—and to prove that they are yours once you’re reunited. Food – canned (Pack some of their favorites or special meals like tuna as a yummy surprise. If they are on a raw diet  you will want to make at least a week’s worth of meals and freeze them. Silly putty or Play-Doh ~ This is a must-have human de-stressor for the driver or passenger.
If you cannot say yes to all of those questions, you need to make arrangements with a friend or family member who is also evacuating. If it is friends or family, do they understand exactly what they are signing up for if they agree to give you and your menagerie shelter? If you do not have family or friends that can take you all in safely, find a place of refuge that is pet-friendly. If there are no pet-friendly hotels in the area that you are evacuating to, find out if there is a local animal facility there that can board your animals. Carriers should be large enough to allow your animal companion to stand comfortably, turn around, and lie down. Keep your kennels in an easily accessible area of the house – not in the basement of a building. Small to medium-sized snakes, lizards, turtles, and amphibians can be transported in a small igloo cooler.
If you are traveling with small mammals that overheat easily, you will need to provide a well ventilated transport cage – do not use anything plastic and avoid placing any mammal or reptile in direct sunlight inside the vehicle. If your animal companion cannot go into a transport kennel calmly or willingly, or if she does not travel well in a vehicle, you may need to discuss a safe sedative with your veterinarian.
In the event that a natural disaster strikes and you are not able to get home, ask a reliable neighbor or friend to assist with evacuating your animal companions.
If you use a pet-sitting service, she may also be able to help you, in case the disaster happens on her watch. Proper planning before disaster strikes home can help you remain calm and panic free in an otherwise overwhelming and stressful situation. By creating a thorough evacuation plan, you will be prepared for any disaster, devastation, or calamity that comes your way. I am an Intuitive Empath and animal behavior consultant who's passionately dedicated to inspiring and educating animal and nature lovers through art, enrichment, healing, and force-free training. If you believe you can accomplish everything by “cramming” at the eleventh hour, by all means, don’t lift a finger now. WITH a new album just released and the selection of one of its earlier songs as the theme tune for this year’s Catholic Education Week celebrations, a group of Brisbane Catholic Education musicians is bringing spiritual music to schools, parishes and beyond.
MusicFire is a dedicated group of musicians within BCE who share the Jesus message with others through the gift of song and music. This year the group will feature at the official launch of Catholic Education Week and will perform at the three-day festivities in the grounds of St Stephen’s Cathedral. Head, Heart and Hands, from its first album Alive in the Spirit, has been chosen as the theme song for the week of celebrations across Queensland.

The group’s latest CD, Led by the Spirit, contains 13 songs suitable for a variety of audiences and a variety of uses and is proving popular with schools and parishes. The songs were shaped and produced in a wonderfully collaborative spirit of creative energy, with group members sharing their collective wisdom in the writing and editing.
Group member Anna Shaw said music was a significant key to connecting with children, young people and adults. Formed in 2007, MusicFire attracted staff members involved with BCE’s Catching Fire program who had a passion for music and spirituality. The group originally comprised of classroom teachers, assistant principals for religious education, assistant principals for administration, principals and education officers who had a passion for music and who were interested in helping schools, parishes and diocesan communities celebrate religious events. However, it changed over time and a core group of musicians, singers and songwriters is now creating, performing and providing support to schools and BCE whenever possible. Group members said they found their ministry to be a great blessing in their personal lives as well as a source of spiritual nourishment. Vocalist Steph Unger, who also plays keyboard, said she would never cease to be grateful for each opportunity to help write songs, “to use my love of music to make an important celebration that little bit more special and to inspire teachers to use music in creative and engaging ways”.
Bassist Mark Beiers said he had found the connecting with other teachers and students throughout Brisbane archdiocese to be energising and rewarding. Anna said the group provided opportunities and experiences for classroom teachers and students, school music teachers, students participating in music ministry and people involved in parish music ministry. She said some of the opportunities included performing music for major liturgical events or concerts, facilitating workshops with students or young people and providing staff or adult spiritual formation experiences. The group has also been involved in the development and recording of school songs or songs for special events like a conference.
Future directions for MusicFire included the writing of songs to support the teaching about, and praying with, Scripture texts in the classroom.
Principal education officer for professional learning, formation and leadership Dr Jill Gowdie said MusicFire was alive and passionate about its music ministry and members generously shared their gifts with others. When Michael Breeding of Lexington set out to score his newest documentary about dark-fired tobacco, he knew he wanted a theme song to symbolize the hard-working farmers of south-central Kentucky, including Logan County. Beau Haddock recorded the song in his cabin in Scott County next to a fire ablaze in a wood-burning stove. Little is known about dark-fired tobacco and its production process but soon the world can see the processes of producing dark-fired tobacco from start to finish in a new documentary, Farming in the Black Patch. Tradition has it that Stephen Foster wrote the first draft of My Old Kentucky Home upon this greatly treasured desk and left the copy at Federal Hill as a souvenir.
Kentucky's theme song was first sung in this room in 1853, with the composer, Stephen Foster, at the piano. In attesa di scoprire il futuro di Wojciech Szczesny e Morgan De Sanctis, la Roma sembra essere ad un passo dal chiudere una grande operazione di mercato. Alisson Ramses Becker, portiere 23enne dell'International, e praticamente un giocatore della Roma.
If I hadn’t been through the unimaginable many times I would have never learned these things. That is really cool (and very impressive) that he took the initiative and put those emergency kits together. But you may think twice about beginning to build your ark once it has already started raining.

The aromas were all too similar to those of his childhood home of southcentral Kentucky where dark-fired tobacco is grown and cured by building fires in the barns. But for Associate Producer Bobbie Smith Bryant, the purpose for the documentary went much deeper. Our family, like so many others in the region, has made a living from working tobacco-and we still do.
In the film, the story traces the arduous task of running and operating a modern tobacco farm by following Billy Dale Smith, Josh Smith, and William H. Other selections from Beau Haddock’s Magnolia CD are also featured in the documentary. It is said by some that the legend of My Old Kentucky Home is not verified, but the fact remains that the old Rowan homestead is looked upon as the inspiration of the song. The handsome and authoritative oil painting of Stephen Foster, which adorns the wall of this historic room, was presented to the commission of The Old Kentucky Home by the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh, at the time of the dedication of the home, July 4, 1923.
For her, it was all about preserving a culture that is fading from the western Kentucky landscape. Certain it is that the Foster family visited Federal Hill, since it was from there that Stephen's sister, Charlotte, wrote to her brother William in reference to getting her a piano. The house itself faces north and is two stories and an attic high, the third story having been completely destroyed by fire. John Rowan, a relative of Stephen Foster, went as a child, from Pennsylvania to Kentucky; his father had been a Revolutionary soldier.
The desk is of the Empire type, with rope legs and was made from the unusual combination of solid cherry and mohagany.
I am forever grateful to them for the many evacuations that we made safely together over the years. At the rear of the house the elder Rowan had built a spring house over the stream which surrounds the property and in the stone basement of this structure, the dairy products were kept.
He had inherited from his father, his fearless and noble nature; he grew up to be a successful lawyer and was Kentucky's first United States Senator. In a booklet published by The Old Kentucky Home Commission, one reads: "The large dark, grey, formal yet hospitable old mansion that crowns the eminence and seems to brood over the old turnpike, is the Holy Grail of that estate. Up to the time when Madge Rowan sold the old home to the trustees of a popular subscription, and then only upon the condition that the property be maintained as a state shrine, The Kentucky Home had been occupied only by members of the Rowan family. Anything that helps us better prepare for emergencies with our animal companions gets my vote! In this transaction all the family relics were turned over and are collected in the shrine; since the appointment of the committee the process of restoration of the property has been going on. In the distance were to be seen, the slave cabins, stables, workshops, sheds, the house of the overseer and all the necessary accoutrements for the carrying on of a big plantation. When Foster went to Federal Hill, he was at the prime of his song writing career and it will be noticed that he was then already employing the language of the white man rather than that of the negro.

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