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Making a family emergency plan will help you to think about these questions and answer them before the disaster strikes. Equip your family with the contact’s phone number and a cell phone or prepaid phone card. Download a comprehensive comprehensive disaster preparedness checklist from the American Red Cross. Download FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit to prepare for your financial future in case of disaster. Every family needs an emergency preparedness plan, even though we hope you never need them! We’re pleased to welcome Tala Hooban from the Administration on Children and Families to Public Health Matters. Planning for emergencies is important, especially since your family may not be together when disaster hits. Now that I work for an agency focused on child and family safety I’m even more aware of the importance of being prepared to ensure safety and a smooth recovery process. Follow ACF’s Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) on Facebook and Twitter for preparedness tips all month long. Comments listed below are posted by individuals not associated with CDC, unless otherwise stated.

Yes, keeping first aid is necessary we don’t no what happen when we are working ,in the disaster time we use first aid.
Preparedness is the key to surviving any eventuality that may come our way, whether a natural or manmade disaster.
Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments. A place of safety and security, your home is there to offer protection to you and your family. When a family caregiver gets sick it can put their care recipient in peril if an Emergency Care Plan is not already set in place. Odds are your children will be at school, your pet will be at home and you will be at work. Plan in advance how you will contact one another, how you will get back together and what you will do in different situations. Phone lines are often busy or out of service during major disasters, and it may be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call across town.
We’ve found 4 that will help you organize everything from your emergency contact information, insurance information and evacuation plan. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Tala works in ACF’s Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response and understands the importance of keeping families safe and together during a disaster. Make sure to involve your children in the planning process, when you include children they’re more likely to remember the plan and act on it.
Fundamental Components of Emergency Plans Emergency Plans information is available on the fire marshal home page. Depending on your circumstances and the nature of the emergency, the first important decision is whether you stay where you are or evacuate.
If you are in an accident, emergency personnel will often check your ICE listings in order to get a hold of someone you know. Families can cope with disaster Right outside your home in case of a sudden emergency, like a fire.
Nothing is more important than family, and nothing can put us into panic quicker than not knowing the welfare of our family.

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