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Some parents of Pittsburgh high school students were troubled after hearing how the school conducted its “Diversity Day” event, held Friday. Aggravated parents addressed Gateway High School board members at an emergency meeting Friday evening about an email they received regarding the event.
Those who attended the emergency meeting demanded to know who composed and sent out emails and a Facebook post this week after an out-of-school fight broke out Tuesday at a local park. Parents said Friday that the post on an official district account added racial tension to what was originally a nonpolitical, juvenile dispute. Hundreds of students did not show up for class Friday following the announcement of the “Diversity Day.” A rumor that began circulating alleged that white students who wore black shirts to school on Friday would be targeted, WPXI-TV reported. Gateway High board members asserted that the event was a personnel issue, and they were still investigating who sent out the emails and post. Many of the parents at the emergency meeting Friday demanded the removal of the superintendent and assistant superintendent.
Board members claimed they didn’t know that the district sent out the email and post about the event.

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Iraqi Officials: Death Toll From Suicide Attack South of Baghdad Climbs to 47, Including 39 Civilians.
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Last week during a high school graduation ceremony in Alabama, an audience member suffered a medical emergency that left many worried and frightened.
The prayer, which has has racked up hundreds of thousands of views online, concluded to thunderous applause and cheers.

But Crawford, who has taught multiple Sunday School classes and spoken at various churches, does not believe that the hype around his actions is warranted and would not call himself a hero. Little Tykes Learning Center at Fort Hill High School is a licensed child care facility offering services for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age. Also to reevaluate the routes for emergency procedures and drills to make them more effective.
He stepped forward to the microphone to deliver a prayer that left many in tears and brought peace to an otherwise panicked situation, according to The Trussville Tribune.

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