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NREL researchers are engaged in transmission planning and analysis to strengthen the electric power system through the integration of solar and wind power. As demand for electricity increases, electric power system operators must plan for and construct new generation and transmission lines. NREL is working with industry and utilities to address issues related to transmission planning and analysis.
Home Entertainment Law & Regulation Life Politics Special Sports Technology Videos Technology Solar Energy for Home Electricity, not enough?by India MainlyWith prices going up even for electricity, I thought why not have my dad order a solar power system for home.
One of the components of an energy system is, of course, the infrastructure built to carry the energy from one place to another and to otherwise manage the energy grid.
However, variable generation such as solar and wind power plants are often located far from the loads they serve. Through the use of contemporary computer technology we now have the possibility of developing a “smart grid,” which acts much like a smart phone. They depend on transmission lines to transport the electricity they produce to load centers.

Only had guess that it should be enough for home use, and once charged it would last for 3-5 days, and since sun will keep up daily, it will keep getting charged and stay fully charged, and when it’s winter or rains and sun hides, still it would be good enough to get through till next day or so, else will use regular power as a backup. Such a system avoids the need to send personnel out to read actual meters and monitor lines and other components of the energy system. 300,000 and for long-term investment it seemed like good cost since my guess was unlimited electricity and had read somewhere that system comes with warranty of 25 years. That would make it worth.I am sure many often looks around for it and thinks it would be easy as buying solar cooker, can put on terrace and will be charged up. When generally speaking that I wanted to use electricity produced by solar energy for my home, you would also think that Everything that uses electricity, will be using Solar power electricity. Solar Panels are what absorbs Sun heat, and inverter is what transforms solar energy in to electricity and transfers it to battery (one like cars have) or charger. And other basic accessories like controller etc is there to add in to cost, along with cost of installation.Solar Panels are important factor. So, for that you will have to sacrifice half of your terrace, will need large solar grid-tie, and 60-70 panels (if your terrace is big enough!).

As I said, it will produce 10.6 Watts in 1 square foot panel, you can see your electricity bill and compare how many watts your house uses in a month, and do all math. Roof Covered with Solar Panels, Still require Back up ElectricitySo, cost for whole home system will run around Rs. Please note that prices I am writing are what I gathered from information I found, and may be more or less depending on company that’s selling. Idea of Solar Energy is to cut down on Bill of regular electricity, by using this small solar powered appliances. Solar energy is good for home which are in small villages or outside area where government doesn’t offer electricity and where they just need it to light a few bulbs.

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