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After several failed attempts to get the kite up in the air, we caught enough wind to get a decent flight out of the kite. Copying the data from the XLR8R program into Excel, we were able to make charts of both the pressure and altitude of the kite during its flight.
No one knows exactly where the first kite was flown although it has been debated that fishermen in the South Seas were the first to use them to help them catch fish.  They would attach bait to the tail of the kite together with a sort of net to catch the fish.
The New Zealand Maori tribes considered kite flying a sacred ritual and constructed kites in the shape of birds as they believed birds carried messages between humans and the gods. It has also been claimed that China is the birth-place of the first kite, although by various contradicting accounts.  More than likely, the inspiration for the kite came from ancient Chinese watching the effect of the wind on leaves, bamboo hats or sails.
Historically, early kites which were large in size were used for strategic military purposes, such as observing enemy movements and scattering propaganda leaflets over hostile territory.  Both the Chinese and Japanese used kites for raising soldiers into the air as spies or snipers. Most people think it takes a strong wind to get the kite into the air, but most kites are intended for light breezy conditions.

With Newton and Bernoulli’s Theories, one still has to have a bit of wind to get a kite going, without it your kite will fall from the sky. If you would to learn more on the history or science behind flying a kite or would like to learn how to make a kite at home visit the following make-a-kite website.
The comment option was created to encourage conversation and the exchange of ideas and opinions. In addition to our wide range of kites for sale we also stock all the products and kite accessories you will need to keep your kites flying high for years to come. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. The Chinese were using wind sails before the kite was invented, and it is possible the idea or concept of the kite originated from theseIt has been said that the very first kite was made by a famous Chinese philosopher by the name of Mo Di (468-376 BC), who made a wooden kite in the shape of an eagle but was only able to fly it for one day.

From rods and tube in fiberglass, carbon and even skyshark  to the latest in kite line materials you are sure to find everything you need on our website. In addition, to our store in Blyth, Northumberland we have also launched our brand new website which enables us to continue providing customers UK and worldwide with fantastic service and one of the largest selection of kite accessories and kites for sale online. If your children are new to flying then why not purchase one of the magical or cartoon themed kites from our single line page.
With this improved design it is said that he was able to fly the kite continuously, for three days.
We also have a wide variety of kites for sale online and instore for the more accomplished kite flyer.

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