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Considered the summer capital of the Philippines is set amid a mountain backdrop several hours North of the Philippines Capital Manila. WPG Philcan Tours now offers several tour packages to Baguio City, The Summer Capital of the Philippines, where you get will get introduced to the native ways of life during a cultural experience at Tam-Awan Village, explore the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary and admire the beauty of some colorful winged creatures at Camp John Hays Butterfly Sanctuary. Gordon Mckissock fell in love with the Philippines and decided to make Dumaguete City his home.

With a cooler temperate climate, and a deeply rooted American military history as the first and only mountain bases of the US armed Forces in Asia , Baguio is a must see destination for travelers to the Philippines with plenty of historical, cultural and and activity based tourist attractions. Other tourist attractions you just will not want to miss include the BenCab Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the Pugad Adventure Theme Park. For those of you with a passion for golf, Baguio is also home to several world class golf courses where you can challenge your skills.

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