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Along the way, we spotted three of the some 5,000 experienced rock climbers to test their skills against the Devils Tower each year.  One was scaling a section solowhile two others were climbing together.
Leaving Devils Tower, we passed through some pretty landscape, both farm land and more red sandstone.We again passed through several small towns, includingwhere one of its dozen or so buildings is a store which has been operating for 115 years. As we sat down for super, we were treated to a beautiful sunsetand shortly thereafter to an incredible full moon.
This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Five miles northwest is the geographic center of Texas, an imaginary point whose coordinates divide the state into four equal areas. Enclosed within the 4,137-mile perimeter of the state are 267,339 square miles or 7.4 per cent of the nation's total area. Texas elevations rise from sea level along the 624-mile coast of the Gulf of Mexico to 8,751 feet atop Guadalupe Peak in the Guadalupe Mountains. Xinjiang is known for some crazy things, but only one odd fact has landed the Chinese province in the Guinness Book of World Records: Xinjiang, China is home to the geographic center of Asia. To commemorate this achievement, a monument park has been erected 25 kilometers southeast of the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. The exact geographic center of Asia has been debated for quite some time, but somehow Chinese cartographers conveniently decided that it should be located not far from Urumqi where they quickly built a tourist attraction. In order to construct the monument park, the village that was originally situated on the land was actually relocated a kilometer away.

Most people stop here on their way down to NanShan, the beautiful grasslands south of Urumqi.
Once you enter, though, don’t expect too much more than a simple monument pointing to a specific spot. Here you can take your picture next to (or under!) a 22-meter high fixture with a golden globe on top.
The most simple way to get to the Center of Asia monument is by taxi car or with a tour group. Best Time to Visit: If you happen to be in the area in August, check around to see if the annual parachuting event is happening (usually mid-August). About the Author Recent PostsAbout Josh SummersJosh is a writer, musician and entrepreneur who currently resides in Urumqi, capital of China's western province of Xinjiang. Looking east from this monument it is 341 miles to the easternmost point in Texas along the Louisiana border.
In straight-line distance it is 437 miles from the state's most westerly point on the Rio Grande River above El Paso, 412 miles from the most northerly point in the northwest corner of the Panhandle near Texline, 401 miles from the most southerly point on the Rio Grande below Brownsville and 341 miles from the most easterly point on the Sabine River near Burkeville. Fifteen of the 50 states could be readily accommodated within Texas' borders--with more than 1,000 square miles left over.
Each house was torn down and a new one was constructed just for the sake of this geographic measurement! The circle surrounding the tower boasts a relief of all Asian flags as well as a map of the Asian continent.

Costs will vary based on the season, but most often this trip will be combined with a visit to NanShan or Urumqi’s Number 1 Glacier. Maximum border-to-border distance is 801 miles from north to south and 773 miles from east to west. Brewster, in southwest Texas, is the largest of the state's 254 counties with 6,208 square miles, an area larger than the state of Connecticut.
Terrain varies from the subtropic Rio Grande Valley to the trackless Great Plains, from the lush forests of East Texas to the rugged Trans-Pecos region where mountain ranges thrust 90 peaks a mile or more into the sky. That point would be necessarily be to the west of the former and could well lie within Kazakhstan. But perhaps nowhere are Texas contrasts more pronounced than in average annual rainfall: from more than 56 inches along the Sabine River, nearly as much as Miami's, to less than 8 inches in the extreme West, as little as Phoenix's. Suggest Kazakhstan determine that point and erect something there which would then become another tourist attraction.

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