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Globally there are 3 different species of right whale; the North Pacific right whale (Eubalaena japonica), North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) and the southern right whale (Eubalaena australis). The most distinguishing characteristics of southern right whales are their large, robust bodies, v-shaped blow, lack of dorsal fin and large off white callosities on their heads. Online entry for the 2016 race will open on the morning of 19th September 2016, on the RunBritain website. There are an abundance of rivers and lochs in Scotland, where the elusive Atlantic salmon can be caught.
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Book Drop:  Books may be returned at any time in the book drop to the left of the main entrance. Special Programs for Adults and Children: Call, check our website or our Facebook page for information. If the Jefferson County Schools are closed for inclement weather, the library will also be closed. If the Jefferson County  Schools have a 2 hour delay in opening times, the library will open on time and Story Time will begin as scheduled. Children’s programs are also cancelled anytime the schools are closed for holiday vacations. These three species look similar, but are divided into 3 separate species because they are geographically and genetically isolated from each other.
Callosities are patches of rough skin that calves are born with and over time these patches become colonised by barnacles and whale lice (giving them the whitish colour) which are transferred from the mother during suckling.
They regularly lift their tail when diving and can be seen “sailing” whereby they raise their flukes into the air, almost as if they are doing a handstand.
This is mostly due to the benefits of calm, warm waters where they both can conserve energy.

From the small intimate Highland streams of Northern Scotland, to the silvery waters of the mighty River Tay, which is big in reputation, like its size of fish.
The River Tweed has one of the most famous salmon fishing pools on any river – the Junction pool at Kelso. In terms of the salmon fishing tackle that may be required, usually a 13-15ft 10wt fly rod would cover most situations. Harling is a method of salmon fishing which is unique to the River Tay in which anglers fish for salmon in a boat with an outboard motor. Generally lures are fished behind a boat with an outboard motor, and this allows you to cover a large expanse of water effectively. It is important to note that spinning is only permitted at certain times of the year on the Tweed. The first part of their scientific name (the genus) Eubaleana means ”true whale” and the second part (species) refers to where they occur ( japonica means Japan, glacialis means ice and australis means southern). Each pattern of callosities is unique to an individual and is used by researchers for identification purposes. Southern Right Whales normally dives for 10-20 minutes while feeding, but can hold their breath for up to 1h.
It is thought that right whales also use the surf zone to avoid predators, such as Orca’s by masking their vocalisations in the noise created by the waves. The Isle of Lewis and Harris, as well as many other Islands on the West coast of Scotland, provide some fantastic summer salmon fishing opportunities on smaller rivers and lochs. The River Tweed is famous for it's huge runs of autumn salmon, which arrive in early August and run through to late November. However in low water conditions a trout rod of 10-11ft may suffice, allowing a stealthier approach. In this style of fishing, the boat sweeps back and forth combing the river whilst gently dropping downstream. Southern right whales have extremely large heads are approximately 30% of their body length. When southern Right Whales feed, they use subsurface skim-feeding where they swim through patches of food (mainly krill) with their mouth open.
In terms of fly lines on the smaller rivers, a traditional double tapered fly line works well. However, if an item is very late it will show as lost and patron is responsible for paying the full price of the item. Females average 14m in length (max 15.5m) and weigh approximately 40 -50 tons and are slightly larger than males.
The krill gets trapped on the baleen plates and the whale then flushes the prey items out of the baleen before swallowing it.

Cow-calf pairs might also stay closer to shore to avoid other whales, in particular males attempting to mate with them, because they could potentially injure the calf or interrupt nursing. Many of these rivers are spate rivers and fishing can be more productive after there has been some rainfall.
There are many more throughout the length and breadth of the country, which offer exciting opportunities for the passionate salmon angler to stalk his quarry. This can be either a floating, intermediate or sinking line depending on the water conditions. The pectoral fins (flippers) of right whales are large (20% of body length) and rectangle in shape with a pointed tip.
Highland salmon rivers include rivers like the Halladale, Brora and Alness to name just a few. Around 10-15lbs nylon and a selection of dressed and tube salmon flies should cover all eventualities. The bones in their pectoral fins are the same as those in our own fingers, a remnant of their evolution from land mammals.
Southern Right Whales need to feed on 600-1600kg of food per day to sustain themselves throughout the year. Southern right whales have a smooth, broad back, dark grey or black skin and a white belly patch (in variable size). Southern Right Whales are not as vocal as humpback whales and seem to communicate less when a high number of individuals are in one area. There are also many other productive rivers in the central belt of Scotland, including the river Forth, Earn and Teith. About 3-6% of all southern Right Whales have white or light grey blazes on their backs (find out more about skin coloration in Cetaceans in a later post). Their vocalisations consist of a variety of low frequency sounds, most are inaudible above the surface, although a loud bellow has often been heard at night. Southern Right Whales differ from in that they don’t have throat grooves and therefore can’t extend the throat while feeding. Their baleen can reach a length of 2.3 meters in length and are dark grey to black in colour.

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