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The others kill time in Monica's apartment, lit by the light from a Menorah, telling stories of the weirdest places they ever had sex. The blackout in this episode is the result of an event seen in the Mad About You episode "Pandora's Box", where Jamie causes a city-wide power blackout in New York City. Ross states that after he and Carol were busted having sex at Disneyland in 1989, they were asked never to return to the Magic Kingdom again. Phoebe lets it slip to Joey that Monica had a crush on him when he first moved in, something which Monica wanted to keep a secret.
In the uncut DVD version of this episode, Monica ends up confessing to Joey that she liked his arms when she first saw him. When Rachel is walking down the hall meeting Paolo for the first time, she has a candle and her shadow is visible. Coarse Toys is following up on the success of its False Friends toy set, by releasing this Blackout Edition, with these two friends cloaked in a sinister darkness. Collect3d – Designer Toy blog featuring vinyl, plastic, plush, paper, wood, resin, customs, rendering and other art toys. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Ross makes a lot of bad decisions over the course of the series, but this one isn't even fun to watch.
The fact that her father is never even mentioned again after this episode makes it a complete throwaway. Watching Ross and Rachel try to be friends is somehow less fun than watching them break up.
One of the few “Friends” season finales to end without a cliffhanger, the season 2 finale is completely forgettable. As enjoyable as it is to see Paolo leave, it doesn't make up for the fact that he was ever there in the first place.
Despite marking the start of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, this episode is brought down by Ross and Rachel’s stupidity and Emily’s mere presence. Despite an “ER” crossover and some nice moments between Joey and Rachel, this is not the best “Friends” two-part episode. A cameo appearance by Billy Crystal and Robin Williams remains the best part of the episode. Points for the introduction of David the Scientist Guy, but the addition of Marcel was a mistake. Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc work well together, but the romantic chemistry just isn’t there. After all the drama of Chandler and Kathy getting together, they really didn't last very long. I don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of the opportunity to accept an award on another person’s behalf the way Joey does. It’s revealed in this episode that Chandler earned his allowance as a kid by plucking his dad’s eyebrows.
Phoebe serving as her brother’s surrogate was weird, but unforgettable and wholly original. Some of the little flashbacks (Ross buying a car he can’t move from its parking spot) worked better than others (Monica gets drunk).
The fact that Mike doesn't see Phoebe’s rats as a major red flag proves that they’re meant to be. Good thing they’re reviving the “Star Wars” franchise, wouldn't want this episode to become irrelevant.

There was a brief moment when it looked like Denise Richards was going to succeed in reviving her career. Monica trying to figure out what the switch in her apartment controls is a riveting mystery. Phoebe has such a sad family life, it’s nice to see her finally have a relative to connect with.
The way Chandler’s terror intensifies with each reappearance of Janice really pays off in her final appearance. The couples flowing in and out of Rachel’s room while she’s waiting to give birth really make this episode.
Phoebe’s journey to find her parents has a strange ending, but makes for very entertaining episodes. The relationship between Chandler and Joey never gets the time it deserves after he moves out.
It’s amazing to see a same-sex marriage portrayed so nonchalantly in an episode that originally aired in 1996. Having Monica and Chandler move in together was a huge change for the show that gave rise to fun new character pairings. It might not have the scenery of London, but this destination episode benefits from trapping all the characters in one place. Clear set up for the finale, but it’s still so satisfying to see how far her relationships with everyone have come since entering the group in the first episode.
Pretending to be dead to see who comes to your funeral is—as it turns out—terrible, but full of laughs.
The idea that doctors might not be able to diagnose an abnormality is enough to awaken the inner-hypochondriac in anyone. The song and dance routine from Joey’s musical, “Freud!” is both funny and an accurate representation of his scientific conclusions. You think it doesn’t get better after Phoebe debuts her crazy running style and then Rachel runs into a police horse. Ross and Phoebe bonding over their misunderstood music is the perfect encapsulation of their friendship.
The perfect timing of the costume reveals—first the armadillo, then Santa and finally Superman—demonstrate the amazing talent of the “Friends” writing staff. Rachel and Joey may not have made a good couple, but their antics together sure were amusing.
Writing out Phoebe’s boyfriend by having him shoot a bird was unexpected, to say the least. Phoebe doesn’t get a lot of emotional storylines, but watching her give up the triplets is absolutely heartbreaking. Ross saying Rachel’s name at the altar is hands-down the best cliffhanger “Friends” ever did. This episode contains a surprisingly prophetic sub-plot of Monica and Chandler agreeing to be each other’s back-up spouse.
Chandler, to his delight finds himself trapped inside an ATM vestibule with Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre. Joey tells Ross he waited too long to make a move on Rachel and is now in the 'friend zone.' Ross still tries to make a move on Rachel while stargazing on the balcony. The effects of the blackout are seen in this episode of Friends and in the episode "Birthday in the Big House" of the short-lived NBC sitcom Madman of the People. However, the Magic Kingdom is at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, not the Disneyland resort in California.

This is shown in "The One With The Flashback" (S3E6), where Joey is actually seen moving in. This leads to Joey flirting with Monica using his arms; Monica, now over her crush, makes him shut up. When asked about whether she speaks Italian by a shocked Joey, she stated that she 'guessed so'. This is a mistake, as an actual Hanukkah menorah has nine candles: four on each side and one in the middle.
It is the only grouping possibility with the six friends that only occurs once in the whole show. Limited to 300 pieces, and shipped in a premium black box, these friends will ship with 3 limited edition prints to each box, making them an amazing pack!
Joey keeps the other girls inside by pretending Ross prepares a birthday surprise party for Monica. All 3 episodes originally aired during the evening of November 3, 1994, alongside a Seinfeld episode which did not incorporate the blackout premise.
This brings up the possibility that Phoebe, in fact, understood everything that Paolo said, as, at a stretch, 'You betcha' is an acceptable response to Paolo's compliment.
A seven-branch menorah (like the one in this episode) was the type of menorah that stood in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. He accidentally spits out her gum which he finally accepted, then picks up some to put back in his mouth and begins to choke when he realizes it wasn't the original gum.
A wandering cat jumps on Ross' shoulders before he can tell Rachel his feelings., and there is an amusing scene where he panics and flails about, trying to throw the cat off of him, causing the cat to dig its claws into his shoulder as it desperately holds on. However, the branches of the menorah in the Temple were straight and rose diagonally from the center branch, while the branches on the menorah in this episode are curved. After she saves his life using the Heimlich maneuver, the two get to talking and play with a pen on a chain.
Once power is restored, she kisses him and leaves, which leads Chandler to talk to the bank security camera, requesting a copy of the security tape. Rachel and Phoebe go knocking on their neighbor's doors to find the cat's owner, and when a neighbor named Mr.
With a spasm, and a surge of bubbles, the embryo thumps the wall of its protective cell, submerged in dense fruity goo. On their mission, they bump into the hunky, and actual cat-owner, Paolo, who only speaks Italian.
Rachel brings him back to the apartment where he outstrips Ross's flirting, even not being able to speak English.
It reminds him of the lighter days they used to have together, but now a colossal shadow is beginning to hang over all of them.
He has lost all sense of direction, a helpless particle falling through a strange dimension. Hidden in a premium black box, stamped with gold and black foil – handcrafted to perfection.
The package is completed with 3 original coarse poster prints and sealed by a transparent sleeve with the signature paw!

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