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When my children were young, they enjoyed having their own wallets to carry spare change and photographs.
This app is great I just wish I could print an ID out here and now, isn't that what this is to be for?? You understand that we may include your first name and state as the person making the submission.
Over the years, parents have come to learn the importance of having their children’s pertinent information available in case of an emergency. Personal identification cards are the ideal way to keep this information on hand. And often, when I’m simply filling out forms and documents, the cards come in very handy for information, and details that I have trouble remembering such as medical numbers.

I have designed simple card graphics that you can print out on cardstock or laminate on plain paper. There is one set with a form for handwriting and one set blank for adding typed information. You can take your cards to the local copy store to laminate, a process that children always find fascinating to watch. Clear, self-laminating luggage tags also work well to seal the cards, simply trim away the excess edges once sealed. Make additional cards (laminated or unlaminated) for parents and caregivers to keep in their possession.

Talk to your children about the appropriate times to share the card and to whom they should give them to in an emergency.

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